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Sharing Wanking Styles - Empowerment

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I spend a lot of time with my three girlfriends comparing notes about sex. We have a book called Our Bodies, Ourselves that my mum gave us. One of the things it suggests you can do is look at your own vulva in the mirror. We saw the film Fried Green Tomatoes, and there's a scene where the woman goes to a meeting where all the women sit in a circle and agree to do this together. We decided to try that and then masturbate together if we felt comfortable.

First though we wanted to, like, start small. We weren't just going to spread our legs for each other-it seemed kinda weird. First we decided to compare breasts.

We all went to my friend Kate's house and sat on her bed. We each took our tops off but left our bras on. Kate didn't have much cleavage but she was quite thin so I didn't expect her to have big breasts.

A big surprise for me was when our friend Anne took her top off. She is quite broad and kind of barrel-shaped. She's not got any extra fat hanging, she's just kind of fat all over and broad-chested. It was a huge surprise to see that she had tiny breasts in a training bra! They were more like fat nipples than breasts. I'd always assumed she had a huge chest under there, but instead she had these little rolls of fat. I, on the other hand, have big breasts: 34D and a small frame.

Miriam had medium-sized breasts, I think she's a 34B.

We all modeled for each other for a while and then decided to take our bras off one at a time. Kate took hers off first, and she had really tiny breasts that stick straight out, with big nipples. She wears padded bras partly to hide her nipples under t-shirts because she said they stick out a lot.

Anne didn't want to take hers off at first but then finally did. She had nipples like a little kids and chubby breasts. She looked a little upset to be naked in front of us. Miriam's breasts were really perky and came to a point with small dark nipples.

My nipples are really large with large pale areolas and my breasts hang down. I was kind of embarrassed because they point down but everyone was impressed with how big my breasts are. They asked me to jump up and down and they laughed, but it hurt a little.

Then I showed them I could lick my own nipple. Miriam bent forward and her breasts looked just like a pornstar's. Kate did that and she just had these two tiny points. Then she lay on her back and they went completely flat. Anne tried, but hers stayed up a little and she was pleased. She asked how we made our nipples pointy, and we all rubbed our own nipples. She tried it but hers didn't stick out much more or do anything. She said it felt nice, though.

We agreed to meet the next week and bring a torch, a mirror, and a towel to sit on so we could look at our vaginas. We went round Miriam's that time because she had the biggest bedroom with the most floor space so we could really sit in a circle.

We each took our stuff out of our rucksacks and turned round. We took our pants off and wrapped our towels around ourselves, then turned around and sat down. Miriam opened the book with the vulva drawing, and we got out our mirrors and torches. We sat with our legs spread and put the mirrors between our legs. Then, with the towels still on, we shined the torch at the mirror so that only we could see our own bits. This was really difficult because it was too dark, so we all just opened the towels and sat there without any bottoms on with our legs spread.

We were too busy looking at ourselves to look at each other yet. Miriam read out the body parts that were labeled and we each tried to find our own. It was easy to see things like clit hoods and labia but it got difficult to hold the mirror and the torch and spread our labia. Finally we each took turns looking at each other and holding the torches and mirror whilst we spread our own labia.

It was my turn first. It was really weird seeing all these girls leaning over me, but I concentrated on looking at my privates in the mirror. They held the book up for me, and I could look at my vulva when I spread my lips. It looked to me like I had no labia minora. I was freaked out, but Anne said she didn't either, and she said her mother was the same way, maybe my mother was too. Anne wasn't developed yet, though, and I was afraid I wasn't either. I didn't want to make her feel bad, though, so I didn't say anything. I had a small clit and clit hood and I could just see redness when I opened my labia, but then I saw my vagina. It was very cool. There was no way I could see my cervix.

Anne went next and showed me how she hardly had labia minora. She was barely developed at all and had hardly any pubes either. (Oh yeah; I have a lot.) She had a fat bottom and a fat belly, and you couldn't see her clit hood until she spread her bum cheeks with her hands. She had a red opening and a clit that was the same size as mine. She couldn't really spread her lips very far. (Mine could go quite far so I figured the labia thing was normal after all.)

Miriam had long pubic hair and really big labia minora. She said it was because she used a dildo so they spread, and she stretched them when she wanked. Her mum's were huge, she said, cos she'd had four kids. Her mum's hung down when her legs were closed, and you could see them through her knickers. She also had a really big clit hood, and it flopped over to one side. She had a big clit too. You could see quite far down her vagina but not her cervix. She put one finger into her vagina and could feel her cervix like the book showed. She said it felt like a round bump.

Kate had a vulva that looked just like the picture, and we all got her to spread her legs and put the book next to her. Miriam touched Kate's hood and pushed it up. Kate gasped but Miriam didn't pull away so we could see Kate's clit sticking out of the hood. We saw how the clit hood had two sides that went down to the bottom near her bum.

Miriam put her finger on the bit of skin above Kate's bum hole, and Kate gasped again. She asked Miriam to touch her hood, and that bit at the same time. Kate started to breathe really hard. She said it was the biggest turn-on she'd ever had. I said she should touch her nipples, too, and she asked me to do it. Anne held Kate's labia open and Kate took off her top and bra. Then I put two fingers on her nipples and they stuck out very far and got hard under my fingers.

She said everyone should move their fingers a little and we did. Kate started shaking and shaking. She put her fingers in her vagina and started moving them in and out. She started rocking back and forth, and we all kept the same rhythm going until she came. Her hand was really wet when she took her fingers out. We put our hands on her shoulders and stroked her shoulders 'til she calmed down. She said she wished she could wank like that on her own. She never knew she could wank the bit above her bottom before.

Anne said we should all wank now for each other. So we all sat on our towels and each did it in our own way. I rubbed my clit hood with my middle finger and put one finger in my vagina and moved it in and out. Miriam lay on her hand and fingered herself whilst pushing into the towel. Anne licked her finger and rubbed it around her clit. Kate just held herself and squeezed her labia a few times.

Then Anne said we should each swap and use the method of the person to our right, not including Kate. It was interesting trying different ways. I liked the smell of my finger as I kept licking it again and putting it back on my crotch. Finally we each picked the method we liked best and each wanked ourselves til we came. I put my thumb on my clit, two fingers in my vagina, and with the other hand I put one finger near my bottom on the perineum. Kate was right it was amazing. (I came first, then Anne, then Miriam.) We hen put our clothes back on, packed up our things, and agreed to do it again sometime. It was really empowering, and I would recommend it! I feel a lot more normal about my body now and think it's great.



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