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Setting the Scene To Peep and Play

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Really, really hot true story. I would love to hear from others who have set things up to entice somebody to masturbate and got off watching or hearing them at it.


Many years ago when I was working in Europe, I stayed at a hotel where my company was having a conference. My flight was late so I checked in later in the evening. I was in a room with a connecting door to an adjacent room. I slowly and quietly opened the door to my room to check it out and heard the TV from the the other side of the second door and realized there was somebody there.

I've been occasionally lucky on business trips to hear a couple in the room next door making love, and of course there's no better free entertainment than to listen to the beautiful and horny sounds of two people fucking and masturbating along with them, like a threesome in a way. So as was my habit, I was just checking things out to see if there was any chance of some kind of fun in some way or other to be had.

As I listened, I heard moving around but no voices talking so I surmised the person, male or female, to be alone. 'Aw shucks,' I thought. All of a sudden as I was about to shut the door, I noticed a sliver of light (as my room was darker) coming through the door frame.

As I put my eye to the space I realized that this was obviously a case of poor construction workmanship (tsk,tsk,tsk) and my lucky day! Lo and behold, I was looking upon the bed in the centre of the next room where sat this gorgeous woman in her thirties in a pink bra and panties looking at the hotel phone directory on her night table. As I watched her, she picked up the phone, dialed, and asked the person at the other end in this beautiful British accent what time the hotel restaurant closed. Hanging up the phone and looking at her watch, she quickly got dressed, shut the TV off, and ran out the door to go grab a late dinner.

Needless to say, I was gobsmacked. I was just standing there with this hard-on in my trousers still looking through the space at the clear view of the bed just a short distance from my door. I could not believe my luck. I also noticed on the bed the same colored Conference Information Folder I was given by my company before I left. My guess that my ladyfriend worked for one of our British branch offices later turned out to be correct.

I was very excited at the prospect of being able to watch this beautiful woman get changed, walk around naked, and whatever else she would do over the next few days in her bed. My mind was racing with all the possibilities and my cock was as hard as rock and bursting to get out and be played with. It had all happenned so fast that all I been doing was rubbing my cock through my pants when I first spied upon her.

All of a sudden an idea started formulating in my mind. Of course one of the best things I could imagine happening was to be able to watch this vision of beauty in some kind of sexual activity. There was a chance that she might hit it off with one of the male delegates and I could be treated to a real live porn show right in front of me, but if they ended up going to his room, then I would be up the creek (of course unless it was me with her). There was always the possibility of catching her masturbating, which would be the best as one of the horniest things that I love to do is watch a woman getting herself off. But if she did it after shutting out the lights and I couldn't see anything, that would just suck. Or if she wasn't in the mood, she might not end up doing anything at all. I had to hedge my bets a bit here and not waste this perfect opportunity.

Usually on my business trips I would either buy or bring along some adult-oriented reading material to masturbate with. My favorite jack- off stuff at that time was Penthouse Forum magazine which had articles about sex and loads of letters from people describing their sexual experiences similar to this site in a way. So I decided to send my magazines on a secret mission.

I took out my portable typewriter (remember those?) and quickly typed up a fictious thank-you note. It was from a woman supposedly returning these magazines with the 'very interesting' articles to the guy who loaned them to her even though this guy told her she could keep them. She said she´prefered to return them to him as she was afraid her husband would find them and ask her where she got them. The story sounded plausible to me. I addressed it to and signed it from cute little nicknames and that was it. I put the two magazines and note in a big plain brown envelope, opened my door to the main hallway, checked that the coast was clear, and slipped the envelope under her door.

About an hour later I heard her return. My heart was pounding a mile a minute because I was so excited. I slowly opened my connecting door and slipped my eye to the slit in the frame. After a few moments she came into view holding the envelope, teh magazines, and reading the letter. She slowly sat on the corner of the bed with a funny expression on her face. She finished reading the note and put all I hjad sent her down beside her. She gingerly opened one of the magazines and started leafing through its pages. The story sounded plausible enough. Obviously these had been delivered to her room by mistake and nobody would be the wiser if she kept them for her own use and enjoyment. Which she did, with gusto.

At first she just sat there, turning the pages,perusing the magazine. She put the first one down and looked at the other one the same way flipping the pages as if she was drinking it all in. Her mind must also have started to realize the impact of this incredible stroke [pun intended] of luck. She was also looking at some of the sexy pictures that were in these magazines. She started reading the stories, and occasionaly I would see her facial expression change as she read something 'interesting.'

She read the stories with such an interest that I could feel the energy change. Her body language-biting her lip at one point-it's all engraved in my memory. Then at a certain point she started rubbing her breast through her sweater, and I saw her nipples stiffen through the fabric. A couple of times she shifted her sitting position. Then she lay down onto the bed on her left side resting on her elbow holding the book with her left hand while her right hand started touching herself through her clothes. Now that she was lying down, her skirt had ridden up and I could see her beautiful legs nice and clear.

After her breasts, she wanted to rub her pussy so she opened her legs enough for me to see right up her skirt. I could now see the gusset of her pantyhose over her pink panties. Her right hand finally found that hot and I'm sure by now very wet pussy through her undergarments, rubbing herself in a fashion that showed she needed attention there. Then she closed her legs together onto her hand and closed her eyes momentarily, savouring the moment.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. She got up and with a determined urgency, put the book down on the bed, propped up the pillows against the headboard, cleared the bed of the other papers and stuff onto the floor, pulled her clothes off and threw them on a chair, and quickly went to the bathroom to get a whole bunch of Kleenex. In a flash she was back onto the bed but now totally naked with her back against the pillows. She quickly got her magazine and resumed her reading.

WOW, she was absolutely stunning naked. She had a nice cute face, with shoulder-length brown hair with blonde streaks, beautiful big breasts (maybe 34DD's or 36DD's) with her nipples perfectly placed in the centre of her breasts, very curvy waist and hips, a perfect hourglass figure, and appeared to be horny as hell. Her pubic hair was brown too, trimmed not shaved, outlining a beautiful wet, open and hungry cunt. Fortunately all the lights were on in the room and from my vantage point I could see right up her pink swollen pussy. She threw open her legs, and because her legs were bent at the knees, I could see her big pussy lips open up like a flower just waiting to be pollinated. It was absolutely the most exciting thing I have ever seen.

On my side of the door, I was standing there totally naked with a swollen, engorged cock. I'm normally 7 inches long with a nice thickness, but being so excited the blood engorging my cock made it feel like I was as hard as a rod of steel. I'm uncircumcized and when I play with myself my foreskin (which isn't in excess) slides easily up and down my cock as I masturbate. I sometimes put a finger up my ass and finger-fuck myself or use a dildo or whatever's availabe-carrot etc.-if I want that to massage my prostate. I usually like doing my ass as I play if I'm watching a porn where the girl is getting it up the ass too. It just feels so good coming that way with her coming at the same time.

But tonight I was just rubbing myself and drinking it all in. I was so totally engrossed in the object of my desire that I identified with her completely. I read her every movement, every look in her eyes, her every thought. It made me feel like she hadn't given herself a good fucking in a long, long time and she was long overdue. A few hours ago she was just a business woman on a business trip and now the wanton slut that resided within was being unleashed. The real woman in her rawest form was coming to the surface demanding to be let out of her good little-girl facade. She wanted to come, and she needed to come. She needed to use herself like she had let guys and miscellaneous men use her. But here by herself, she wouldn't hold back. She didn't need to think about the guy, or worry what was he going to think of her if she was totally herself: raw, sexual and hungry for it.

I watched this ritual of pleasure that she had learned from years and years of practice: this most private of all endeavours-the touching, the probing, the pinching, the pulling, the twisting of her nipples, those beautiful big nipples surrounded by those pink and puffy silver-dollar aerolas. Oh how she loved it. I could tell by her face, how it contorted.

Her left hand continued to hold that book and her right hand would do its quick periodic trip to turn the page and immediately go back to what it was so busy doing. After playing with both her big luscious breasts, her right hand was now in her nether regions rubbing, flicking, teasing her swollen clit and how it stood proudlly, like the little cock it was. God this woman turned me on. (I have masturbated to these memories for years and am so hard right now.)

Once again I saw her open herself up to her exploring fingers, first one, then two, then three fingers and each time she would take the sticky nectar from her cunt, look at it, smell it, taste it, play with it, and spread it all over herself. From her mouth she would trail her finger to outline her nipples and while she was there pull and twist them again before going down and in again.

Yes, the teasing of her fingers at the opening of her hole, her cunt hole. You girls can identify with the feeling, can't you? With what she was doing now, do it with her just put your finger or fingers at the opening of your hole. That´s right, right at the opening where all the nerve endings are, where if a cock was to probe you there and gently push but go no further and keep doing it, this non-stop foreplay would absolutely drive you mad with wantonness. That's what she was doing to herself, driving herself mad with desire. She had her fingers all bunched up at her hole and was pushing and pulling back, again and again and again-attack probe, and retreat over and over again.

I saw her sqirm with need as she slid down the bed with her right hand teasing the hell out of her cunt. I knew she couln't hold out much longer. She was sliding around on the bed, rubbing her ass against the mattress just needing every sensory sensation that she could get. Watching those big breasts move about as she reached this point of excitement made me almost shoot it right there. I was transfixed. Needlees to say that at this point there was no way for her to keep reading and she threw the book aside. Now having both her hands available, she resumed the manipulation of her big nipples and aerolas-pinching, pulling, and twisting them. At one point I remember her pulling them up and sucking her own nipples and biting them. I knew I would never be the same after this evening.

Then it happened; the dam burst. Her right hand now invaded her body. She was now finger-fucking herself while her left hand continued the stimulation of her tits. She was pushing all four fingers into her cunt hole and by the looks of it I think she was trying to fist fuck herself but could not get it past her thumb. I was now beside myself watching her go crazy with need. I too needed to come, but I was waiting for her because I wanted to come with her.

It didn't take long. She was pumping her hand into her cunt in such a way that she was rubbing her clit at the same time. My hand kept the same rhythm as her as we pumped ourselves in unison. Her other hand pulled and twisted on her right nipple to the point where I thought she was going to pull it off. Her right hand continued the merciless finger/fist fucking that her cunt needed and craved and finally I saw her face contort into a mask of sheer ecstacy as she threw her head back with her eyes tightly closed. Her body stiffened and stayed that way for a moment that felt like an eternity. It was literally as if time stood still. Then suddenly her whole body let out a primeval scream that seemed to come from her very core as she fell over the precipice to the rocks below taking me with her. I let go such a torrent of semen all over the door, the wall, the carpet, and myself that I nearly passed out from how powerful it was. It was definitely the most incredible sexual experience of my life until then.

As I leaned up against the door frame, I saw that my friend was in similar shape. She just lay there in this state of suspended animation for what seemed like hours. Her right hand was still cupping her pussy, but her left hand was lying limp at her side. Finally, she slowly rolled over which allowed me to see and appreciate her ass which I hadn't seen much of before. She slowly dragged herself up, put the wad of Kleenex against her pussy, and went to the bathroom. She set her alarm, got under the covers, turned off her lights and went to the land of sweet dreams I'm sure. I know I did. When I checked the time we had been at it for almost two hours.

That my friends was but the first of many times we shared together. During the few days of that confernce, she took every oportunity to catch up on her reading. She remained totally unaware that I was cheering her on every single time. She was very creative in her masturbating techniques, and I will certainly tell you more another time. Yes I did get to meet her and talk to her at the conference, about business of course. Thank you Vanessa from Manchester for being by far one of the hottest lovers I've ever been with (so to speak). I think of you often.

Hope you enjoyed my memories and that you also got off with Vanessa and me. Please share if you have something juicy to tell so we can all have fun. This is the first time I've ever shared this story with anyone, and it was great fun doing it. And speaking of doing it-that´s what I'm going to do right now.



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