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Sharing With Female Motorist in Traffic

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After the worst spring on record in the Washington D.C. area I was finally getting to go to our place in Ocean City Maryland. I am 46, and have always loved the beach. My wife decided to stay home so I could work on my tan and get some work done on the house and get it open to enjoy for the rest of the summer. I left Saturday morning about 8 am and traffic was ok until about 4 miles before the Bay Bridge. Then it practically stopped. It was nice enough that all I was wearing was an old pair of gym shorts and flip flops. I had already taken off my shirt to enjoy the sun and fresh air on my body.
The sun was hitting my gym shorts and warmed my crotch, which felt very nice. I drive an SUV and since nobody could see me I pulled up the leg of my baggy gym shorts and started to enjoy the sun shinning right on my balls and my now hardening penis. It did not take long before is was fondling and stroking myself slowly. I was feeling very free and getting pretty hot. I was fantasizing about an old girl friend and slowly stroking myself with my left hand. I was in my own little world there barely rolling and often sitting for minutes at a time.
I had this feeling that someone was looking at me so I looked to my left and saw a young woman in a little Toyota looking at me and she was smiling at me and looking me right in the eyes. It suddenly occurred to me that she had seen the steady motion of my left arm and had guessed what I was doing. I know I turned three shades of red, and stopped for a second. I looked back at her a few seconds later and smiled, and noticed she was rubbing her hand up and down slowly and gently over her little sweatpants type shorts. Now she looked straight ahead and kept up her slow movements. So, now I was in heaven, and started slowly stroking myself again. I turned my hand so that it is like milking a cow, I really like the way that feels. I was still watching her when she raised up a little in her seat and slid her shorts and blue panties down all the way to her feet, and took one foot out of the legs so she could open her legs up and really enjoy total freedom to touch herself. My heart was pounding in my chest and I could actually see her heart pounding in her chest. We looked at each other and watched intently while touching ourselves. I had the advantage of being able to see her and watch her fingers working up and down in her little brown bush. When she raised her head up like she was trying to see up into my SUV I took that as a clue that she wanted to see more, and after looking to be sure nobody else would see I raised up and showed her my erection. I stroked it slowly and squeezed a drop of precum out of the head, and then licked it off my finger. The first sound either of us made was her saying WOW when I did that. I quietly asked her to taste herself for me. She said no at first, but only seconds later she opened her legs wide in her seat and took her middle finger and put it all the way up inside her pretty little pussy, and then took it out and put it in her mouth.
That was almost the end of me, and I had to say WOW myself. I told her I would not be able to hold out much longer. She said 'me either'. Then she said please show me when you come. We were starting to roll just a little so I lost my train of thought for a minute but quickly got it back and started stroking with my right hand. I was now holding myself up so she could watch. I heard her say I'm going to cum and with those words,I was right there with her.I let her know I was about to come too, and she was totally focused on my dick and my eyes. She was going back and forth looking at both when I let myself go and shot one big squirt up on my belly and the rest just kept pumping out in thick gobs on to my hand. I enjoy the taste of my cum, and especially when I have been eating sweet foods like the watermelon we had last night,and it was delicious. She was shaking and shuddering and rubbing and fingering herself. I am sure she brought herself to at least three orgasms because she was still going long after I was finished coming and enjoying the fruits of my labor. When she finally slowed down then stopped, she put two fingers up inside her pussy and pulled them out and licked them clean while looking right into my eyes. We kept looking at each other, and both cracked up laughing at what we had just shared. We were both flush red and thoroughly satisfied. I told her I had never enjoyed a traffic jam as much as I had today. She laughed and said me either. As traffic started to roll along finally, she told me to have a good time at the beach, and I wished her the same. We got side by side three of four times over the next ten miles or so and each time we would look over at each other and laugh. What started out to be a little stress relief in beach traffic turned out to be the most exciting exchange I have had in a very long time. I hope she remembers today as fondly as I will. I think I will stretch out on the deck chair in the dark and masturbate tonight, and think of my traffic jam friend.



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