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Shared Room With Sis

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My sister and I shared a room until we were well past too old to share a room. Even though she slept just across the room from me, I would jack off every night, but on my side, facing the wall. I started jacking even before I had hair and even came before the hair grew out. It felt so good that I was doing it 2 or3 times a day then, and the one in bed at night always seemed the best.

Since she was always asleep, I never worried about getting caught. However, one night I heard her ask, 'What are you doing?'

The voice was definitely on the other side of the room, so I just said, 'Nothing,' and she let it go at that.

Scared of getting caught I managed to go without the nightly jack off for one or two nights. But then, I had to give in to the urges. This time, when finished and rolled over on my back, there she was. She asked, 'What were you doing'

I responded that if I told her she had to promise not to tell, which she did.

With the least amount of information possible, I told her. Curious, she wanted to know more, like how it felt, can I make babies with it, seemingly typical questions. We were whispering, but the more we talked, the more comfortable I got with the idea of her watching. Finally, she reached out and touched it, but just with her finger tip. She said, 'It feels neat.'

The next night, I started jacking as soon as I got to bed, which was an hour later than her. I totally pulled my bottoms down now, where I had only used the fly before. Sure enough, I could feel the bed move when she bumped against it. This time I turned over, cock in hand, and looked at her. Her eyes were glued to my boner. I took my hand away for her to see all of it.

She kept staring, and although I didn't see how, it felt like it was getting even bigger. She asked if I was going to do it again and I said yes, but she had to take her clothes off first.

She was reluctant but I was adamant. I knew that this was a certain way of keeping her from telling. She sat down on the bed and our bare skin at our hips touched. It added another spark to me. She asked when was I going to start, so I did.

I reached up and touched her boob, afraid that she would call it off, but she just sat there. I was jacking slowly, so I moved my hand down her body till it was between her legs, still she didn't resist. I could feel the sperm rising, so I backed off and slowed way down. She asked why I slowing down and I told her I didn't want to shoot right now. When she asked why, I said because I like feeling you. She said she liked it too.

Taking advantage of the conversation, I aked if she wanted to feel me, and she responded, 'Yes.'

She felt all around it, the balls and everything while I fingered her, and I started dripping precum. She asked if I shot already and I told her what it was. So then, she started jacking me, ever so slowly. I started cumming right away, and I told her to squeeze it hard, which she did. When I shot, most of it went over my head. To this day, I cannot recall a stronger orgasm than that first one with a girl.

We continued this on almost a nightly basis, until her periods started. We figured out that if I rubbed her a certain way, it sent tingles throughout her body. So,we experimented with that for a while, until she finally came. I had no idea that girls could cum, and even though she didn't squirt, I knew what it was.

Soon, our parents put us in separated rooms, since her bedroom addition had finally been compoleted. Even after that we sneaked into each other's room almost nightly. After the new thrill and excitement wore off, we learned the best ways to get each other off, and it was great.

I finally started dating, and then eventually masturbating with my dates. I told my sister about this, and since she was friends with a couple of the girls, she would ask what they looked like naked, and what we did together. I was more than happy to tell her. I would draw on her pussy the outline of their hair and how their boobs looked. One girl spit on her hand to jack me off, and since that was a new twist, I told my sister about it, and we did it like that for a while.

Then, finally, one girl went the next step. Of course, I had to tell my sister about that, and it started a whole other episode with us.

We both attest today, that even though we both married, we were the best lovers for each other.



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