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Shared Bedroom

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A true story, this took place about eight or nine years ago.


We have a large family, so for most of my life I had to share a bedroom with my brother, Chris. We'd never been open about nudity or masturbation so the only place I had for enough privacy to enjoy either was in the bathroom. When he moved away to study I was left with the room to myself for the first time ever.

I soon became accustomed to walking around and sleeping bare-assed and watching porno dvds in my room instead of sneaking magazines into the bathroom. Whenever Chris came home during holidays we had to share again, and I while continued to sleep naked I felt frustrated otherwise.

Chris came home one holiday and the first night we stayed up late after mum went to bed, talking and TV channel-hopping. We passed a softcore blue movie but eventually went back to it, joking that 'it was the only thing on worth watching'. It was tame stuff but it was the first time we'd ever watched anything sexual together. We did the same the next night but again the movie was again disappointingly tame, just tits and ass and nothing explicit. I said I wished they'd show a bit of pussy and Chris laughed and agreed. We talked for a little while about what we wanted to see and I confessed that I had some proper porn upstairs, and to give me a minute then follow me.

I went upstairs and put my favourite dvd in the player, muted the sound so mum wouldn't hear, then quickly undressed and jumped into bed. Chris came in soon after and grinned at what he saw on the screen, then stripped to his underwear and got into bed. We lay there just watching, not masturbating, although my dick was begging me to stroke it. I glanced at Chris's face and saw him facing the TV and very slowly, so he wouldn't see or hear, I began to run my fingers up and down my dick and gently played with my balls.

After some time like this Chris seemed to fall asleep and I decided to risk wanking more normally, tenting my duvet. I glanced at my brother frequently but he remained still and I eventually felt confident enough to push my covers down to my feet. I was completely exposed in the light from the TV, and as I wanked I began to truly enjoy the risk that he could open his eyes and see me at any moment.

I lay there gently moving my fist up and down the length of my cock while watching the girls licking and fingering each other on-screen. I was soon close to orgasm but didn't want it to be over, so I started just edging then leaving my cock alone for a minute to calm down before continuing. Those moments were exciting as I lay both hands behinds my head and my little five-and-a-half inch dick standing proud, no longer hidden within my fist, exposed for Chris to see if he awoke.

I began to wish that he *would* catch me, and I started putting on a show for my sleeping 'audience'. I wanked using just my fingertips, leaving my cock shaft exposed to sight and gently pulled back my foreskin, revealing my helmet. I used my free hand to rub the precum around the tip of my dick and down its length before running my fingers through the dense hair around the base and across my sack. I softly tugged at my balls and raised my ass up from the mattress, arching my back and lifting my dick skyward as high as I could for greater exposure. I was in heaven. I edged as many times as I could before exploding in orgasm.

My first of many cumshots flew high into the air, and hit me on my neck and chin. I just kept cumming and cumming, splashing my chest and tummy before the last of my jizz trickled over the back of my hand and down my cock into my pubes. It was mind-blowing.

As I began to recover, I became acutely aware that I was naked and covered in semen in a brightly lit room with my brother only feet away, and that his breathing no longer seemed to have the deep rhythm of sleep. Chris's eyes were closed but to this day I suspect he saw me shoot.

Severe embarrassment took hold of me. I couldn't move. I couldn't pull up my duvet to cover myself for fear of soaking it with my cum, and I didn't have any tissues to clean up with. I couldn't walk to the bathroom without dripping jism all over the carpets. I lay there with my dick getting soft, feeling super-exposed and blushing like a tomato.

Eventually my brain started working properly, and I switched off the TV to hide my nudity, then reached over the side of the bed for my discarded socks. I mopped up the worst of my mess with those, then slipped on my robe and went to the bathroom to clean up properly. When I returned to bed my embarrassment was gone, but the pleasure I took from it is still with me.



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