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Sharing My History With My Wife

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After my wife and I were married for about a year we started to become more comfortable talking about our sexual histories. As a result of one of these discussions my wife shaved my cock, balls and entire pubic area. Once this was done she started stroking my cock standing behind me while I was standing in front of a full length mirror. This conjured up memories of masturbating when I was a hairless young boy and led to her pulling my hands to my cock and balls and watching while I stroked myself to a huge orgasm. It was a deeply erotic experience for me because it brought back memories of my youth that I had forgotten.

The next Saturday we were getting a late start and I was getting into the shower. My wife asked me how the stubble was on my cock and balls. I told her it was a little itchy. She suggested that I should keep them shaved because she really liked the smoothness and the way it looks turned her on. I told her it kind of turned me on too. As I got in the shower she came into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to keep me company. As I finished washing she asked if I was going to shave my cock now. I said 'I guess so' so she said 'can I watch?' and pulled back the shower curtain. This made my cock start to stiffen and she immediately noticed and said 'here, let me help you with that' and gave me a couple strokes that had me hard as a rock almost immediately.

As I soaped up my cock and started to shave she asked me 'so, you used to jerk off as a young boy?' I answered 'yep, just like all young boys. Watching you stroke my hairless cock last week kind of brought that back to me.' She answered 'I heard that many boys experiment with their young erections with friends, is this true?'. I paused and then answered, 'yes.' She asked 'Did you have a little friend or friends that you experimented with?' I finished shaving my hard shaft and was about to start on my balls but stopped for a second to give my hard smooth cock a few long slow strokes. Then my wife said 'I'll call that a yes.' I said 'Yes, I did. There were a few of us that would go down by the creek in the woods, share whatever Playboy pictures we found. We would take off our pants and wave our hairless erections around and stroke them while looking at the pictures.' 'Did you touch each other? Did you cum?' 'No, not at those sessions.' She thought for a minute then asked 'well did you ever touch or get touched by one of your friends?' I was finishing up shaving and getting out of the shower, still with a raging erection. 'Yes, I did.' I answered.

'Well, tell me about it' She asked. 'In the summer we would have camp outs and four of us would sleep out in the back yard in pup tents. We would wait until all the lights were off in the house then take out our folded up Playboy pictures and look at them with flashlights.' I had walked over to the bed, sat down and realized that I was slowly stroking my smooth hairless cock as I was telling her. She asked 'did you take your pants off and stroke yourself like you are doing now?' 'Yes' I said 'but then I had an idea. I suggested that we should go streaking and run around the house completely naked.' 'Two of the guys were afraid and said they were going to sleep, but Tim and I were up for it. Literally. The thought made my cock tingle and I told Tim, 'this makes my penis really stiff and tingly.' He said 'me too.' 'Let me see' I said. We peeled off our shirts and stood completely naked with our erections sticking out and compared them. My wife asked 'were you just out in the yard' I answered, 'well, were were behind some pine trees behind our tents where we were going to start our streak from' She asked my to stand up and walk over the the full length mirror. I stood with my hard cock sticking straight out and she looked at me and my reflection and said 'It looked just like this, didn't it? Two hairless erect cocks.' I thought for a minute and rememberd Tim's naked body and stiff cock looking right at me and said 'Yes, it did.'

'Then what?' she asked. I took off running around the house naked, with my hard cock waving in the breeze. It felt huge and obvious sticking out in front of me. As we came around the front of the house to the street side we saw a car light down the block and hurried around the house back to the tent and dove in naked. As we piled into the small tent we fell onto each other and I could feel Tim's stiff penis poke my leg. I said 'your penis is really hard.' He said, 'Yea, is yours?' At that moment I was very aware that I still had that tingling feeling and my cock felt bigger than it ever felt before. I said 'yea, look, it feels huge.' Then Tim reached out and touched my erect hairless cock, squeezed it and said 'It's really stiff.' My wife gasped and said 'really, he just reached out and took your little hard on in his hand? What did you do?' 'I reached over and put my hand around his and squeezed it and told him his was really stiff too and we stood there just squeezing each other's cocks for a couple seconds.' I was squeezing my cock while telling her.

'What did it feel like?' She asked. 'It was really stiff and warm but soft to the touch.' I said. The tent was too low to stand up in, and were were sitting facing each other but I wanted to get closer. I pulled Tim's cock closer and we ended up laying side by side with our cocks almost touching. I pulled his cock alongside of mine and then touched his cock with mine and wrapped my fingers around both of our cocks together. Time put his hands on our cocks too and we started moving back and forth rubbing our little hairless erections together. I looked up and noticed my wife with her hands down her pants rubbing herself. She said 'I can just see you two laying naked cock to cock. Did you cum on each other?' 'No' I said 'But it felt electric. I climbed on top of Tim and rubbed back and forth some more but I wanted to see our cocks closer. I climbed off and reached for my flashlight and shined it on Tim's stiff penis. I moved closer to it because I wanted to get a better look. I could never get close enough to my own penis to see it close up and I was really entranced by this.' My wife asked me 'did you like seeing his hard cock right in front of your eyes? I never really thought about it, but guys never get to look at a beautiful erection close up like we do.'

'I really did' I told her. 'It was like looking at my own erect throbbing penis.' My hard cock was oozing as big drop of pre-cum at this point. My wife noticed and reached over to scoop it off the tip. She asked me 'did you jack it?' as she put her finger with my pre-cum in my mouth. All I could say was mmm hmmm and nod yes as I sucked her finger. She squeezed her thighs together and moaned. She said 'I don't know why but I always got the feeling you might like a cock. You're so oral. Did he cum in your hand?' 'No' I said. 'I jacked on it for a minute then got back on my side facing Tim and we rubbed our cocks together and came all over each other's stomach and chest.' 'Have you thought about jacking Tim's cock since then?' 'Yes, sometimes I think about it. You shaving my cock last week made me think about jacking his smooth hairless cock all over again and I've been thinking about it all week.' She came over to me and she started stroking my throbbing cock. 'You really like jacking cock, don't you?' and I nodded yes. She started stroking me faster and said 'cum for me so I can feed it to you.' I started bucking my hips and then came all over her hand. She quickly switched hands and put her cum covered fingers in my mouth and I licked my cum off of her hand. She said 'that was really hot. We have to find a way to play like this some more.'



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