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Sexy School Drama

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Writing and filming a school drama turned into a really special event.


A couple of months ago I did something really crazy and wild which I didn't think I would do in a million years. My drama class at school had set assignments for the class to split up into threes and write and perform a short story and film it. Naturally I teamed up with my best friends Steve and Traci who I've known for years. We were given some of the school film equipment and we had three weeks to come up with something. That Saturday we met at my place because I was the only one home and it would be quiet for most of the day. Anyway, we were sitting around in the basement lounge tossing ideas around. For some reason I was feeling really hormonal and horny. What made me really horny was Steve's shorts. He was sitting on the arm of the sofa Traci and I were sitting on and I could see right up his shorts and boxers and sometimes caught a glimpse of his bare cock. Every time I looked my pussy gave a delicious little thrill and I just new my nipples had tightened up in my bra. I wondered if Traci had seen what I was seeing. Oh yeah! Her eyes were looking in the right direction and her face looked slightly flushed.

Anyway Steve was fiddling with the camcorder, learning how to operate it properly. Then he got down off the arm and started filming us. Horny as I was feeling I suddenly lifted my skirt. I was wearing red panties which barely covered my bikini waxed pussy. Steve just about dropped the equipment and Traci looked a little shocked. Steve was grinning as he knelt and moved the camcorder in, still filming. Heart pounding in my ears I pulled my panties down. 'Fuuck!' gasped Steve. Traci kind of yelped 'Nickiwhadareyadoing!' and whacked my arm. I was so surprised myself. This was the first time I'd shown myself to anyone and now I'd exposed my pussy to my two best friends! But I was also turned on and I just knew Traci and Steve were as well. I pushed my panties right down to the floor. Then I sat back, opened my legs wide and ran a finger up and down my slit. I felt so wet and my vagina was tingling and throbbing. My boobs were straining against my bra. I felt so fucking alive! My voice shook a little when I asked Steve if the camcorder was still on. 'Uhh, yuh!' he grunted, aiming it at my cunt and watching through the view screen. By now my pussy was so sensitive! I just touched my erect clitty with the tip of my wet finger and and Oh Fuck it was Awesome! Traci was still sitting beside me, staring. I didn't want her to miss out on the fun!

'Come on Trace', I half moaned 'we're friends here, how about it?' Traci looked really flushed and nervous, but she was breathing heavily and I could see that she wanted to. Then she sat up and unzipped her jeans. 'Thata girl!' I said as she pushed her jeans and panties to the floor. Then she sat back with me and started playing with her wide open pussy. 'Oh fuck! Jeez, fucking beautiful', growled Steve,'shit, you two have such beautiful cunts!' Traci was starting to get into her wanking and was making little mewing and nasally moans. Looking at Traci's wide open vulva, which was surrounded by curly black pubes, I realised that I was really turned on with her. That discovery made me even hornier, and I decided to get naked. Plus I wanted Steve's input.

'You wanna see our tits?' I asked him. 'Uhhh?' 'How 'bout showing US something?' 'Uhhh, yuh!' Steve stood up and dropped his daks. He has such a lovely boner! 6.25 inches long, by 3.5 inches around the bulb by 3 inches around the shaft fully erect-Traci and me got to do some measuring for filming purposes later! Steve looked really happy as we knelt in front of him, stroking his man-meat. I read somewhere that the tip of an erect penis can get really sensitive. Nothing like a little experiment! I ran a wet fingertip around his semen slit. Steve was reduced to a gasping, giggling ball of jello in a couple of seconds! Traci did the same and his cock just oozed a dribble of pre-come. As Steve lay on the floor recovering Traci and I stripped off, sat on the floor beside him and got back to playing with our vulvas. I decided to ask Traci if I could do to her what we'd just done with Steve. She looked a little nervous, but she opened her legs.

I knelt in front of her and gently eased a finger into her vagina. She closed her eyes leaned back on her hands and moaned as I gently slid my finger in and out of her. 'Oh god, Oh fuck, that feels so goood!' she whimpered as I slid another finger into her. I leaned forward and gently sucked on her long red nipples. She sighed and stroked my hair. I wondered what would happen if I just gently teased around Traci's piss-slit. Oh yeah! Trembles ran through her body and she lay on the floor, gasping and giggling. We laughed as Steve lay on his side, wrapped his hand around his shaft and started jacking off. It was so much fun to be able to sit naked like this with my friends and enjoy my body and theirs without feeling any barriers. I loved watching Steve's cock pulse and spurt big dollops of hot white semen over Traci and me. I loved watching Traci's wide open cunt squirting a stream of girl cum over Steve and me as she straddled our naked bodies. And I loved doing the same to them. Steve had set the camcorder up on a tripod and we got most of it. Since then we've become even closer and enjoyed some great threesomes. We did get to write and film something, but we made sure that nothing of our first film made it to the rest of the class.



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