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Sharing Masturbation Orgasms

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Sharing Masturbation Orgasms
Being the webmaster of your SOLO website, you'd expect me to have more than a passing interest in masturbation. You're right; I do. I've shared a few of my masturbation recollections elsewhere on this site (links below), but now I want to relate an absolutely fantastic shared masturbation experience that I've enjoyed many times with a very special lady.
My friend Iris and I have been close since first meeting in 1970 - that's right, 30 years ago. Over those three decades we've had sex together hundreds of times. We've had "conventional" sex often, but more often than not we like to share masturbation. What I describe below is the first time we did it in this manner; it was so much fun that we've repeated it often over the past couple of years.
Iris and I had previously decided on the phone that we would get together on a particular day and uppermost on both of our minds was sexual fun. Before I go any farther, I need to explain that I, your webmaster, am in my mid-50s; Iris is a few years older than me and recently passed the 60-year mark. We're no spring chickens, but we love our loving!
When our special day arrived, we did a few things together that we'd planned then adjourned to the bedroom for what we've always liked most about being together -- getting naked and expressing our affection sexually. And we're very good together. This afternoon we proceeded as we usually do. After undressing, we stood together, hugging and kissing, rubbing our warm nude bodies together affectionately. Nothing feels much better than flesh against flesh -- and it gets better as the erotic sensations increase.
Iris is always quick to turn on, quicker than any other woman I've been with. Like me, she is especially devoted to oral sex and, as I've done many times, I gently backed her up to the bed and together we rolled down onto it, legs hanging over the edge. In a few short moments I was moving my mouth down to her large breasts (my preference is for itty-bitty small breasts, but that doesn't really matter -- I love to fondle, lick and suck any woman's breasts because I know my partner appreciates and enjoys that...it's fun for me, too, regardless of their size, shape or color). Her nipples were already protruding and I enjoyed flicking my tongue on them and gently nibbling.
By this time Iris was squirming a bit, talking softly about how she was getting turned on and asking me to start eating her out. She knows how I love to have her talk "dirty" to me and tell me what she craves. And talk dirty she does! As I lingered at her breasts she began pleading with me to suck her pussy, lick her clit, taste her juices. With an invitation like that, who could refuse? (Certainly not me!)
So down further I go. Her legs were still hanging over the end of the bed but as I got on my knees at the foot of the bed Iris spread her legs as wide as possible, perching her heels on the very edge of the mattress. Her slit was spread wide but it's also my friend's usual practice to reach down and spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers as far as they will go, her clit poking up like a doorbell button. With this display in front of me, it was only a second until my mouth was there kissing and fondling her nubbin with relish. My tongue dipped down and plunged into her vagina, tasting her rich feminine wetness -- something that gets my cock pulsing even more.
Iris comes quickly and with less than three minutes between her legs she was bucking her hips, moaning uncontrollably and telling me how good my tongue was making her clit feel. I could feel her legs begin to quiver, an unmistakable sign that she was about to explode in orgasm. Her hands pulled her lips apart even further and she thrust her slit into my face forcibly as her large thighs (Iris isn't a tiny person!) began to close about my head, almost smothering me in her furiously bucking groin. Her head, I can just barely see, is pulled to one side, her face red, and her moans become intense as she peaks again and again in what seems like a minute-long burst of orgasmic pleasure. As she calms down, her legs release me somewhat but I linger there, licking softly, tasting the new rush of juices she's given me.
"Oh, shit, you're good," Iris says. "You lick me to the most fantastic orgasms, ever. Come on up here and let's see what we can do for you," she says.
I get up, walk around the bed and she grabs me playfully for some deep kissing. Iris is a woman who loves the smell and taste of sex and her scent on my face just rouses her again. Her hand reaches down to fondle my swollen cock and tease my nuts.
Iris knows how to suck a man's penis as few women do. And as she does so I have no doubt whatsoever that she's doing something she adores. She shifts around and goes down on me, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. Then she stops.
"Come on up here," she says as she pulls me up so my knees straddle her head. She's laying on her back, head propped up with pillows, and I am kneeling there over her with my rigid cock at her face. Her mouth goes back on me and I see her hands going between my legs down to her own crotch. It isn't long until she's got herself working up toward another orgasm so she slows down a bit, bringing one hand back up to tickle my asshole, balls and that sensitive area between them.
Coming up for air, Iris says, "jerk it off for me, hon." Over the years I've masturbated many times for Iris. It gets her terribly excited to see me touch myself and as I cum she just "oooos" and "aaaahhhhss" with the appearance of my semen. She has told me over and over again that she loves the taste of a man's cum and after the initial few squirts, she's usually down there enjoying the taste and feel of it all.
After asking me to masturbate (she's doing it to herself), I reach down with my free hand (my other hand is gripping the headboard) and begin to pump. She is just inches away from my penis. "Shoot it off in my mouth," she pleads after a bit, and that request starts the unmistakable tingle that is the earliest sign of an impending orgasm. Her mouth is open, her eyes focused on my cock, and her hands furiously rubbing on her clit. I moan and the white flow begins, pouring into her waiting mouth. The taste of my juice pushes Iris over her own edge again and she clamps her legs around her hand as her mouth clamps upon my oozing cock and she moans into her second orgasm of the hour.
We collapse into one another's arms, enjoying some deep kissing (mingling our juices with every kiss), hugging and light caressing.
As I finish writing this, Iris is here reading over my shoulder and she asks if she can add a few words. Why not....
Iris comments:

What Dave has written is all true! But I'd like to tell it from my point of view. Dave's right; I am over 60 now and one of the greatest joys of the past 1/2 of my life is having had Dave as a lover off and on. There have been times we've lived close by one another; other times we've been separated for a few years at a time. Although we have never been married, we have had many, many times to enjoy one another in bed (and there have been times we've enjoyed one another in the car, on a blanket in the woods, on a park bench, on the beach....we've sucked and fucked a lot and enjoyed it each and every time).
Yah, I'm over 60 and I've had 6 kids but my sexual feelings are as great now as ever. All those crones who say you loose your urges, if you ever had them, after menopause are nuts. I get those tingling sensations every day between my legs and, as I've done since I was 12 or 13, I often satisfy them by masturbating. I usually lay back, play with my tits awhile, then spread my lips with fingers of one hand while my other fingers fondle and roll my clit about until I'm, as Dave said, bucking about in the throes of an electric-storm orgasm.
Dave's right, I love the sight and taste of a man's penis. I've had the pleasure of having enjoyed many men's penises (Dave's is without a doubt the best!); I've never seen or sucked a cock I didn't love. But the scene Dave describes above is probably the most erotic one for me for several reasons. Having Dave kneeling above me with his gorgeous cock and balls within tongue-reaching distance is overwhelmingly hot. Having his fingers furiously gripping it and pumping the skin up and back is amazing. I love to gaze as his purple crown gets shiny and deepens in color. I adore it when droplets of clear pre-cum ooze out his flared hole. His nuts draw up and his scrotum tightens -- I love to feel them in that state, just before they eject their hot juice. And I know that as I fondle his tight asshole the sensations he feels are intensified. As I look up at Dave while he and I are masturbating together, I see his cock first of all, but since he's kneeling above me, I can also out of the corner of my eye see the expression on his face above. It's exquisite to watch his sperm boil out of his cock-head into my mouth as I also see his face twist, his mouth drop open and hear those moans of pleasure. There's nothing more beautiful in this world than a man or woman in the middle of an orgasm. I recommend watching! (and joining in).
Well, I just wanted to add a few words of my own to his in order to relay my approval for telling this story on the SOLO website. Gals, I encourage you to try this. If you enjoy your partner's cock and, especially, if you like the taste of his cum, this position is the greatest. Like Dave said, we've done it quite a few times since the first time related above. We've always had a ball with it (pun intended!).
In closing, I've asked Dave to add here a piece he wrote a couple of years ago about another experience we had together. Although it isn't exclusively about masturbation, I think it might be fun for you to read. Enjoy! I sure did. It was fun showing off Dave's cock and orgasm with a very special young friend, as you will now read....****BECKY
About a week ago my friend Iris called one morning. We have been fucking together off and on for years and enjoy a very exciting and satisfying sexual relationship. This morning Iris was especially seductive on the phone and suggested strongly that I'd really enjoy a visit to her apartment.
Thanks to my flexible work schedule I was there a half hour later. Iris greeted me at the door in a T-shirt, slacks and barefoot. She has large breasts and seldom wears a bra so when I stepped in the door we embraced as usual and my hand quickly slipped under the T-shirt and up to fondle her tits. It was then, as we were hugging, that I glanced over
Iris's shoulder and saw her neighbor Becky sitting in an easy chair, Pepsi in hand, grinning her own greeting across the room at me.
I'd met Becky before. This petite girl had just turned 19 and a few days earlier Iris had told me Becky was pregnant -- but so far it didn't show. She and her husband lived in the next apartment.
Becky had always excited me. She's very short in stature, has a good figure and very large breasts for her frame. These she wears proudly, always using a bra that accentuates their size and causes them to stand up majestically under a tight-fitting shirt or blouse. Today was no exception. As I smiled my acknowledgement to her I noted that, even though she was slumped in the easy chair with her bare feet tucked under her, those tits were poking into the air with an unquestioned magnificence. Becky is a bit shy, but has always been very cordial and warm to me.
Iris released our embrace, closed the door and led me around the couch to a spot directly across from Becky. Two Pepsis were there for us. After we sat down, Iris's hand instinctively dropped on my crotch and she began fondling my cock and balls through my jeans, something she did often and today she seemed especially open and proud to be doing it in front of her young friend.
Both Iris and I are many years older than Becky and in many respects since Becky had moved from an adjoining state into the apartment complex she had treated Iris as a surrogate mother. This morning Iris began the conversation by announcing that the two of them had cooked up a big surprise for me. She explained that the two of them had been talking earlier about sex and that Becky had brought up the subject of blow jobs. I glanced over at Becky who blushed immediately behind a seductive smile. "Becky has never had the courage to go down on her husband or any other guy," Iris said, "because she's not quite sure what to do. I tried to give her some tips but then I decided a demonstration might be the best way to help her learn!"
With the word "demonstration" I immediately realized what was in store for me in the minutes ahead. Iris had given me many blow jobs over the years and they are indisputably the best I've ever received from either a woman or a man. She knows exactly how to coax every sensation and drop of cum out of me.
"I proposed the idea to Becky and she was interested but nervous," Iris continued. "But since she already knows you, I convinced her it might be really fun for her to watch how I go down on you. So, here we are!"
Yes, there we were: Becky not three feet away from me, smiling her agreement with the arrangement, Iris next to me with her hand still rubbing me through my pants, and me very aroused and hard at the prospects of getting another expert blow job with an eager audience inches away. I quickly said that I'd love to help in any way I could. That being settled, Iris lost no time and since she always enjoyed taking charge of undressing me before having sex, she began by unbuckling my belt. Becky set her can of Pepsi down on the coffee table and shifted her position a bit so
she could have an unobstructed view of what was to come. The belt unbuckled, Iris unbuttoned then unzipped my jeans. She bounced down on her knees before me to pull the pants down as I lifted myself up on my heels. Since I had sandals on, it was easy to kick them off and allow Iris slip the pants off.
Then she moved in close to my shorts, massaging the lumps she found there, pulling up my T-shirt a bit so it wouldn't drape over any of the action. After a few moments she pulled the top of the shorts down, allowing my erect cock to bounce out, then down further, tucking the elastic under my balls. Her adroit fingers glided over my nuts and up the underside of my shaft, then traced the rim of my bright purple head. The pleasure sensations were already becoming intense and my anticipation was growing. I looked over at Becky. She was leaning forward a bit, her eyes fixed on my genitals. Ah, this was magnificent, I thought.
Iris then tugged my shorts down and off, allowing me to spread my legs a bit as she coaxed me to get more comfortable. Becky's head dropped even further so she could gaze right up my legs. By now Iris had clutched my cock with her right hand and begun pumping up and down. "This is how most guys like to be jerked off," she was telling Becky. "Just grab their cock gently with your fingers--" here she moved her hand to show finger placement with thumb on the sensitive underside and a couple of fingers on the top of my cock while she began slipping the loose skin up and down-- "or just grab the entire piece of meat in the palm of your hand like this and wrap your fingers around it." Her hand followed her verbal instructions and it began to pump up and down rhythmically. Becky was silent but seemed completely absorbed in the lesson.
Iris continued to pump away for awhile until I began to show a little pre-cum at the flared opening of my prick. "Hey, this stuff really tastes sweet," Iris announced to Becky, as she lowered her head over my cock, stuck out her tongue and licked up the glistening drop. Becky smiled broadly.
My friend's head was now in position for the main course of the lesson, the blow job. She now released her hand while keeping her thumb and forefinger curled around the base of my penis. Her tongue circled around my flared head several times then up and down the underside of the shaft. I was as hard as I could be, veins popping out and meat throbbing. Her left hand glided up my thigh and fingers began gentle stroking motions around and
under my ball sack and down toward my ass. Becky was taking in every move.
Iris's head was positioned right above my cock, her tongue jutting out and touching right below my piss hole. She slowly lowered her head onto me, holding her moist lips firm as my head slipped into her mouth. It felt exactly like the first slow entry feelings as you penetrate a hot, wet cunt. Down and down her head went until my prick was touching the back of her throat and her lips were pressing against the base of my cock. Her nose was buried in my
pubic hair. She paused there, sucked a bit and slowly moved her tongue back and forth as if she was trying to feel the entire length of my shaft from side to side.
Presently Iris moved her head up, then slowly began her expert up and down motions with her mouth, encircling forefinger and thumb pressed against and following her lips. She always has lots of saliva which makes my cock and her fingers extremely wet. By now Becky was sitting on the edge of her chair, elbows on her knees and her chin on her hands. Her face was less than a foot from the cock she was so intently watching.
Up and down Iris went, again and again. Several times she withdrew my cock while continuing the up-and-down motions with her finger and thumb, as if she was showing it off to her friend. After each exposure, her mouth resumed its motion without any change in the pace of the up-and-down rhythm.
It wasn't too long until my breathing became very heavy and I began emitting some soft moans in sync with the heightened pleasure I was experiencing. Iris has had sex with me enough to be able to gauge my responses quite accurately. At the precise moment I began feeling the cum surge beneath my balls she withdrew her mouth from my prick. The purpleness of my head was intense and glistening with Iris's saliva. She continued the hand motions
and the familiar but always amazing throbbing began under my nuts, forcing the fluids up and through my
penis. I moaned loudly, my legs stiffened and then for Becky's amazed gaze the white streams of semen shot out of my flared hole, into the air and then down on Iris's still-pumping hand. Some of it began flowing off her hand and into my pubic hair. Through the haze of ecstasy I saw Becky's mouth open in an even larger grin, heard her inhale sharply and her eyes moved another couple of inches closer as if to zero in on the action.
Iris is quite proud of the fact that she adores the taste of semen. To complete her lesson for Becky, as soon as the largest volume of fluid had forced its way out of my prick her head went back down, sucking the last few drops out of my hole. Her tongue feverishly licked up what had already spilled on her hand and she even probed into my pubic hair for drops there.
The clean-up concluded, Iris looked up at Becky and said, "Well? You get the idea?" Becky laughed and said, "You bet! That was fun."
"Are you going to practice on Bryan (Becky's husband)?" Iris then asked. "Tonight, as soon as he gets home from work," Becky quickly responded. Becky then thanked me for the performance and excused herself, turning back
toward us at the door with a twinkle in her eye and said to Iris, "have a great morning!"
My fun was only beginning!
After Becky closed the door, Iris turned to me with a very lustful look in her eye. "I still need to cum," she announced with a smirk on her face. She bounced up, grabbed my hand and led me back into her bedroom where I was told to take off my shirt and lay down on the bed. She then seductively began to strip: first her shirt allowing her ample breasts to bounce into view. Then her slacks and panties. Just the sight of her nude body started my cock on its second upward rise. She climbed into bed, threw her left leg over mine and proceeded to tantalize me by spreading her pussy lips open, inserting her fingers into her vagina and rubbing her wetness up and over her lips and clit. I reached down and began stroking myself as well.
Within a few moments, though, she pushed my hands aside and squatted down so her spread lips encircled the length of my penis, on the underside down near the base. I could feel the warmth of her slit and its wetness. She then began to hunch, sliding her slit up and down the underside of my now-hard penis. It was almost like she was giving my tool a massage but I could tell she was really trying to feel my cock and let it stimulate her clitoris.
It wasn't long until she shifted her position minutely so my throbbing cock easily slid into her vagina as she rested back on it. Iris has an extremely long clit which reaches close to her vaginal opening and she cums easily with penetration. Today she began a slow rocking motion with my penis slipping in, then out, then in again. I could feel
sensations that let me know that a second orgasm was in store for me. The slippery walls of her vagina began coaxing the last few drops of semen toward the surface.
Within a few minutes Iris was humping my penis with vengeance and finally she exploded with a powerful climax of her own. A little more humping and she reached that plateau once more. That was it for me: the tingling under my balls began again and as she was riding my cock to her second orgasm I pumped my last few drops of semen deep
inside her.
Come-down time was relaxing. As we cuddled on the bed we talked about our good time together, and about Becky. Iris shared that Becky really got into the action much more than I was able to observe. "She's a good student," she said. At one point Iris had even seen her rubbing her nipples through her shirt and bra while the blow job lesson
was in process.
The next day Iris called to report on her morning coffee chat with Becky. "Did you give Bryan his first blow job last night," Iris had asked. After another blush Becky giggled and said she had met Bryan at the door when he got home from work, gave him a big kiss and hug, then reached down to feel his pants. "Come on, honey," she said, "I've got a big surprise waiting for you in the bedroom."
Becky reported that she did just as Iris had done to me earlier in the day: Bryan was fondled more through his clothes, then slowly undressed, then fondled some more. It was easy for Becky to begin the oral action which, she reported, greatly surprised and pleased her husband. "He came in about five minutes," Becky beamed.
"Did you swallow his cum," Iris asked?
"Yep! Every drop," Becky said. She had been nervous about that part of the evening but related that she was surprised at how pleasant it was. "He was enjoying me so much that I found myself really getting into what I was doing. It was easy to taste and swallow his cum," Becky said. "I liked it."
As a finale, Becky said Bryan stripped her and then proceeded to lick her twat until she reached one of the best orgasms she could ever remember having.
Iris and I both agreed it would have been fun to watch the young couple as they explored new experiences together. But, then, we were both very satisfied to have shown off for Becky and given her the courage as well as the benefit of our experience. Being an exhibitionist at heart, it was an exceptional turn-on for me to cum in front of this beautiful young woman and Iris reported that she got a kick out of being a sex tutor. Obviously the instruction brought about the desired results for Becky and Brian.****
Here's links to other stories on this website supplied by the former SOLO webmaster, Dave. I'd love to hear from you if you have comments about these true stories.... Also, if you live in the mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon (Eugene to Salem, Corvallis to Sweet Home), I'd like to meet you. I enjoy masturbation with women, couples, other men of all legal ages. No contact necessary but if you're STD free and interested, we can discuss oral fun as well. Tell me about yourself. You can learn a lot about me by reading my other stories on my website --
- "Jerking Off With An Audience"
- "Sex on the Rails"
- "Keeping it in the Family"
- "3-Way Fun"
- Brad



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