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Sharing a Bedroom

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Sharing a room with your sister.


My sister and I are only ten months apart, Deb is the older. As we were growing up, most people thought we were twins. We did everything together growing up. The area of the country we grew up was a very rural area, with not many kids to play with and those that we did play with our parents drove us there. Our house was very small, just two bedrooms and one bathroom. Deb and I shared a room, until we both left for college. Since sharing a room with a sibling was not uncommon in our area, we thought nothing of it. We each had our own bed, so that was kind of nice. But my sister and I did everything together, we are each others best friends.

As we entered adolescence, like most kids, you start to notice your body changing. My sister was the first, it was like over night. Deb went from a Tom Boy to a woman. I followed about a year later and wow, was it great. However, I found out about masturbation. Do you know how tough it is to pull one off, in a small house and sharing a room with your sister. I would masturbate in the woods, in the barn and in the bathroom.

I was 15 years old when this happened. One night I was laying in bed, feeling horny as hell and just had to get off. But my sister was sleeping in the bed next to me, no more than three feet away from me. I listened, to see if she was sleeping and I could hear her deep breathing. Oh, I am in the clear, I am going to go for it. I started rubbing my cock and it felt so good, it had been a couple of days since my last session and for a teenager, that was a lifetime. I was truly enjoying myself and trying to be silent or so I thought. Then out of the silence, my sister says, I didn't think you did that! Words could not come from my mouth, I just laid there, thinking she was talking in her sleep. Then Deb said, well let's see it. I will show you mine, if you show me yours. It was game on, I pulled the covers down and there it stood like a flag pole, in the light of the night. Then my sister, held up her end of the deal. I know my sister had a nice body, but when she pulled off her tee shirt and dropped her shorts. I had no idea.

Deb looked like one of those girls from Playboy and this was my sister, I keep thinking. We kept the lights off in the room so only moon light was lighting the room. Now show me what you were doing. Okay, I thought, I have gone this far why not. It didn't take me long to shoot a load, all the while my sister watched. Come on sis, I said, let's see you do it. Girls do it too don't they? Deb, then laid back into her bed and started to rub her pussy. At that time I would have given anything to turn the lights on, but I could see what she was doing. As I watched my sister get off, my cock got hard again and could not stop from getting off again. Then Deb let out a little sigh and she stopped. In about two more pulls I did the same.

The world changed for my sister and I, we grew up that night. We continued to masturbate together as we grew up until we moved away to college. It was okay, for one to do it and the other not. But more times we did it together. We never touched each other, just with our eyes. We never told anyone and our parents never caught on.

Then a couple of years ago, my sister and I went on a cruise together. Her husband did not want to go on the trip, so I went with her. Our room had two beds, just like growing up. It was like old times, and my sister is still hot.



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