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Sex Register

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Shortly after World War II, when GIs were streaming home and attending college on the GI Bill, my parents opened our home to GIs and rented two rooms to those attending a nearby college. One of them was married to a lovely full bodied scandinavian woman. I was 15 at the time, and sex was always on my mind. I jerked off regularly to the least stimulus. This beautiful woman (I'll call her Nan) captivated me. Not only was she very nice, but she had a heavenly body.

We had only one bathroom, and it was hard to find time to use it with all the traffic, expecially since Nan seemed to spend a lot of time in there.

My bedroom wall backed up to the bathroom, and there was a common heating duct with a register on each side. The bathroom register was at floor level just opposite the toilet, while in my bedroom it was next to my bed away from the door.

I got the bright idea that if I removed my register, perhaps I could see into the bathroom. So one night I carefully removed the register and lay on the floor peeking into the bathroom. If I swiveled my head, I could see the toilet and the area in front of the sink. As a test, I placed an object where my head would be and went into the bathroom to see if it showed, it didn't!

On my first try, one of my sisters, age 13, came into the bathroom to use the toilet. Much to my delight, I got to watch as she lowered her panties and sat on the toilet. Her legs were somewhat spread, and I could see some hair. Then as she wiped herself, she rose up and gave me a full view of her pussy. I was in seventh heaven and I almost creamed myself right then.

In masturbatory glory, I spent many nights watching my sisters and even my mother use the toilet. My mom often stood at the sink and washed herself between her legs, which could have been sexy if she weren't my mom.

Then Nan, the girl of my dreams showed up late one evening. I watched as she completely undressed (Away from the register, where she wasn't fully visible, but my imagination took care of the rest). Then Nan stood at the sink and washed her upper body. She would bend over the sink to wash her breasts, and I got to examine them carefully-they were fantastic. Then she turned and sat on the toilet. In a moment, she moved herself forward, spreading her legs wide. I wondered what was happening. Then I saw the little white string. She pulled out a tampon and dropped it into the toilet. Still sitting of the edge of the seat, her legs wide apart and her glorious pussy wide open, she proceeded to carefully wash her whole pussy and anus, then rinsed it and dried them, all within a couple of feet of my face. She then inserted a white paper tube into her cunt and withdrew it leaving another white string.

The orgasm I had during that session was mind bending. I jerked off many times to that memory, but none was as good as the first time seeng her in person.

This went on for a couple of weeks, when I foolishly failed to properly secure the register in my room. My mom found it and admonished me about the evils of being a peeping tom. But I didn't care, because I will always remember Nan's gaping pussy with the lush fringe of brown hair. I memorized every fold and gap and lump of skin of that gorgeous woman's pussy.



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