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Sharing a Shower

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This happened a few weeks ago. I went on an overnight golf trip with a buddy of mine, Alex. He's the same age as me, but 6'5' and a bit chubby, but not really fat. I'm only 5'7 and pretty thin. Alex and I have been friends for years and play golf on regular basis. He recently moved out of town and we had decided to meet about halfway between our homes-both having to travel 6 hours to get here. We met around noon, played a round of golf and then were going to get dinner and check in to the hotel, which was about an hour away. The weather was pretty hot & humid and when we finished we wanted to get cleaned up before going to dinner. We got our bags from the car and headed to the locker room, but there was only a single shower. I told Alex to go ahead first and so he headed off to the shower room. About a minute later he came out and said 'hey-if you want the shower is actually pretty large. There's only one shower head, but we can easily fit and stay out of each others way.' I said okay, I'll be in. I got undressed, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the shower. I was surprised that the shower was that large-especially since it only had one shower head. They could have easily put 4 or 5 showers in the space, but I guess it's not been an issue in the past.

I had showered with guys throughout high school and college, so it was no big deal for me-but had never seen Alex without even a shirt on. When I got to the shower Alex was under the water and when I stepped in he had his back to me. He heard me close the door and turned around and said he'd be out of my way in a second. When he turned around I noticed that he was chubbier than I had thought and actually had some 'man boobs'. I kinda laughed when I saw then and said 'nice boobs', which just embarrassed him, but he made some comment about how nice they were to play with and he really had no reason to leave the house with these. He moved out of the way to soap up and I headed for the water and when I passed him I reached around him and grabbed his boobs. He laughed and I told him that he had the firmest boobs I had ever seen. We just laughed and moved out of my reach.

Alex had his back to me and I asked him for the soap and told him he could have the water now. He turned around as I stepped out of the water and I noticed that not only were his boobs big, but he had an enormous penis! The thing hung almost to his knees-I don't know how I missed it before, but now I couldn't help staring at it. I must of had a weird look on my face, because he got embarrassed and tried to hide it. I said 'Sorry, but I've never seen anything like that.' He went into the water, but I just kept staring. He told me to stop, but I couldn't. I joked and asked him if he was rubbing it to make it big to scare me, but I guess he said no. I started to soap up, but couldn't stop looking at his penis. I lathered up and when I started soaping up my penis, I noticed it was getting hard. I was trying to hide it, but Alex noticed and asked me if I was trying to compete with him or just excited? Now I was completely embarrassed and he just kept pestering me. With the added attention, I was not fully erect and still not even close to Alex's size. Trying to change the topic, I told him to finish up so I could wash off, but he didn't move and just kept picking on me for having a boner. But, now I noticed that he was getting a little firmer and his penis was now starting to stand up. I pointed this out and he just laughed and said 'I guess we have a problem'. I said 'not really' and started stroking my soaped up boner and said we can just take care of it this way. He kinda chuckled and said 'are you serious?'. I said 'sure, why not?' I tossed him the soap and he said 'are you going to turn away?' and I said 'not a chance, I want to see how big that thing gets'. He laughed and said okay and said he had masturbated with some friends in high school and college, but it had been a while. I said me too.

I continued to watch Alex as he stroked himself to a full erection, but noticed that his penis didn't get longer as it got harder, but it got really thick. I commented on this and then said 'can I touch your boobs'-kinda as a joke. He said yeah and I thought it would be funny-so I went over to him and starting rubbing his boobs with my free hand. He laughed and said that it felt weird, but kinda exciting. This went of for a few minutes and I asked him if I could feel how big his boner was. He said sure and let go. I hesitated, but then reached out and grabbed on. I couldn't believe how big it was in my hand! I kept rubbing and he eventually grabbed on to my penis. We continued like this for a few minutes and he said he was ready to blow. I said turn around towards the wall and I stood behind him and reached around him to stroke him. He was moaning now and I started rubbing his butt cheeks with my other hand and worked my way around and started pulling on his ball sack. He had one hand up on the wall and reached back with the other and grabbed my penis. He started breathing hard and thrusting himself in to my hand, which caused him to rub me harder. I could feel the cum building up in his boner and he said I almost ready and kept thrusting faster and faster, still hanging on to my boner. I could feel myself getting close and told him I was almost ready. We kept rubbing each other and now I was ready and starting moaning. I couldn't believe hour great this felt and was now thrusting in to his hip. He let go of my boner and I pushed into the side of his hip and blew my load all over the side of his butt and down his leg. This set him off and he told me to stroke faster. I picked up the pace and he threw his head back and shot 6-7 huge ropes against the shower wall. I kept stroking him until the last drop was out and he slowed his breathing.

We both took another shower, cleaned up and left for dinner. Not much was said at dinner, but that night at the hotel we ended up with a king bed (by mistake) in the hotel room and had some more fun.



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