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Sharing My Penis

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She wanted to have one of her own.


I met Jessica my freshman year at college. She played soccer and had the most magnificent legs I'd ever seen-long, muscular, and tanned year-round. She was a tomboy, brusque in manner, yet blonde and blue-eyed. Lots of guys ogled her, but few were man enough to get her into bed.

Frankly, she intimidated me. But those legs kept drawing me back to her. I took her abuse and kept coming, making a pest of myself after a while. Once I stopped by her dorm room just to surprise her. She had just been to practice and was still in her bathrobe after a shower. I invited myself in, just hoping I might get to see something I wouldn't have under normal circumstances.

She paid little attention to me as she blew her hair dry. But I got glimpses of her luscious legs and small, athletic breasts as she leaned over and threw her hair around.

She knew what I was up to. She switched off her hair dryer and glared at me.

'You're going back to your dorm to jack off over this, aren't you?'

Even for Jessica, this was bold.

'Of course not,' I protested. But it was so obvious.

'Why don't you just do it here?' she shot back, switching the dryer on again to finish up.

I couldn't be sure she was just being sarcastic. So I sat there, silently waiting for the conversation to resume. She put the dryer and hairbrush down and sat on the opposite bunk.

'I'm sorry,' she whispered. 'That was mean. I know guys masturbate, and I know you're as hard-up as any of the guys around here. I didn't mean to embarrass you.'

This was as surprising as her original accusation. But it melted my heart. Here was this rough-and-tumble girl getting all wistful, and I'd done nothing to bring her around.

She started to speak, then held it. Then she started again.

'If you want the truth, it's something that fascinates me,' she continued. 'I mean, all these guys jerking off all around this campus, and none of them admit to it-'

'Oh, I admit to it.'

'-and-' she looked hard at me and squinted, the traces of a smile beginning to appear. 'How much?'

'Once a day, usually.'

Her eyes widened. We sat in silence, staring at each other.

'Have you ... today?'


This talk was getting me very, very hard. My penis strained at my jeans. Naturally, this started to affect my thinking, and I blurted out the next thought I had.

'Not yet, that is.'

She kept looking at me, trying to see if I was serious.

'What would I have to do to see you jack off?'

My heart raced.

'Just let me touch your legs,' I stammered. 'You have such beautiful legs.'

Before I could think again, I had my pants and shorts off. Jessica lay back on her bunk, opening her bathrobe to expose her lovely, supple body from toe to tits. Only a pair of small, cotton panties interrupted the flow, but in most flattering way. I left my shirt on and just climbed up over her, straddling her calves. My hard-on knew no limits. I think it actually hurt, it was so strong.

'Do it,' she whispered, holding her own hips as if they needed control. 'Jack off for me.'

I touched my cock just as I'd done a thousand times before, only this time, the image before me was real.

My foreskin had rolled back behind the glans even before I got my pants off. So I did my customary tickles of the glans, then furled the skin back over it a few times. Jessica stared.

'You have a lot of skin.'

'It's because I'm not circumcised. See?'

I opened and closed the foreskin several times for her to see it envelop, then release, the glans.

'I've never,' she started, then interrupted herself. 'Can I feel it?'

(As if she had to ask.)

I relinquished my hard-on to Jessica's tentative fingers. She pulled it gradually, gripping it like a utensil with her thumb toward me, then stopped as the foreskin closed in on itself.

'Woo!' she exclaimed. 'It's like one of those water-weenie toys!'

I knew what she was talking about. I'd played with, and tried to masturbate with, one of them when I was in high school. It was a lousy substitute for my self-trained hands.

Jessica kept peeling and replacing my foreskin slowly, intently watching it roll over itself like someone looking through a microscope for the first time. I was content to let her do this as long as she liked, and lost track of time.

'Michael,' her voice startled me.

'What?' I opened my eyes in a dreamy state of sensual gratification.

'I want to jack it. I want to make it come.'

I had never done anything like that. In fact, I had only been with one girl before, and we had really awkward sex that ended in an anticlimax from a bungled handjob. So I had no idea how to proceed.

'You mean, like I do?'


Remembering how long it took my arms to get used to the jack-off motion, I knew even this athletic girl might tire out before I came. I studied the situation for a moment, then tapped her thighs.

'Let's try between your legs.'

I lifted her smooth knees up until I could slide on my own knees just under her, so that my penis was positioned on her as if she had her own.

She got it. She gripped it properly, thumb toward herself, and began pumping my erection slowly, then a little faster as my head rolled back and my hips pressed forward.

Jessica tugged my foreskin like an expert. My pre-cum started to flow, which made for the only interruption as she wiped her hand on her bathrobe. (Pre-cum diminishes the 'peeling' sensation for me and causes the grip to slip.) With every stroke of her wrist, my balls jumped against her cloth-covered labia and clitoris, making this a ride for two.

We seemed to communicate through our skin, my thighs pressed against the backs of her thighs and her lower butt. She sensed my climax building. Then something happened that had never happened before. The glans of my penis swelled larger than ever, causing the foreskin to 'snap' each time it peeled off. Jessica heard this and looked to see what was happening.

'Don't stop,' I pleaded, throwing my hips hard against her taut legs.

'Oh, you're going to come,' she nearly shouted. 'And I'm going to come.'

She lifted her hips to snuggle her clitoris against my bobbing balls. But she kept jerking my cock until long, hot rails of semen shot forth onto her chest, cheek, and tummy. She seemed to know instinctively to slow the pace as the jets continued to fly. Then as the last pulses tapered off, she let my softening cock fall to her panties.

I nearly toppled over from relief. I held onto her legs for balance. The smooth, finely toned legs I'd wanted to touch since the moment I first saw her.

She studied the spillage on her hand. Then she blushed.

'I know how it feels to be a guy, now,' she laughed. Then she realized she was naked in the daylight in front of a man she barely knew, and closed her bathrobe.

In the whirlwind of campus life, we ran into each other a few times after that. We never dated; Jessica was too wild for such formalities. She was always hanging around with men who had a lot more, physically speaking, than I, so I didn't try to get her attention any more. I just have the wonderful memory of letting this beautiful, sexy young woman learn how to jerk a man's cock with me as instructor.



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