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Sharing Masturbation With Mother-In-Law

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Sharing Masturbation With Mother-in-Law
I am 28 years old and been married for a number of years but still enjoy masturbating almost daily. Occasionally, my wife wants me to stroke it for her during foreplay. This really turns her on.
So, anyway, about a month ago, we are visiting my mother-in-law, who lives out of town. The first night there, I am taking a bath, and decide to jack-off while in the tub. This was not an extra special session, just lathered it up, stroked it for a few minutes, and shot my load. I get out of the tub, and the rest of the night proceeds normally.
The next morning, my wife decides to go shopping with an old high school friend, leaving me to stay and visit with her mother. My mother-in-law is 46, but still has a very shapely ass and breasts that are quite large. I am happy that she looks good at her age, knowing that my wife will likely inherit this trait. So, here we are just watching a little tv, and she says she wants to tell me a secret. She tells me that last night while I was in the bath tub, she was on the patio watering her plants. She heard the water running, and her curiosity got the best of her, she wanted to see if she could see anything through the window blinds. Low and behold, there I am, stark naked, waiting for the tub to fill. She said at first, she was quite embarrassed, but it was dark, no one could see her, and she quite frankly liked what she saw. Then to her great surprise, the show began. She told me that she had never watched a man masturbate, and it turned her on so much, that her pussy quickly got wet with excitement.
I was very embarrassed knowing that she saw me, but then she asked if I could give her another performance. She promised not to tell a soul, and said it would be our little secret. I was hesitant, but she leaned over and started rubbing my thigh, telling me how much she would enjoy watching me jack-off. I started getting hard, hearing her sales-pitch, then stood up, pulled down my jeans and started caressing my cock. It got hard very quickly, and then I realized having an audience was really a turn on for me. I took my jeans completely off, sat down on the couch, and spread my legs, really giving her a good view. I was getting to the stage where I could feel I was about to come. Then an idea hit me...."why don't you put on a show for me?" My mother-in-law was at first shocked by my idea, then she asked if I would like to see her naked. "I would love that" was my response.
She undressed while I watched, still stroking my cock. She stripped to her panties and bra, at this point I could see I was in for a nice treat. She reached behind her, unsnapping her bra, letting it fall, exposing a pair of the most beautiful breasts. She pulled down her panties, revealing an untrimmed, hairy, sexy dark brown bush. I was now in heaven. She sat down beside me and told me she wanting to help. She grasped my cock and stroked it gently. She began fiddling with her clit with her free hand. I told her I was about to cum. She knelt down in front of me, told me to shoot it on her tits. With this instruction, I thrust my hips at her and stroked very fast, until I had completely unloaded all over her huge tits. At exactly this moment, we heard my wife's car pull into the drive. We picked up our clothes, I ran to the bathroom, she ran to her bedroom. Safe! I took a quick shower, my wife did not have a clue!
Since that time, my mother-in-law has not said a thing about it. Guess it will be our little secret...



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