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Sexy Samantha (Almost) Sister-in-Law

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A story about my girlfriend's sexy sister.


I just recently discovered this site and haven't been able to stop reading it. I've told my girlfriend, her sister and a (female) work colleague about it! Although they don't yet know that I'm going to be posting on it. This is also my first posting - comments please!


Anyway, this little story is about my girlfriend's sister - we'll call her Samantha.

The first time that I was introduced to my girlfriend's family was about 6 years ago. After that first meeting I've been fantasizing about Samantha ever since - she's GORGEOUS, sexy, funny and beautiful. In those early days I was tempted to break it off with my girlfriend and pursue the sister, but I soon came to realise that a relationship with Samantha would never last. So I've lusted after her ever since!

Although Samantha always plays the sweet and innocent big sister, I can always tell by the look in her eye or the tone in her voice that's she's really a naughty girl. She's divine to flirt with.

For the first year that my girlfriend (Donna) and I were going out, Donna and Samantha both still lived at home with their mother in a small apartment. The girls shared a room. This meant that if I was spending the night Donna and I would either have to sleep in the lounge or Samantha would sleep in the lounge. Since we all get along this wasn't a problem.

And this is where the fun starts. Donna would regularly have to go to college before I did, so would normally just sleep in. This meant that if Samantha needed something from her bedroom she'd normally just walk in and help herself to whatever she needed. So I started making a point of making sure that the covers were either just covering my cock or barely covering me (I always sleep naked) and I'd pretend to be asleep. I was always hoping that she'd sneak a peak thinking that I was asleep, but she never did. But I did start noticing that she'd take a little longer to collect her things, then after a while she'd actually start changing in the same room, but unfortunately out of my view. After she'd leave the room I'd try and find a pair of her used panties and smell them and taste them. Her panties were always thick with her cream, to this day I've never seen panties as creamy as hers - it was AMAZING. The smell was heaven. I'd never last for more than a few strokes before shooting my load all over the place.

She must have such naughty thoughts ALL day to make that amount of girl cream!

On a couple of occasions I pretended to be having sexy dreams in my sleep when she was in the room. I'd groan a bit and vaguely touch hard cock. It must have been very obvious that I was turned on because this happened in summer and I only had a sheet covering me. Sadly she left the room in quite a hurry - I think this was because she'd have been too embarrassed to be caught watching me.

In the evenings Samantha had this little habit of changing into her pajamas quite early in the evening. Although her PJ's weren't see-though they were certainly flimsy. I loved watching her nipples - they were ALWAYS hard. Her breasts aren‚??t the biggest (34B), but they‚??re really pert. Often during the evening a couple of the top buttons would come undone (but I think she actually undid them just to tease me). I remember that Donna noticed that her sister was showing a lot of cleavage, but she never said anything.

During raunchy movies Samantha's cheeks would get quite flushed - she was sexy to watch. Then she always seemed to make an effort to lean forward and show her cleavage or fiddle with her necklace or accidentally brush her nipples with her arm. Then she'd try and bring the conversation around to sex without actually talking about sex. Weird, I know, but that's Samantha. A real cock-tease.

At this point I really wanted to initiate contact with her, but couldn't risk my own relationship. At the very least I wanted to see her nude.

After a while I got a better idea. In the evenings before we all headed off to bed I'd go into the room where Samantha was sleeping and make sure that there was a slight gap in the curtains. Then when Donna was cleaning her teeth I'd sneak outside and watch Samantha get changed. DAMN, SHE WAS SEXY! I'd never thought about it before, but it's true what they say about redheads having red bushes. So I used to pull my cock out play with myself while watching her get changed.

I suspect that she might have known about this, because she started flirting with me more and more - she can be such a tease. Anyway, a few weeks later I was waiting at the window, cock in hand and sure enough she started stripping... but this time she starts playing with her nipples, then she walked over to the mirror and examined her nipples. I couldn't believe how hard I was, I almost shot my load right there. Next thing she walks over to the windows, fortunately I knew (or thought) that she couldn't see me, then she squats down right in front of me (the windows come down to the floor), spreading her knees and she seemed to be looking for something. That was all I could handle and I shot my load - some of it even hit the window in front of her! Oh, that was amazing! I don't think I've ever come that much in my life. After that I had to make a dash for it before Donna starting missing me.

Soon after that Donna and I moved into our own apartment, which brought and end to those games, but it did open the way for other games... more to follow.



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