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Sharon and Others

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My entire sex life while married for twenty years consisted of getting into bed and having my husband immediately start squeezing my breasts and my nipples. In short order I would feel his hand on my pussy with his finger inside me. Next, he would mount me and pump his penis in me until he came which was usually in less than a minute. I had spoken with him often about our horrible love-making to no avail. I thought I was doomed to a continuation of this and about a year ago I started rejecting sex with him completely. To keep him happy I resorted to masturbating him a few times a week. I told him I had a vaginal infection.

Well, about eight or nine months ago I was having lunch with my best friend Sharon and I filled her in on my abysmal sex life. I was too embarrassed to tell her earlier. Sharon is a stunningly attractive woman and more than once I have caught myself looking at her in the wrong way. I mentally chastized myself for looking at her that way. Sharon sympathized with me totally and then suggested that I enjoy sex the way it's supposed to be enjoyed. I told Sharon I really wasn't into catching a sexually transmitted disease from some man that I didn't know just for good sex. I was a bit annoyed at her. Sharon said she wasn't talking about a man, she said she was talking about herself. I said, 'WHAT!' Sharon confessed/confided in me that while happily married she also likes women and that her husband is well aware of this. I asked if she were suggesting that she and I have sex and Sharon said most definitely. I immediately said, NO! End of discussion, I can't believe you even suggested that.' I also told her I wasn't into women. I know I said what I said but I wasn't so sure if I really meant it. That really bothered me terribly.

For the next two weeks I couldn't get Sharon's suggestion out of my mind. I even had a dream about it one night and I discovered that my panties were damp in the morning. I was never so frustrated in my life. I felt like I was going in two directions with this. One morning while showering I was thinking about it and realized that my nipples, while warm from the water were very hard. Good Night! I put my hand down between my legs and started to rub, then I took my hand away. A few days later we were again having lunch and I blurted out the fact that I wanted to consider her suggestion. Sharon seemed very pleased and gave me a big smile. We made plans right then. Two nights later I found myself at her house. I was wearing my fanciest panty and bra set and my heart was pounding. I didn't ring the door bell and I went back to my car and left. I was just so tremendously anxious and I didn't have any idea what might happen. I then drove back to Sharon's house and strode up to the door and rang the bell.

I could smell her perfume and I immediately saw the two little points at the front of her blouse. My knees were now actually shaking as I went into the house. We enjoyed a glass of wine and finally Sharon suggested that she lead me through what was to come (forgive the pun). I had butterflies in my belly, my heart pounded and my hands were getting sweaty. Sharon led me to her bedroom which was lit with soft lighting and two candles. Sharon told me I looked absolutely lovely but I knew I wasn't nearly as lovely as she. My breasts are too small and my rear is too big.

Sharon said let's undress and we did but I left on my bra and panties. Sharon had no bra to begin with. Her breasts sagged just a little and her areolas were quite wide, much wider than mine. I didn't know that they could get that wide even if you were pregnant. They were also much much darker than the rest of her skin. Mine were fairly light. Sharon reached around me and in a second had my bra off. My first reaction was to cover up but she held my wrists so I couldn't. She took a nipple between two fingers of each hand and lightly squeezed them. I felt pulses of what felt like almost electricity shoot down to my groin. She said my nipples were like pebbles.

Sharon took my hands and placed them on her two breasts. I could feel the hard nipples against the palm of my hand and I began to fondle her breasts while she did the same to mine. We then got on the bed. for an hour and a half we made passionate love to each other. I have never ever experienced sex like this. Sharon touched me all over but very lovingly and softly. She constantly teased my pussy and ran her finger between my slit and touched my clitoris. Oh, I wanted to cum so very badly but Sharon was going to make certain that I couldn't wait another second before she brought me to orgasm. We kissed and kissed some more. We fondled each other and gently put our fingers in our holes both front and back. At first I was a bit embarrassed because my pussy was so hairy. Sharon's was totally bald. The next day I shaved mine and it looks so nice. We used our fingers to masturbate each other and finally achieve orgasm.

I had no idea that sex could be like this. It was wonderful with Sharon. I asked her if we could do this again soon and she said I was a great lover.

Since that day Sharon and I have made love quite a number of times. She has also introduced me to about six other women and I've had sex with them as well. All of those experiences have been loving and very satisfying. My husband and I recently had an argument and I told him I just might consider having sex with a woman. I wanted to see his reaction. He laughed and told me to 'knock yourself out.'

Last week Sharon introduced me to a very young woman of nineteen who was adorable. I got so much pleasure in making love with her and showing her how to please your sexual partner. After I masturbated her to orgasm she told me that this was the first time she ever came. She wanted to do it again the next day and we did.

I know I'm not a lesbian but I do love having a warm and loving sexual relation with a woman. I suspect that it will be strictly women for me from now on even though I will continue to stroke my husbands penis as often as he wants. I almost forget, yesterday he asked me since when did I start shaving my 'snatch' and why. I told him I thought it looked nice this way. He said he thought it made my snatch look too plump. Oh well.



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