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Sex Can Be Loud

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I would love to know if this has happend to anyone else!


I have been reading on the Solo Touch site for years now; I think this is a great web site. Anyway, my story happened about three nights ago. My wife was out late at a friend's house helping her get a project ready for a craft show. I have to go to bed early on the weeknights because I have to be up at four p.m. for work.

When my wife came home at 1 o'clock, she came right into the house and woke me up. She told me to get up quickly. I thought someone was breaking into a car or something. I didn't know, because I was still kind of out of it. She said to me that Beth(not the real name)was having sex right then. I went over to the front door to get a listen.

It had been a hot day in California and it was not uncommon to sleep with the doors open and the security screen door shut. Beth lives in a small studio rental property right next to us and many times we could hear her having conversations on the phone but nothing like this.

She was making the loudest sex noise that I have ever heard. I can't do justice to the noises that were coming out of that room, but there were a lot of 'ahs' and 'umps.' It sounded like a porno movie. I walked back to a window that was even closer to her front door so I could get a better listen. This whole time, I didn't know what to think; I was walking around in my boxers starting to get stiff, and poking out. I was afraid that my wife would see me and think it was gross that I was getting turned on by the sounds of them having sex.

We both listened in the dark for about 15 minutes before my wife said, 'Come on, let's go to bed.'

I didn't want to go, but I thought I would make her feel badly if I said, 'Let's listen longer,' so off we went to bed.

My wife groped for my penis right away and said in a loving way, 'You were getting turned on by that weren't you?' She brought me off quite quickly and I exploded all over.

After a little clean up and things had subsided, I walked to the kitchen to get some water. I could still hear them going at it. I stood there and listened; it got really quiet for a little while, then Beth made some more moaning sounds. I then heard her say, 'I can take all of it.'

I could only guess what she meant by that, but I was already hard again. Then she said, 'I'm cumming!' really loudly.

I started in on my penis this time; just jacking it right there in the kitchen. I lasted for only a minute or two; then I shot it right into the trash can. Not nearly as much cum as the first time but still it was nice. I have been able to get myself off three times since this happened and I don't think this thought is ever going to get old.

I have been masturbating for years and have some more great masturbation stories to tell. I'll try to get them written if people think this was a good one.



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