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Sexy Sisters

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Sexy Sisters
I just wanted to send in this story because I love this site and I think it's really good. By the way I am 23 and this took place when I was about 14.
Well one day I was working in the yard and I noticed that there were some new neighbors moving in so I decided to be nice (nosey) and help move them in. They seemed like nice people there was the mom, dad, and two sisters. These sisters were pretty good for my kind of standards. Eventually I got to know them both and we became good friends. Now I first discovered masturbation and sex when I was 12, I was in my parents room searching for my games they took away from me when I got grounded earlier. I stumblued upon a very nice calander my dad had in his closet. It was filled with beautiful naked women and I must say I love the month of May now hehehe. Anyways that's when I noticed my cock began to stir in my pants. I just ignored it and left the room mad because I couldn't find the games. After a day or two I started to get curious about my cock and the calander, so I went back into my parents room and just went back and forth through the very nice calander. Still looking at the calander I found some video tapes hidden deep in the closet under some clothes and boxes. I took one of the tapes to my room and put it in my vcr. This is when it happened I saw my very first porno. It started off with some guy sticking his cock in this beautiful girls ass. It was nicely shaped and perfectly plump. Her breasts would bounce and jiggle as the man thrust his cock into the girls ass. Then about 10 to 15 minutes later I saw some guy stroking his cock. I then sat on my bed and copied the dude since he looked like he was having fun. About 5 minutes into the scene I came, I didn't quite know what it was but it felt kinda good.
But anyways back to my original story haha. Since we (Cindy and Dena) were good friends we would always walk to school together we would talk about everything from friends to family. Well one day Cindy (personaly my favorite)had gotten sick then night before and had to stay home. After school I visited her and gave her some of the work she missed. She asked me to stay a little while as she sent Dena to the store for some medicine. I stayed and watched over her about a half an hour later Dena came home they both told me thanks and I started my way towards the stairs and towards the door when I heard someone moaning. I was kinda confused but I kinda knew what is was, so I snuck up the stairs slowly trying not to make a sound. When I got to Cindy's door I could now hear the moaning louder and a small vibrating noise. I slowly made a crack in the door to peek in and see what was going on. I looked in and there was Cindy on the bed and Dena on top of her with a vibrater in her pussy and her hands in Cindy's pussy. Now just at the sight of this I got hard as a rock, the hormones were in full effect and I could careless what would happen if I was caught as long as I get to see this. But like the stupid clumsy idiot I am I pushed the door too much and they saw me. To my suprise they asked me to come in and watch. I sat in a chair and watched the most exciting show ever to hot sisters going at it. After a little while I couldn't take I took off my shoes and jumped into bed with them I started kissing Cindy all over her smooth breasts (about a 36b pretty good for her age) I licked her beautiful breasts all over and sucked on them happily. I then started feeling a tug at my pants as I stopped to look that Dena had gotten completly naked and started to pull my pants down. Now Dena was good to she was a little more heavier than Cindy but not too much and she had a bigger breasts the Cindy about 32C. I helped her out as Cindy pulled my shirt over my head and as Dena pulled off my boxers revilng my 7 inch cock, which I was really proud of haha.
I then continued sucking at Cindy's breasts as I move into position so that Dena can suck my cock and I can play Cindy's pussy at the same time. I was so overwhelmed at this point sucking hard on Cindy's juicy pussy and having my hard cock licked, kissed and sucked by Dena. By now Dena wanted to try out my cock for size, so she slipped it inside her pussy (with a condom on now) as Cindy strattled my face to get a better postion. I could now feel ena joyfully bouncing up and down on my rock hard cock. Cindy started to moan loudly as I sucked up all of her pussy juices and started to shove my tounge in her nice virgin pussy. After a while I could feel my load getting ready to burst, I think Dena could feel it because she got off and ripped off the condom and shoved my cock in her mouth. I quickly moved my mouth away and told her I was coming she didn't care she wanted to drink it all. So I continued as I swallowed all of Cindy's juices pushing her to an amazing orgasm and with that putting me over the edge as I explode into Dena's mouth. Dena swallowed as much as she could and let my cock flop out of her mouth and shooting it's last squirt onto soft cheek. At this point we were all exauhsted so I gathered up my clothes and kissed them both good bye for now. As I looked on the ground I noticed that the store Dena went she didn't buy and medicine she bought the condoms! I asked her if Cindy was really sick they both said no at the same time smiling, then Cindy said she was just tired from the night before. Then Dena replied that I should come over more often, and so I did.
The next day all three of us stayed home from school "sick" and that's when I found out that I was bi and so were the sisters. But that's another story lets just say strap on dildos are very good!
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making this If you have any thought or comments please e-mail me at I don't care if you are a guy or girl young or old just under 30. THANX for reading!



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