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Sex With Sue Dilemma

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Sex With Sue Dilema
I have visited this site many times, and I thought it was about time I contributed to it, So this is a story of an experience I had and am still trying to deal with, Maybe some other readers out there can relate to it.
I have been masterbating since I was about 11 years old,I am 28 now, I think it all started with Daisy Duke from "The Dukes of Hazzard" but thats another story.
My story involves my best friends wife,her name is Sue and I have known her husband Tom since I was 16. Sue and Tom have been married for about 3yrs now. I have always been attracted to Sue since the first day I dropped Tom off after work one day and she greeted us at his door, she was dating him at the time and was living with him. Sue is 28 about 5"4 has blond hair, and blue eye's . She has a nice set of tits and a beutiful tight ass, (which looks exspecially good in her tight black jeans)
Ever since that day I have had many self pleasuring acts that have involved the thought of Sue and I, and let me tell you it hasn't been easy just sitting by all these years Watching my best friend be with her and not at least tell her, or at least him how I feel. I worked with Tom for 5yrs and we were very close, so of coarse we told eachother about the woman we were with. I heard him decribe on different occassions how Sue like to be ate out, and how her favourite position was 69. And he always had great sex stories on how Sue would be in bed after she had too many drinks on those rare occasions!! You see Sue looks and almost always acts like the girl next door, but I always thought she was more then meets the eye, she always seemed to have a little Horny sex girl in her that she never let any one see. And these stories that Tom was telling me were KILLING ME!!
I must of jerked off at least a hundred times to them,I also lived with them for 3yrs, we all shared a house that was left to Tom, and I had a room directly across from the shower, How many times did Sue go in the shower late at night when only us two were home? I just wanted to walk in by mistake once (door didn't lock well) or wish I coud have a pinhole through my wall to see her bath. I always fantantasized about doing just that, and there would be Sue lying down in the hot steamy shower legs open and using the detachable shower head to get herself off!! Just thinking about still does it to me!
Anyway, I always felt that Sue may of felt the same way about me, So last week I decided to try to findout. You see Tom and Sue are married now, and I live on my own, but we live just a few blocks away from eachother and we all hang out all the time. We also talk on the internet chat rooms quite a bit as well. Which brings me to my current dilemma. Sue has been off work for about 2 months now,(she is taking a part time college coarse) and as of last week started chatting on the net, (my job I work alone and it can be slow)at first it was all just the usual chat stuff , "How is everyone etc...." and then One day, I left her a message, and about 10 minutes later she answered saying she had just got out of the shower! So... I asked her if she was naked Ha! Ha! .... well, she answered yes and said she was very refreshed Ha! HA! Well that's were it all started, in the last week we talked about almost everything, such as how we like our sex, when we last got it, how many orgasims did we get last night, I even found out that she has had feelings for me, and has had them along time , but there was always Tom. And neither of us would act on any of our feelings for eachother because we both don't want Tom hurt, she does love him, and he still is by best friend (With a Gorgous Sexy, and kinky wife,might I ad)I have been debating to ask her about masterbating, and if she ever masterbated about me when I lived there at her house, Who knows we could have been in seperate rooms jerking off about eachother at the same time!I sure she must do it, but I find it is always so hard to get women to admit it, just look at the amount of men that wrote into this site compared to woman and you'll see what I mean. So I think I will lead in to this subject next week on our daily chat, if anything real good comes out of it, I'll be sure to write in and give another update!
Until then I will continue to fantasize about Sexy Sue, and our hidden desire which will just have to remain that way. But.... I'll never stop pleasing myself,I enjoy it too much, and Sue if you ever read this, I can only hope that you'll get so excited by it that you reach orgasim over it, and we can discuss itover our next net chat!



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