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Several Favorite Techniques From Mexico

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Several Favorite Techniques From Mexico
I Found your free speech "solo" site about masturbation and i found it very interesting and the best of all it is not related to pornography unlike most of sex-related sites.
I am a 22 years guy from mexico city and here i have a couple of techniques to contribute your site... please keep my name anonymous... i like masturbating a lot...
After a brief normal masturbation, where one uses your hand stroking it up and down, before ejaculating, i use a small plastic bag, enough to hold my penis on the inside, and fill it with some lube, either body lotion, water lube or any other pleasant lube and with my penis really hard, i put it inside the plastic bag, then i put a shirt around it and put my penis with the bag, and with the t shirt surrounding it between the box spring and the mattress and start doing love making movement... so this is hands free and quite similar to love making. The small plastic bag will prevent from ejaculating on the mattress and making a mess of it... although i like to stop when i am about to come and ejaculate on top of me.
When i was like 15 years old, i wanted to try anal masturbation as i heard one day touching your prostate through the anus could be a very pleasant sensation, so i put a (clean) finger inside of my ass . I still try this every 3 or 4 months in the bath, using a very thick glass essay tube (can be dangerous but this is shock resistant), with loads of lube while i am taking my shower. It can be hard at the beginning to put a thing inside your anus but it expands. I can say you can reach a very hard penis , maybe harder than trying any other stimulation and the orgasm is very pleasant after stroking for a while. I must tell there are no sensations if you move in and out any thing inside your anus because you have no clit.
SELF FELLATIO (auto blow job)
This is a very hard one i haven't tried for a while but the sensation is really good. I used to warm up all my body by doing some aerobic exercising before jerking off, push ups, and tummy punchers, trying to warm my muscles. After that and being completely naked i lied on the floor (carpet) and started stroking normally. I must say when i masturbate myself i prefer not to use any lube but to have my penis dry as well as my hands as the nerves can be more sensitive. After stroking for a while, i put my legs over my head after several trials) trying to reach my own head, one day i was able to touch my penis by just bending a little over my penis but that was seldom. Sometimes, as hard as i tried i couldn't (specially if you do not do enough prior warming) . If i could reach my penis with my tongue that would be a very good signal. You must know that is almost impossible to give a real blow job with your own mouth but you will feel great to touch your penis with your own lips. As I touched my penis with my tongue and my lips (with loads of saliva) then i was stroking my penis with my hand, trying to make it as slow as possible, passing a hand throughout the scrotum (i might try anal stimulation one day if i can still do that, something i really doubt) , and then open my mouth very big to catch my own semen while ejaculating. Your excitement is so hard that you will barely see so much semen on you.
This is one i tried just a month ago. I was snorkeling on the Caribbean and then i wanted to have an special occasion for my masturbating history, so behind a sea-breaker i started to masturbate. It was very hard to reach an erection as the water can be cold for your scrotum and penis. I can admit although i ejaculated i had a little or not at all orgasm but it was funny to see my semen floating on the sea through my safety lenses. Is a great feel of relief to feel the tranquility of the sea and the excitement of a self-satisfaction
I might send you more next time.



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