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Sexy Neighbor

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Well, to get started, my girlfriend and I are very open about our sex life as to say we have sex with the curtains open often in our apartment. But that's not really the story just how it all started...

We had done it one day with them open and thought nothing of it until a few days later when I heard a knock on the door. I answer the door and no ones there except a letter sitting on my door step. I pick it up without even thinking twice and open it up. What I read aroused me big time. It was a letter from Amelia the neighbor next door. In that letter it said: 'I saw you and your girlfriend fucking. I want you to know it was so fucking hot, I have jilled over and over imagining I was there with you two.'

I showed the letter to my girlfriend and the only thing she said was 'Let's go show her a good time.' That night I saw her trying to be very quiet when she went inside her apartment so Amber (my girlfriend) and I made our move. We got dressed and went over and knocked on the door. She opened the door still in her work clothes, she was so sexy dressed like that. I started getting hard right then, we greeted her and she acted like like she had no idea about the letter but you could tell she was trying to cover up.

Eventually we convinced her to let us in and we all sat down on her couch. She lives alone but has one kid. She told us it was okay for us to talk instead of whisper because he was at her moms house for the weekend. We got some drinks and relaxed as Amber and I sat on either side of Amelia. Then I 'made my move' I leaned over to her and put my hand on her thigh maye 4 inches from her pussy. From then on things went really fast. Amber moved closer to her and started kissing her neck and rubbing her other thigh. Amelia didn't say a single word of disapproval as we continued, she just hummed kind of as we touched her. Now believe me I went over there with complete suredness I was going to fuck both or them but then Amelia stopped and said 'We can't fuck tonight, I'm on my period. But we can all jack and jill' I shook my head in approval and started kissing her as Amber slipped off all her clothes and started stripping Amelia. When she finished I let the two of them take care of each other and I undress myself and stand in front of these two gorgeous nude women stroking my cock as they kiss and start rubbing each others nice tits. Then I walk up in between them and sit on the couch between them. Right when I do, Amber grabs my cock and starts jerking me off like never before as I reach to my left and start fingering Amelias nice pussy like crazy. She was so wet it was awesome.

We kept this up for a few minutes until we all moved to Amelias bedroom. We all got on the bed where I started rubbing and sucking on Amelias tits and fingering Ambers sweet pussy, when out of no where I feel a huge pressure on my ass. I turn and see Amelia and shoved a big lubed up dildo in my ass. I had never done anything like that before...It was great! I felt like I was about to bust my load right then when the two of them forced me to bend over the bed. I of course did and Amber got behind me and started sliding the dildo in and out of me as Amelia got her face right in front of my cock and started jerking me really hard until I grunted loud. My asshole tensed up and I blew my hot cum all over her face, hair and on the bed behind her. She let go quickily then climbed on the bed laying on her back with her legs spread wide. Amber slowly pulled the dildo out of me and climbed next to Amelia and started rubbing the dildo on Amelias pussy which was so hot it was pulsing with her heartbeat.

Then it happend my girlfriend started shoving that huge dildo in our neighbors hot pussy! It was awesome watching but I couldn't take it anymore I was getting hard all over again so I got next to Amelia and started sucking on her hard nipples as I jerked my cock all over again, it didn't take long till Amelia started shaking and came all over the dildo and my girlfriends hand. She was a squirter, that put me over the edge and I shot another load all over Amelias stomach and pussy. My girlfriend licked my cum off her as we both watched. The two of us were too tired to continue so we figured we would save my girlfriend for another time.

I hope this all repeats itself soon cause I would love to shove that dildo inside my girlfriends ass while Amelia fingers her till she cums on her face.



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