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Shane One on One

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Meeting an old friend can be lots of fun.


We were buddies back then. Such good buddies that Shane shared his secret with me. He was gay.

This didn't bother me and I asked him a lot of questions. One was, 'Are you sure you're gay?'

He told me about a time he had tried having sex with a girl, but couldn't even get it up. It was funny thinking about a girl trying to get him going and him just laying there limp. I got a hard-on thinking about it.

We hadn't seen each other for 10 years and had lost touch. Then boom, he calls me out of the blue. 'I'm in town,' he said.

'Let's meet for lunch!' I replied. We had so much in common. We both had gotten a good start on our careers and we both were in a dry zone when it came to romance.

'I'm horny as a three-balled tom cat,' I told him.

'So am I. You want to do something about it?' he asked.

I raised my eyebrows at him.

'I mean just jack off,' he said quickly, with that coy smile of his.

I thought about it for a few seconds. I had heard that a guy can jack off another guy better than any girl can, cause they know how it feels. I smiled back at him. 'Okay. Your place or mine?'

'Mine,' he said. 'My roommate is out of town.'

'Now?' I asked.

'Yeah!' he exclaimed. I knew this was going to be more fun for him than me. Yet it seemed like the thing to do.

As I thought about jacking with him, we walked the five blocks to his apartment, and up the stairs. I could feel little willie getting excited in my pants. I could see his willie at attention pressing down his pants leg. Shane led the way to his bedroom.

Shane kicked off his shoes and sat down on his bed and patted the spot next to him. I pulled my shoes off and sat down and looked around the room. He always had kept everything pin neat. 'You okay with this?' he asked. His genuine concern showed in his voice.

'Yeah,' I said. Shane smiled and started unbuttoning my shirt. I had never been undressed by a guy before. I was both weird and exciting. I started to unbutton Shane's shirt too. While I finished, Shane started running his fingers through my chest hair. This was getting a little more involved than I wanted, but the enthrallment on his face kept me involved.

Watching his face, I gently rubbed his nipples with my fingertips. I was surprised when they stiffened. His eyes were half closed and he was obviously in pleasure-land, so I ran my fingers down his chest and belly and fingered along his belt line. His hard dick stiffened even more. At that point I decided to make it all about Shane day.

I gently pushed him back on his bed and swung his feet up. I purposefully sat on his lap, feeling his dick against my butt. Moving my butt back and forth over him, I unfastened his belt, then his trousers. Putting all my weight on one knee, I pulled down his trousers then his undies, sliding them all the way down his legs and off.

I admired his dick for a minute. I wasn't particularly large, but it had a singular beauty, smooth and resilient. I heard him suck in a breath as I ran two fingers along the exposed underside. I quickly dropped my clothes. Now I felt kind of embarrassed, naked in a bedroom with a gay guy. I shook it off and sat between Shane's legs with my half-hard dick against his butt.

The touch of flesh against my dick did the trick for me. It was like my dick didn't care if this was woman flesh or man flesh as long as it was flesh. I got a medium hard erection and directed it along his butt crack. Then I grabbed his cock with both hands and started twisting in opposite directions. His butt raised off the bed in pleasure.

Slowly I pulled on his dick, then twisted, then pulled again watching his face contort with pleasure. I thought about going down on him, but couldn't get myself to suck on a guy. Then I switched.

One hand on his cock stroking up and down and the other on his balls, gently squeezing, then pulling. I felt him, and heard him, getting hotter and hotter. Then, just as I figured he was about to come, I grabbed his scrotum and pulled down on it hard. He nearly screamed with pleasure and shot his load all over his chest. I stroked him a few more times until his orgasm subsided.

After a few minutes, he said, 'Wow! What can I do to you?'

I thought about it. 'Nothing,' I said teasingly. 'Unless you have a sister.'

Shane smiled. 'Come over for dinner tonight and you can meet her.'



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