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Sharing With Others

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I have always loved masturbating. Our bodies were meant to have pleasure. I enjoy orgasms as often as possible. Sharing with others & allowing them to understand how great it is to share themselves is very exciting. This story is about a night that has been very special to me since it happened. I would love to do it again today. BTW great site. There are some older really good stories in archive. Write more like that!


I shared my fetish for masturbation with my gf Steff when we were younger & dating. Both of us were good looking girls with nice bodies & we had no problem getting guys. We were 25 & 26 at the time. On this night, Steff had no interest in guys because she had just broken up with her boyfriend & was feeling a bit down. I was taking her out dancing to cheer her up. It was just supposed to be the two of us without any guys.

After a while at the club a few guys hit on us but we turned them all down. We took a break & went to the bar in the back where we could hear ourselves talking. Steff said she felt much better & sexy now but she still did not want to be with a guy. We started talking about masturbation & how we don't need guys for satisfying our sexual needs & orgasms. I told Steff I could have more orgasms on my own than when I'm with a guy. We soon agreed that we would go back to my place that night & share our secrets of self love. We wanted to know if there was something we could learn from each other but I know it was just an excuse to be together & watch each other naked & masturbating.

I knew from the conversation that Steff had never done anything like this before. She was giddy & excited to get back home & start masturbating. It was not something new to me but it was still a very thrilling & exciting night I was looking forward to. We decided to go back & dance a bit more thinking about what was going to happen a short time later. After a few more dances we sat back at our booth. I pointed out a younger guy, maybe 22 or so, standing at the back all alone. He was clean cut, tall with a nice body. He was looking at all the girls but not making a move to talk to them. I pointed him out to Steff & then asked her if she had ever watched a guy masturbate. She looked at me with a squished up nose & shook her head no. I thought for a moment & then left her there while I went to talk to the young guy.

Yes he was very shy. We talked for a moment & then I invited him to sit back at our booth. Steff looked at me like I was doing something wrong. I sat down with James & we talked for a moment, small talk & chit chat. Then I sprung it on both of them at once. I told James we were not interested in having sex with a guy that night. I said all we wanted is to go back to my place & watch him jerk off for us. I got some wild looks from both he & Steff. James never left our table, he just went quiet & looked around. I had to coax him a bit & then I got some smiles out of him. 'See you like the idea & why not' I said to him. I poked him & he laughed a bit. 'Tell me why not, then if you have a good answer we won't do it' I said. James just laughed again looking at the floor. 'That settles it' I said. 'Lets go'. I stood up & grabbed James' hand. He stood up & said 'I can't believe I'm doing this' then off we went.

On the walk to my place we got to know each other much better. Being the bold one I am I told James about Steff recent guy problems & about our little plan we had that he had now became a part of. By the time we were home all three of us were very sexually charged.

We went inside & into my living room. I turned on my two lamps to keep the lighting soft & sexy. I pulled a chair from the kitchen in & in front of the couch pushing the coffee table out of the way. I laid a small throw pillow on the chair & pointed to it asking James to sit there for us. He sat down & I asked him what he was doing. 'Sitting down' he said. 'But you still have you clothes on' I said. He smiled that big toothy smile again & said 'right now'. 'Yes now' I said. 'Steff & I will turn our heads & you strip off & sit in the chair'.

We turned around & then with a few deep breaths & one 'OK' we heard the rustling of clothes, then the unzip of his jeans. Seconds later we heard 'Ok, I'm ready'. We turned around & took our first look at his nice firm body. I was so excited! James had a nice looking penis too. It was pretty big for only being half hard so I knew it would be a nice full one when he was completely hard & erect.

Steff & I sat down with our clothes still on. James asked why we were not getting naked. I told him he had to start first & then we would join him. 'Hey that's not fair' James said although with his big smile I knew he was ok with it.

'So, lets get this show going' I said. James shook his head from side to side looking at the floor with his eyes closed. I stopped him & said 'wait' then I ran to my bedroom to get my bottle of clear lube that I used for my own toys to make them slide around better. I came back & told him to hold out his hand. I squirted a big blob onto him palm & sat back down. 'The sooner you start the sooner we join you' I said.

James took a deep breath looking at the ceiling. He said 'OK' then looked down at his half hard penis & coated it with the clear lube. With a few strokes his penis grew to a very impressive size. His hand ran slowly run up & down his huge glistening penis & James just looked at the floor. I looked over at Steff & her eyes were big & wide focusing on James' moving hand.

James kept quiet except for the sound of his heavier breathing now that he was masturbating for us. I broke the awkward silence asking him if everything was ok. He looked up for the first time & said everything was just perfect with a short smile followed by an almost painful look. I knew it was the look of pleasure. 'You're doing a great job' I said. 'Is that how you usually do it' I asked? 'Yah' said James. 'Most times I use something slippery. It just feels better'.

James was now looking at us while still moving his hand slowly up & down his large penis. I was looking from his hand to his eyes while I talked. 'Have you ever done this for a girl before' I asked? 'No. never' said James. 'Are you having fun' I asked? 'This is great' James said. Then he asked when we were going to join him. 'Well, do you want us to join you'? Before James answered Steff stood & said we should do it now & her clothes started to come off. I was a bit shocked that I did not have to go first. It was not like the Steff I knew to be so forward.

We were both naked & sitting on the ends of the couch facing James. He had stopped masturbating & was just holding his huge penis at the bottom like it was a flag pole & did it stand high & tall. He asked for a bit more lube. I tossed it at him & we watched him recoat his nice penis. He tossed it back & I took a bit to wet my clit. Steff said when was fine & very wet with her own natural juices.

Now it was looking like this. James was sitting in the chair with his feet flat on the floor & back nice & straight in the chair. Steff was slouched beside me with her legs wide open facing James. I opened my legs with one leg crooked to the side, sitting on an angle facing both of them. All that could be heard was James' hand sliding a bit faster now & the fingers of Steff & I rubbing our clits.

I looked back & forth from Steff to James. Steff had her eyes open looking mostly at James then at me then back again. I asked if everybody was feeling ok & I got a panting 'oh...yes...real good' from Steff & I moan of 'uuh...yah' from James. I felt so good knowing I got these two together that night. I knew they would have both gone home unhappy if it had not been for me.

I then asked James if he could last for a long time. Just as he opened his mouth Steff yelled out she was going to come. Our attention went to Steff watching her body tighten up & her fingers move faster & faster from side to side. I could see every tendon & muscle in her body tighten & she held her breath. Her body was stretched out long & straight then she let out a long moan & gasped with loud noises of AHH! AHH! AHH! while she jerked & twitched.

James & I just sat watching while Steff's body went limp & her chest raised & fell. She slid down with her butt on the floor leaning back with her hard back on the couch & her boobs pressed toward James. Her rib cage was pressed out shining with a bit of sweat. Steff's breathing was almost normal again & I softly asked how she was feeling. With her head still back & eyes closed she smiled wide & said 'I feel wonderful'. She then sat up straight & took another deep breath. 'Ok, who's next' she asked?

I looked at James & he said 'Oh, I can go all night. You're next' nodding at me. I was ready to orgasm! My fingers went right to my throbbing clit & I watched James' hand move on his penis again. I knew it was my turn to be at center stage. Soon I was rubbing with one thought in mind. I was going to orgasm for my two friends. I could feel it coming on I wanted to make it nice for them to watch so I opened my legs wide toward them both. While my orgasm approached I kept telling them how good it was feeling & to watch closely. I kept very vocal all the way through until my orgasm hit the top/ 'Ok here it comes, yah closer, it's getting better, oh watch me know, I'm coming now...OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!!!!!' My Hips slammed hard up & down while orgasm took over my body. I usually climax hard but that night was so exciting that my orgasm felt harder & better than it had in a long time. Steff & James actually clapped for me after my orgasm. That was a first & we all laughed together.

I caught my breath & then I looked at James & said. 'well you know what you need to do now don't you'. James said nothing. He sat up straight & with a bit more lube he slid his hand fast up & down his large penis. He did not last long at all. He said nothing. No announcing orgasm. All he did was let out a deep long groan & slide down in the chair a bit. He tightened up & Steff & I watched while long gobs of sperm squirted a few inches into the air & came back down on his body. He slowly kept pumping his big penis while grunting with each squirt. His penis was empty but he kept pumping small short pumps on his large penis. His body was heaving like he was still pumping out sperm but nothing was coming out. He let his penis flop onto his belly. He sat while his body continued to move like it was pumping out tiny squirts of sperm. It was really nice to watch. We just let him calm down & said nothing. Watching this young hot guy orgasm for us made us both excited again. Steff & I masturbated to a few more beautiful orgasms after that while James watched us. Before the night was over he did it again with the same resulting squirts of with wonderful sperm.

We all agreed it was one of the best nights of sexual pleasure we had each had & agreed to do it again. Steff & I have met & relived the night in our memories but we never saw James again. He most likely got a girlfriend but I know he will ever forget us.

Thanks for reading about our lovely sexy night.



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