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Sex (Game)

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Another story with Cam


So this is the second experience with my friend 'cam' read the first story 'first time in a church bathroom' to understand some of this.

The game that me and my friends (boys and girls) like to play while we are driving is called sex. Whenever you see a white car you have to scream sex and the last person to scream it has to take off a piece of clothing. This game can sometimes lead to some awesome times.

So me and Cam were meeting a few of our friends for dinner a few nights ago and he came to pick me up. Now me and Cam haven't done anything in two months but I have been wanting to.

As we were driving he tells me 'yeah, I had to shave my whole body for swim' I said 'Whole body?' He said 'yup, I had to shave everything else so why not shave that to.' I laughed and he just kept on talking about it, finally he said 'I would show you but I'm driving'

Just as he was saying that a white car drove by and I found my opportunity, I screamed out 'SEX!' and he gave me a look and started to unbuckle his pants and pulled out his dick.

It looked bigger than the last time, he then said 'you can touch it if you want to' so I reached over and started stroking.

He then saw a white car and said 'sex!'

I said 'as long as you don't make fun of it being small' he said he wouldn't. So I whipped out my dick and he started playing with me. It was so weird having someone else touch me, but it was awesome.

As we drove along stroking each other, he said 'I want to cum so bad' and I said I could make it happen. I started to stroke him a little faster and he started to moan, it was kind of awkward but I kept on going. He then started to stroke me and it was amazing.

Neither of us had cummed by the time we got to the restaurant so we had to stop. But he said next weekend we were 'hanging out again' so I will write about that and hopefully we will get something good.

Two things!

1: I don't consider myself gay, its just fun to have some j/o buddies, what do yall think

2: Sorry for writing two stories without any happy endings, I feel bad but I don't want to lie, I promise to get some next time!



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