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Sexual Tension

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This is a true story from my college days.


In my junior year in college I made a new friend through a student organization I joined. We'll call him Tony. Tony knew my friend Darren (not his real name) but for some reason we had never been introduced. Tony was exceptionally good looking: of northern Italian ancestry, dark blond hair, not too tall, broad shoulders and of a nice build.
Well, Tony and I quickly became inseparable. He and Darren and I started hanging out regularly, but mostly Tony and I started doing everything together. Soon, my roommate moved out to live with his girlfriend and Tony moved in to share my apartment. I was totally gay and out, and Tony was supposedly straight. None the less, the sexual tension between us continued to mount until it was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Literally everyone (even our professors) assumed we were dating, and we used to laugh about that--nervously, as if we didn't want to admit to each other that something really was happening between us.
One Friday Tony and I decided to ditch class and drive to another state to spend the weekend with an old friend of mine. This friend and I used to jack off together all the time when we were kids and I made sure that information came out during our stay. Tony started dropping subtile hints that he wouldn't mind doing something with me, but I became nervous about pushing the subject too far. Well, as it turns out I wouldn't be the one doing the pushing......
On Saturday night we all went out to a college-type pub to hear my friend's awesome band play. Tony started making comments about guys he thought were cute. I had never seen him do this, and it was a real turn on. When we got home it was late and my friend went to bed in his room. Tony and I pulled the futon out in the living room and started getting ready for bed. I got right into bed while Tony used the toilet and brushed his teeth. He was talking to me from the bathroom the whole time, babbling, really, and before I knew it he walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but white briefs and a massive erection. Before I could react he said, 'I guess it's about time we did something about this sexual tension'. With that he climbed in bed on top of me and immediately we started to kiss passionately and grind our hard-ons together through our underwear. Tony was perhaps the best kisser I had ever met.
Before long we were jacking each other off and taking turns giving each other blow jobs. Finally, with our dicks throbbing and slick with pre-cum and saliva, Tony climbed on top of me and, pushing our cocks together, started jacking both of us with his right hand. He leaned down and kissed me just as we simultaneously shot enormous loads on my stomach. We ended up falling asleep all over each other, sticky with goo. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
The next day, to my complete surprise, Tony announced to my friend 'Well, Phil and I had great sex last night. What did you do?'. Of course, my friend was very supportive of that and while Tony was in the shower, he asked all about it. We stayed Sunday night as well, and Tony and I came again--this time with me on top masturbating us together.
After that trip, Tony and I were dating and, of course, already living together. He admitted that he'd wanted to all along and that he hadn't had any kind of homosexual experience since he was 14 or so. We did a lot of mutual masturbation and oral sex but only tried penetration once because he wanted to see what it was like. Unfortunately, I was too big for him so we beat each other off instead.
After about 6 months, however, Tony abruptly decided that he was straight, ended our sexual relationship and started dating a girl, totally breaking my heart. We were still living together though, and a few times after that he came in to my room just before bedtime and initiated sex but we didn't talk about it or acknowledge it after the fact. Eventually I couldn't handle it emotionally and, sensing that, he moved out.
Even though my memories of Tony are bittersweet, I have to admit that I still masturbate thinking about him pumping our cocks together and his deep, passionate kisses.



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