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Sexy College Sister in Law

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First post - kind of exciting...


My sexy blonde college-aged sister in law came to stay with us for the summer last year. She lived downstairs and had her own room down there. Now I am ENTIRELY faithful to my wife...however...the fact that she was in my house, a place where I, when alone, walk around nude, shave in the nude, especially in the morning...wow. Just the possibility of her opening up her door. Our downstairs bathroom door and sink was in a direct line of her bedroom door. She always left it about two inches open for fresh air as there were no windows in her room. Early in the mornings I would get ready for work down in that bathroom as to not wake my wife or the kids. Sooooo, I would rarely close the bathroom door all the way, leaving it about two inches open so that, with the light on the bathroom, you could peer in from her room, into the bathroom mirror and have a perfect reflection of whoever is in there...especially when someone is shaving or at the sink at all.

The first few times I would just shower with the door open a couple of inches and try to see if her footprints were in the carpet trying to see me. I could never tell. I would imagine her peeking and and stroke myself to some fun exhibitionist orgasms. This was all so new to me. And exciting-this fantasy I was imagining. Anyway, I got more bold. In fact, the last few times I shaved I was totally nude with the door WIDE open-I mean, it was SO in the morning most times. I would glance over my shoulder and see the dark strip of shadow where her door was cracked open. I could NEVER see in, but if she was in there watching I would never know it because she could not be seen. I cannot imagine that there was not at least one morning where my noise of water-shaving-showering didn't at least peak her curiosity. This made my penis tingle and my stomach filled with butterflies. I also was shaving my penis and balls as I was working out a lot and as you can imagine...my erection was too much to take and I began to stroke my now hard and excited penis. I felt rushes I have not felt in years. Being exposed (possibly) watched, secretly and innocently by my wonderfully fun-spirited sister in law. It was like nothing I've physically ever felt!

All this time I had my back to her room with the door wide open. So she would be able to see me top to bottom from the rear and masturbating at the sink. In fact, I just remembered that I could use the mirror to look in her room! I kept my back to her until the last few moments, when I just HAD to turn her way, light on me, on my hard, shaving creamed penis and about 10-11 strokes later my semen rocketed out of my penis tip and onto the handles of the sink, the back wall, in the sink, and the floor. Nine powerful streams and they just kept coming. I was shaking and super tense. All the while I was at a profile for her to see (maybe).

I calmed down and felt AMAZING. I partially closed the door and took a very warm and comfortable shower. I was off to work and other than a few casual flashing opportunities the rest of the week was uneventful...UNTIL...she was working early and I did not have to go into work, but could not sleep. So I heard the shower go on downstairs and I got out of bed and put on some coffee. I was wearing a Tshirt and sport underwear. I peeked downstairs and I saw the bathroom door CRACKED OPEN!!! and the shower was on. NO WAY I thought. I scrambled downstairs as to not wake anyone and very slowly walked up to the verticle slit view and, I swear to goodness, she was showering (again, with the bathroom door open a little-my only thought was 'she is giving me an option to watch!).

I peeked in and saw her profile, a half a nipple and smooth thin legs and shot back behind the door. My heart was RACING. I debated weather or not to get the hell back upstairs OR get one more good look. I took another chance and peeked in knowing my face would reflect the light from the bathroom. Just as I did, she lifted her left leg, closest to me, up to ABOUT THE SHOWER HEAD and rested her foot against the wall and was shaving her leg-her kneecap was literally touching her chin as she reached behind her leg with the razor. That was it. My heart ready to leap out of my chest I decided that this would be too much to explain to my wife had she gotten up early AND if my sister in law shuts off the water, she would hear me going up the creaky stairs.

I left and got my coffee. Now...that image, along with morning caffiene and my tighter sport boxers all made a my nice full erection on display. I sat in a chair with my legs spread open and hard-on pointing upward above my t-shirt (still with underwear on) and greeted my sister in law as she came upstairs. I said 'Good Morning.' She said 'Hi! I did not think you would be up so early.' I was like, 'I couldn't sleep.' We chit chatted as I sipped my coffee and my erection began to subside a bit. She said 'Have a great day' and was off. Total innocent fun. I loved it!



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