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Sex With an Older Guy

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When I was 13 we lived kind of out in the country and there was a neighbor guy who was in his early 20s, I think. He wasn't retarded, but he wasn't all that bright, either. Kind of a big oafy guy. He was about 6'2', pretty good-looking and solidly built. He always wore tight jeans and had a great bulge. But I was only 13 and, although I knew I liked guys I didn't quite realize I was gay then. I did know I was sexually attracted to this guy. I also knew I couldn't do much about it.
We had an outhouse and two out buildings, a large one and a small one, behind our house. Sometimes I would go into an out building to jack off. (I started when I was 9, but that's another story. )
One day I was jacking off in the large building just inside the door, with the door slightly open so I could hear if anyone (like my brother or my dad!) was coming. Suddenly the door opened and there was the neighbor guy standing there. And I was standing there with a raging hardon in my hand and I was sure he'd seen me jacking it. I was mortified! I quickly stuffed my dick in my pants and ran to the back door of the building and ran outside. I didn't know what to do!
I don't know why I did it, but a minute later I went back inside. I just knew I wanted to have sex with this guy! I expected he would be gone, but he was still standing there. He said, 'I didn't see anything!', in kind of a desperate voice. But I knew he had seen me and he was just trying to give me an out so I wouldn't be embarrassed.
I said, 'Come with me', and I lead him out the back door to the smaller out building behind the big one. He came willingly. As soon as we got in the small building I unzipped my pants and got out my dick. I was still fully hard. He just looked at it. I said, 'Get yours out, ' and he immediately unzipped and got out a huge dick. I'm pretty big, almost 7 inches now, and at 13 I think I had about a 6 inch cock. His was at least 2 inches bigger than mine. We were both uncut.
I reached over and took ahold of it and started jacking him. He was so thick I could barely get my hand around it. And then, without saying anything he reached over and started jacking me. His hand was huge and almost completely covered my dick. The feeling of this giant hand jacking me was unbelievable. I've had a big hand fetish ever since.
We moved into a position side-by-side. I was using my right hand on his dick, kind of crossed over my body, and he was also using his right on me. My body was pressed tight against his and I put my left arm around his ass to steady myself and give myself better leverage as we stroked each other. He had a hard, tight ass and kind of humped my hand as I was jacking him. I think he'd done this with a guy before.
I was so hot that I came within 2 minutes. He never let go, but kept jacking me through my orgasm and I shot my load onto the floor. I wanted him to come too, so I started jacking him some more as he slowly continued to jack me. .
And then, to my horror, I heard my dad calling me from the house! We were both really scared and stuffed our dicks in our pants, wondering what to do. I knew that if my dad saw us, he'd kill us both! I stuck my head out the door and yelled, 'I'm right here!' This seemed to satisfy my dad and, to my great relief, he went back in the house. After a minute I told the guy, 'Come with me, ' and I took him back into the big building by way of the back door, where my dad couldn't see us go in.
This time I closed and locked the front door. I then unzipped my pants and got out my dick again. He hesitated about 5 seconds and then did the same. We started jacking each other off again. He said, ' I wish we could get them in each other. ' I didn't know what he meant and I didn't say anything back-- just kept jacking. After about 2 minutes, he started breathing hard, we both increased our speed, and with a look of almost pain on his face, he groaned and then gave four or five lust grunts as he came and shot several enormous loads onto the floor. I kept slowly jacking him through his orgasm. And then, to my disappointment, he stopped jacking me. I really could have cum again, but I didn't say anything (drats!) and he put his dick in his pants. I did the same. We looked at each other, he walked to the back door and was gone.
From then on, he avoided coming to our house. Every time I would see him in the neighborhood, I'd want like anything to get together with him. but it never happened. About a year later, we moved and I never saw him again.
Anyway, that's how I seduced an older guy.
Absolutely no regrets other than I wish I'd asked him to get me off a second time and I wish I'd figured out a way to make this a regular thing. I also really wish I'd asked him what he meant by 'I wish we could get them in each other. ' Did he mean give each other a blow job? Or did he mean anal sex?
I've always wondered and I've always regretted not asking.



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