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Sexual Experience 1

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First Sexual Experience

Something happened in a clinic recently that apparently brought back memories and inspired dreams with a different focus than I had in my younger years. Now, first of all because of a concerned reaction I got from a friend of mine when I told her about it, I don't mean they changed from heterosexual to homosexual but that their focus changed from what I would like to do with whatever particular girl was in my dream to what I would like for a girl (or girls) to do with me. Also, my sexual experiences aren't limited to just dreams. Some are real as I'm now 49 years old, have had a fascination with the female anatomy since I was a lot younger, had live-in girlfriends and married once for almost five and a half years.

To make a long story short and I know this sounds cliché and was quite shocked (and flattered) it actually happened as I wouldn't have ever thought about a good-looking young blonde (or brunette or redhead for that matter) nurse showing an interest in me, at the time a 47 year old man. In this small clinic of which I thought about later, I've never seen more than a few people at a time, as this nurse swabbed where she had just given me a shot in the hip, she darted to a 45* angle of my side-front and looked directly at my equipment, believe it or not. More about that later but it sparked certain exhibitionist dreams and experiences of which I hadn't shared with anyone other than my wife in a few years.

Somewhere along the line, I had come across this website, 'Solo Touch.com' and was quite fascinated, sometimes amused and sometimes disturbed with other people's experiences and as sharing my dreams and experiences seem to make my friend uncomfortable and I suspect she wasn't as trustworthy with my privacy as I would have hoped, this website would be a wonderful place to share my most private dreams and experiences with anonymity.

If this website will allow me, I will go further with my experience with the nurse in a later submission.

But, since this is my first contribution, I thought it would be appropriate to share my first sexual experience.

Near as I can figure it, I was in my early teens considering the house it took place in. We didn't move there until I was at least five. Considering the climate at the time, it seemed to be late summer just as soon as the weather had started to cool from mid-summer heat but school hadn't seemed to have begun yet. We moved from that house the middle of the following summer. This was in the country and you couldn't see another house from anywhere around, just a very lightly traveled highway, hills and woods. As for the girl, knowing her birthday and the differences in our ages now, it must've been about the time she turned 13.

Anyway, she was probably at the house waiting on my sister who was about the same age. She apparently followed me to my room and if my Mom had known what she was up to, she would've never let us go in there together, alone. Near as I can recollect, Mom was in the kitchen and probably had no idea what that girl was up to. As my sister and I had innocently been in each other's bedrooms numerous times, I thought nothing of it when this girl followed me in there but that we might play a game or something.

My knowledge about sex at the time was probably limited to knowing girls wore their hair longer than boys (it was 1967 in the countryside of northwest Alabama where the nearest town (of about 9,000 people) was about 15 miles away, and I had no knowledge of the long-haired hippies of the big cities), wore different clothes and was more interested in dolls than cars.

Anyway, this girl took me by the hands to the foot of the bed and sat down and then pushed me arms' length away from her knees. Then, she apparently made me a deal that if I would push down my short pants and underwear and show her what I had down there, she would push her short pants and panties down and show me what she had down there. Now, undoubtedly, this had my curiosity aroused and I suspect not having even thought about there being any significant difference and apparently not being shy about it, I just shrugged my shoulders, pushed my shorts and underwear down to my ankles at the same time and stood up in front of her. She looked and in classic 13 year old girl fashion, said 'oooo' as if saying gross.

I do wish she had fondled me or something. But instead she just studied my stuff for a minute. Then, she put her hands on my hips and backed me up enough so she could stand up, push her shorts and panties down to her ankles, laid back on the bed and spread her legs from her ankles to her crotch. To this day, I remember being fascinated to see that she didn't have anything but a crack down there. I dropped to my knees to get a closer look, put my thumbs and fingers on either side of her crack and spread her crack open to see if I could see inside. I barely got a glimpse before she said, 'That's enough,' sat up, closed her legs, pushing me back on my naked butt, reached over, pulled her shorts and panties up, got up and walked out of the room. I remember thinking, 'shoot, I would've liked to look at that some more.' That was the most fascinating sight I had ever seen. I've been fascinated with the human pussy ever since. From then on, I seized every opportunity I could to check that out. Although I got interested in breasts when the girls started growing them in the seventh grade, I was still more interested in their pussies.

As for that girl and I, a couple of days later, she acted mad and asked me what if she had done that to me? I told her, 'I just wanted to get a closer look.' She didn't say anything but seem to take a more understanding attitude. My family didn't move too far away that we didn't still see each other from time to time but she grew up first, started dating guys her own age, got married, had children and now grandchildren and we see each other in town occasionally and catch up on each others' lives, or at funerals and such but we haven't spoken of that day since.

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