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Sex Ed from the Babysitter

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Though this happened some 25 years ago I still recall it like it was yesterday and stumbling across this site recently I finally found a place to share it.


It was the beginning of another summer and my parents had just informed me that the two of them were going to Las Vegas with another couple in a few weeks and then mom told me that my babysitter from years past was going to be staying with us.

At first I might have been a little upset with them thinking I needed a babysitter but with also having a 10 yr old brother I soon realised it was best.

First let me give you a little hindsight on the babysitter (Meagen). At the time 20 and away at school but comes home summers, to call her beautiful would be an understatement, captivating might be fitting. Around 5/3, blonde with beautiful brown eyes and the body to match. She lives in our neighbourhood in fact our parents at times run around together and that's how she started babysitting for us in the first place.

From the time I was probably 10 she was our babysitter and I simply loved having her come over because she's always treated me more as a friend then a child. And we always had something to talk about, just a sweet person.

As I became old enough to watch my younger brother her help was no longer needed but we still stayed in touch when she was home because she usually stopped by during the holidays and a few times during the summer.

I have to admit it might be a little weird now having her come to watch us but welcomed her just the same.

I know she never really minded watching us because we had a pool and loved being in the sun as well as the pool itself.

The first day was as expected, my brother kept to himself or ran with friends leaving Meagen and I to lounge around the pool all day. I know I never got tired of her telling me how pretty I've gotten and how I've really grown up..of course next to her in my opinion I was simply plain Jane.

That night ordered pizzas and lounged around the house and about 10 put my brother to bed. (which by the way I think had a constant hardon when she was around). Around 11 I was dozing off on the couch and decided to turn in myself, I said my good-nights and went off to bed. For whatever reason when Meagen stayed over in the past she always slept on the couch and no different this time as I left for bed she began making her nest on the couch telling me she'd probably watch a little TV first.

I was asleep for an hour or so when I woke up thirsty from the pizza earlier and couldn't fight it any longer and decided to go back downstairs to get a drink of water, as I approached the open stairway for my descent I could hear faint giggling and then a man's voice, at first thinking it was the TV I continued but thank god I was awake enough before being seen to look and I could see two pairs of feet on the couch.

I leaned my head a little further around the stairway and I about collapsed right in my tracks, there on the couch with Meagen was her boyfriend Roger, that wasn't the shock of it..Meagens top was above her boobs and Rogers shorts were undone and exposing a massive erection !!!

Meagen was on the outside laying on her side and Roger on his back and Meagens hand wrapped firmly around his cock. As they kissed and giggled he would move down to her boobs with his mouth as she continued to stroke him, then his hand would slide inside her shorts, first down the back and then the front.

Watching him sucking her boobs was amazing, I always knew she has a beautiful body but seeing her tan lines and her nipples being sucked really got to me. In the first place I've never seen a man's erection before (other than a few pictures) and then to see all of this really got to me. To be honest I've never really masturbated before to any degree, the few times I started I got sore before I got there and would quit but like a magnet my hand went between my legs.

About then I noticed the kisses getting more intense and the talking and laughing stopped and both the movement of Rogers hand that was down the front of Meagens flimsy shorts and Meagens hand stroking his cock speeded up as if they were both on a mission.

I was a good distance away but I could see Roger tense up and could hear a slight moan and a few whispers and Meagens hand slowed and the look on Rogers face was a clue something was about to happen and I was right. With a few more strokes Rogers hips began bucking and this huge glob of white substance shot out of his cock all over his belly and Meagens hand and then stream after stream continued shooting everywhere even on Meagens boobs and belly.

At 16 I was aware of the males functions during ejaculation from overhearing other girls at school but certainly have never actually seen it.

My mind raced and my hand furiously continued rubbed my now very wet pussy watching them lay there with everything still exposed and now the light kissing and the giggles start again and Meagen whispers something to him and with that Roger rolls over top of her and gets to his feet and then out of view and I assume retreats to the bathroom to clean up.

While Meagen lay there and Roger gone and her top still above her boobs and Rogers semen still visible on her she reaches down with her one hand and pulls her shorts just past her pussy and begins rubbing herself with her other hand. I gasp again oh my god I have a full view of Meagen masturbating herself.(looking back I can only imagine Roger didn't satisfy her).

But about then I heard the downstairs toilet flush and with that Meagen quickly pulled up her shorts and pulled her top down over her cum filled belly and goes to her feet as he comes back into view.

They stand there a few seconds and kiss then she takes him by the hand and leads him toward the door and out of my view.

With that I quickly and quietly scamper back to my room and into bed and within seconds my hand finds its way back to between my legs and for the first time in young life bring myself to a very sweet orgasm with the aid of what I'd just witnessed.

The next morning I wake and can't get the view of Meagen & Rogers bodies out of my mind and within minutes my hand finds its way back to between my legs again but after a minute or two I think better of doing that again and make my appearance downstairs where I find my little brother and Meagen sitting at the counter having breakfast. Meagen is still wearing the cum filled top and shorts from the night before which doesn't help the constant tingling between my legs.

After we all finish eating my bro goes outside to play with friends and Meagen looks at me and says..so..another hot day do you have any plans or we going to lounge around the pool again to which I reply..sounds good to me and we both head to our rooms and get into our suits.

We meet at the lounges again and this time she is wearing an even smaller bikini than the day before and she says I think I'll jump in and rinse off a bit and eases herself in the water and the first thing she does is begin taking hands full of water and wiping down her stomach and chest and I'm knowing she is washing the remains of Rogers cum off of her..lol.

The rest of the day was spent around and in the pool doing what we do best,talking and working on our tans when the phone rings and its bro.asking if he can spend the night at a friends. I answer and turn to Meagen and ask what she thinks we finally both agree he can leaving the two of us alone for the evening which suited me just fine.

Toward evening having been snacking all day neither of us were hungry when Meagen turns to me and says..ya know..I might just have a glass of your mom's wine would you mind? I encourage her to and with that she exits and returns with a huge cup with a lid on it and giggles and says, this will keep me awhile and begins sipping her wine and offering me sips from time to time.

With every sip of wine she seemed to get more slap happy and funny and the conversations started more toward guys and and boyfriends and things related to this and she ask if I have a b/f to which I reply kinda somewhat and probably started blushing at that point and it starts a whole avenue of her playfully teasing me about him.

And then the questions start..ever kiss him?. ummm yea..tongues ?..umm yea..like it ?..umm yea..then...he ever start touching..you know..feeling you up..I feel this wave of heat rush across my face and body but don't answer and she giggles..ohh you're blushing I'll take that as a yes and starts laughing, so I have to finally give in and tell her that the most that's ever happened was he felt me up on top through my clothes a few times to which she replies, aww that's so sweet and that's not a bad feeling either is it and grabs my arm as a friend might.

By now I'm probably beet red and she's being relentless with the teasing and the questions and then ask..ever touch his...to which I quickly noooooo because it was the truth, then it was..I'm sure you're brushed it like when you're kissing or even dancing? So being as truthful as I was I say..well yea..she again laughs and says..yea hard not to when they get erections not. God I can't believe I'm having this adult conversation with her, its so fun and to be honest a little arousing.

Then she lays the bomb..so have you ever seen one..I quickly..well..my brothers accidentally..oh she says..was it hard and quickly reply..no and she asks again..so you've never seen one, you know..erect..all I could think about was Rogers huge cock from the night before and my face about burst into flames at that moment and couldn't answer so she comes back..you have haven't you...tell meeeee...who's..I want details girl and grabs my arm again..I still wont answer and the guessing begins..a boyfriends?..nooo..not your brothers?..noooo..umm..dads?..nooo way...am I going to have to beat it out of you and jumps to her feet and grabs me by both shoulders and starts shaking me and laughing. Finally I say..ok ok..both laughing I say I give I give..I'll tell you and she sits back down in her lounge chair facing me with her boobs almost falling out of her small top..

So I swallow hard look to her and in a quiet voice I say..Rogers..last night..you two on the couch......her eyes nearly popped out of her head, you seen us? What did you see? Now from her tone I'm regretting telling her, Not sure what to say next I say..I was coming down for water and seen you two..and then say..I'm sorry..I didn't mean to..it just happened..Then suddenly the tone is different, she grabs my arm again and says I am so sorry you saw that and she was sincere when she said it. But now it was her that was beet red. Then she asks again..so..how much did you see? Not wanting this to go on I say well I saw Rogers...and you two kissing..that's about all. Then she gets this smirky smile on her face and says..so..what did you think? he's big isn't he. Not trying to sound too excited I just reply yes. And then she says..so tell the truth..did it turn you on seeing us ..you can say..I don't mind ..the damage is done now..so I admit having never seen one before it felt a little weird.

Then again she asks..so how long did you watch..and again she says..you can tell me..so I say.well it musta been toward the end....you know..before he left..OH MY GOD..YOU SEEN THAT TOO ?..I feel terrible I am sooo sorry April and holds onto my arm. Not wanting to make her feel any worse I say Meagen its ok,to be honest I thought it was beautiful, two people in love like that. She smiles at me and says well not sure what you seen was love or lust but I am sorry and I kinda smile back and say don't be sorry I'm not!

With that she leans over and gives me a hug and says..so..now that's done..giggles and says..any questions? I'm sure there's plenty, don't be shy. First thing out of my mouth is are they all that frigging big ? It was like I broke the ice we both just burst out laughing and she says..noooo he a biggun for sure..and another thing..do they all just explode like that, my god I say. And the question and answer session is on, the next hour was full of useful information as we discussed everything from intercourse to oral sex and my body wouldn't stop tingling. It was about then she stands up looks at me and says she is gonna take a dip..all this talk has me warmed up and looks at me and from nowhere ask..April..do you ever skinny dip in here? And I say I did once and with she says...lets go skinny dipping..want to..At this point I was so horny I would agree to anything and I stand up, smile and start undoing my top, within seconds we're both naked and running to the deep end and jumping in.

I have never seen this side of her, I know she's feeling the effects from the wine but she is just sooo sexy to watch splashing in the water at dusk like that. We finally settle to the side of the pool hanging on the edge and she turns to me and asks, so April after you watched us and got back in bed what happened..anything? I did not see that one coming and about choked, so she comes back with ..did you ....you know..its ok..I did..and kinda giggle again and confessed..I know..I seen you when he was in the bathroom. You little shit you saw that too, oh my god..so again she asks..so did you too? And finally I sheepishly I told her I did (not telling her it was the first time I'd ever done that)

Then she says awwww my little baby is all grown up then says..lets do it again, I'm horny !

She takes me by the hand and we exit the pool and lay back on our lounges and instantly she opens her legs and places her fingers on her slit and begins rubbing herself. Myself being very much the amateur at this I follow her every move. I was simply in heaven, watching her and feeling myself I don't think I even took a breath, seeing her beautiful boobs again and the tiny patch of blonde hair above pussy and watching her masturbating was more than I could handle when this incredible wave came over me, from my toes to my hair I was quivering and remember letting this gasp of air exhale from me and I began to buck,so much more intense than the night before I was about to simply explode when I hear her voice say..cum for me sweetie and that was all I needed

I think I almost blacked out and when I finally came to my senses it was her turn and still shaking I watch as she bucks and shakes. Finally the dust has settled and we're both just looking at each other as if wondering what the hell just happened.

She then says I think I need another glass of wine and says we probably should go in and picks up her suit and a few towels, we head to the house making no attempt to cover herself or get dressed so I figure I'd follow suit.

We hung out in the kitchen and made ourselves something to eat while she continued to sip her wine as we talked still making no attempt to dress so I ask her umm is Roger going to make his late night visit again tonight? And she replies with a smile nope I guess its just me to entertain you tonight.

The rest of the night we sat under blankets and munched snacks until after midnight and again I found myself dozing on the couch and decided I'll just go to my bed so I wrapped my blanket around me and bid Meagen goodnight and started for the stairs and she asked me to stop, when I did she asked if I'd open the covers once more for her and when I did she said you know in all the excitement today I don't think I told you what a beautiful body you have, I blushed and smiled back and thanked her and with that she said good night and off to bed I went.

Too tired to even put anything on and the thrill of going nude around the house I got into bed naked and fell fast asleep.

It may have been 10 minutes and may have been two hours I have no idea but I was awaken by movement on the opposite side of the bed and I wake just in time to see the silhouette of Meagen's nude body climbing into bed with me and when I turned toward her and smiled she asked..mind if I sleep here tonight....And the rest of the story my friends is for another website!

Today we are both Married with kids & live separate states but ran into her this last summer at a family function and she still looked great so we kept in contact and exchanged emails so when this story gets printed I intend to send her this link.

Sorry this story was probably longer then most of you like like but I really wanted to share it in detail................thanks for reading..April

(Hi Meagen )



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