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Sex for the First Time

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This happened 7 years ago when I was 14. At the time I had been with a boyfriend for 6 months called Robert. He was 15, and at this age we hadn't really done anything sexually together. He was of medium height, slim, tanned and had a gorgeous ass. I would consider my looks to be one of my better assets, but you'll have to make your own mind up. I'm tall, thin, I have long brown hair with 32B breasts and what one of my boyfriends described as a 'great f**king' ass.
On one Autumn night, my mum suggested that I should invite him over to sleep the night as her and my dad were going out for a meal. I am an only child so the house was empty apart from us two.
When he arrived it was 4 pm, so we went upstairs to listen to some music. When we had done, it was 5:30 so we went down stairs to get some food. I was chopping up some potatoes to make us both chips when he came over to me, stood behind me and kissed my neck. His hands drifted over my breasts. I was shocked, as we had only ever kissed before. I span round on the spot, and snogged him. His hands were still in the position of feeling my breasts, so he let them fall down my back and hold my ass.
When we had done, I was so turned on I decided to take him to the bedroom. I led him upstairs, giggling and then sat on my bed and shouted 'strip'.
First he took off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular abs, then his Quicksilver jeans - now showing his 'Simpsons' loose boxer shorts, under which I could see, a tight bulge which was his still soft penis. He hesitated, so I shouted, 'get on with it'. He finally slid down his boxers, revealing a 3' flaccid penis. This was the first time I had seen a mans genitalia, I was so turned on I just stared and sub-consciously rubbed my pussy through my trousers.
He snapped me out of the trance by saying 'your turn now'. I stood up and undid my white cotton shirt slowly, to prolong his wait. Underneath were my 32B breasts, supported by a black lacy bra. At this point (as he was naked) I noticed his penis grow to an impressive 6.5', which he tried to hide. I told him that it was OK. I undid the zip at the back of my skirt, and slinkily slid it down to my feet before kicking it off. He just kept staring at me, so I laughed and asked him if he wanted to have sex. He nodded cautiously, and I sneaked out a pack of condoms from under the bed I had stashed in anticipation of such event. I took one from the box and went down on my knees to slide it on. His penis juddered as I did so.
I laid back on the bed and nodded to him with a smile. He gently slid down my black lacy panties and kissed me affectionately. Then he undid the clasp on the back of my bra and took it off. He then sat atop of me, with a leg either side. I took his penis (now soaked with precum I noticed) and gently guided it into my pussy. He placed a hand either side of my head and in this position, began to move up and down.
We were both making slight noises as he humped me. After only about 2 minutes, I rode up in ecstasy to my first orgasm, soaking the bed in my juices. I closed my eyes and was screaming wildly until the orgasm died down. I noticed he had not cum, yet so he carried on until after about 5 minutes his body began to shudder. I arched my back and his penis went deeper and deeper into me. I knew he was about to cum, and this turned me on so much it made me cum once more. After this he slowed down his thrusts to a stop and got off me and lied beside me in bed.
I went down to his penis and gently removed the cum-filled condom. His penis was sensitive after orgasm so I tried to be careful. Then we got dressed, and went down stairs to finish cooking.
We have had numerous sexual encounters since then, and are still together, studying the same course at Manchester University (UK).



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