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Sexy Sweat

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As a young 20 something guy, I was dating a girl that I had known for some time.

After a date where we went to a flick, we went back to her house for a snack, and of course some necking. I sat down on the couch in front of the TV while she was in the kitchen getting something for us to eat. It had been a hot day and I had sweated a lot, so I rubbed a hand under each arm pit, and sniffed them to see if I was going to be offensive, but just got a deodorant smell.

Next I slipped my hand down the inside front of my pants and rubbed between my leg and my balls. I was wearing briefs. I was very damp, so removing my hand I brought it up to my nose to get a whiff. I did not knowing that my gal was standing behind me. Her comment was 'does it smell ok?' I was floored. I stammered out 'aaaa I guess so'. She grabbed my hand and took it to her nose, commenting there is not much odor left to smell.

She continued saying that when she was in high school at one of the dances they had, there was a fat homely guy that would dance with the girls, and on purpose step on their toes enough to make them cry. When they did, he would offer them a handkerchief. But where he kept the hanky was a strange place, under his armpit. He did not use any deodorant and to the girls this was a very sexy turn on smell. He knew when the time was right he would feel their boobs or slip his hand between their legs.

She then said that your hand has that same sexy odor to me and asked if she could I get a direct whiff? I asked if she was sure and she said 'yes silly'. She knelt down in front of me, undoing my belt, unzipping my pants, and pulling them off leaving me in just my briefs. She then spread my legs apart asking where I got the sweat from. I pointed between my leg and briefs. She then put one hand on my leg, with the other on my briefs cupping my penis, pulling it to the side and out a little so that one of my hairy balls was hanging out.

Without saying another word she plunged her nose onto the bare skin place between the two, making loud sniffing noises. I started to move around saying to stop that she was tickling me and I could not take it anymore. With that she held on tighter to my leg and had a good grip around my hard penis.

Then she pulled everything to the other side with her other hand. She then got going with her nosing around my other ball and leg. After a short time she said that all the good smells were gone. She then commented that there might be some left under this, as she squeezed my penis harder. She then said to lift my butt and to let her get my briefs off. I did and there I was all hanging out.

One hand on my penis lifting it up, then again started with the nose job. This time as she was smelling around under my penis, I could feel her brushing my balls. Then all too soon she was done with the smelling, but started tugging on my hard on, saying I guess as you were such a good boy you should have a reward. Is this gun loaded? Finding it hard to speak, I nodded yes. She held my balls in one hand and stroked away with the other.

I called out that she had better stop or I would shoot all over her. She just smiled and kept on pulling. I said 'here it comes'. With that she clamped down hard with her hand on the head of my penis, with her other hand she grabbed one of mine telling me to get up. I did as she led me to the bathroom and pushed me over to the sink. She held my penis over the rim then let go of her grip. What a relief when all of my cum shot out.

She then said, maybe next time we can make it feel better, and allow it to come out right away.



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