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Sex Ed in College

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Sex documentary film.


This happened about 15 years ago in college. I took a sex education class at the local college and just expected text book material, but was blown away at the 'real' material. I took this class with a female friend, Gloria, and our openly gay male friend named Lenny. On the first day of class, the teacher showed us a film on how to stimulate your female partner's genitalia. It was amazing. Although the lights were out, you could still see shadow outlines of the other students. (This was half of the excitement!)

The film showed a male and female sitting naked facing each other with their legs outstretched so that their feet touched. There was a moderator instructing them what to do. She instructed the male to explore his partners genitals gently and expose the clit, all the while asking her what it felt like. When he exposed her clit, she sort of jumped and said that it was very sensitive, but good. He continued gently rolling her clit between his fingers, and she started rocking back and forth putting pressure on his hand with her pelvic area. It was clear that she was starting to get very excited, and by the looks of it, so was the class!

I glanced around the room and saw a lot of students sort of squirming and rocking like the woman in the film was. Back to the film...as the woman was getting more and more turned on, she started rocking harder and breathing harder. This went on for about 10 minutes. By now, some of the students were almost involuntarily touching their own genitals outside of their clothing. One female was openingly masturbating with her hand completely in her pants. I couldn't decide which to watch more! I was getting so turned on myself! Back to the film...the woman was clearly nearing orgasm. I'd never seen another person have an orgasm or masturbate in real life, and this was more of a turn-on that you'll know.

Pretty soon, the woman came hard and was sort of yelling 'Ahhhhhh...Ahh Ohhhhh,' almost as if she was in pain. By this time, my hand was in my own pants, and I found myself openly masturbating along with most of this class. I did hear a few people (male and female) as they came, which turned me on even more. I was so close to coming but was scared to make too much noise. That became increasingly harder to do, and by the time I was ready, about six or seven people were coming simultaneously and moaning. Oh, my God...it was incredible. When I was ready, I really didn't care if I made noise, and I came so hard I even started grunting in rhythm as my orgasm overtook me.

My gay friend was sitting next to me and pumping so hard, and when he came, he yelled louder than anybody in the room! The teacher was sitting in front of the class masturbating too, while watching us. She soon came, and when she caught her breath, she zipped up, turned off the film and turned on the lights. Almost everybody in the room was panting!

She asked if anybody had been turned on by that film, and NOBODY said anything! Except Lenny, 'Hell yea!' Everybody laughed and soon admitted that they too, were turned on. While it was an amazing experience, I never went back to that class, knowing that I openly masturbated and orgasmed in front of the whole class. Several years later, I soon became comfortable masturbating in front of my boyfriend, because watching him getting turned on by me playing with myself, was half the excitement! Class dismissed...



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