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Sensitizing Tender Bits

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Really like the Website, and the celebration and sharing of one of God's best gifts to mankind, sexual stimulation. There are theories that the experience of sexual pleasure, both solo and with partners, releases benficial hormones and endorphins, promoting health. So thanks for sharing the sexuality of the Website and for the contribution to society by the work of maintaining it.

Anyway, if you have the time (for me it is very worth it), proceed in the following self-caring way:

1. Find an hour in the morning and evening (sometimes you won't find the time of course) but if you can I hope you enjoy it. Keep track with a clock. Get a set of assorted makeup brushes from the drugstore, some soft cotton cord of various diameters, an old bra, and a string of small diameter costume pearls or beads can be opened up into a 24- to 30-inch string.

2. Bathe and dry yourself. Lie down on the bed on your back, spread your legs so your labia are opened and keeping track with watching the clock, spend about five minutes stroking the bottom of your tummy above your vulva, your inner thighs, and gently tickling along your outer and inner labia lips. Every now and then tickle across your clitoris which hopefully will start to engorge and peak out. Keep it SLOW, and do not climax, slow up or pause, try to peak toward the edge, but don't go over. After about 5 minutes, proceed to step 2.

2. Stop with the soft makeup brushes, and take one of your nipples with each hand between finger and thumb, pinch firmly just until the beginning of discomfort or pain. Then release, and strum or flick across the tips of the nipples with the side of your thumb. Repeat for about five minutes, then return to tickling and fondling your vulva lips and clitoris with the makeup brushes. Alternate with the five-minute nipple manipulation and massage. (It helps to have a favorite fantasy in mind, captured by sexy pirates, etc.)

3. After about and hour, stop and get the old bra, which you have previously prepared by cutting small, tiny wholes for your nipples. Put it on, and pull your nipples through the holes so they stick out, and are held out by the material around the small holes.

4. Put one leg up on a stool or chair (to open the labia), take the strand of pearls or beads between your legs, with one hand in front, and one hand behind your back, holding the ends of the string of beads or pearls. Pull the strand up between your labia lips gently, experiment and find the most pleasurable spot for the pressure (along side the clitoral hood, or directly on it, etc). After finding it tug back and forth gently and up and down on the ends of string. When you have found the right tension and position, fasten to a cloth belt (garter belt, elastic strip, camping webbing, etc.).

Proceed to finish dressing and enjoy a day of reminder stimulation under your clothes, hopefully getting sensations from your blouse or shirt rubbing on your protruding nipples through your open tipped bra, and the gentle sliding of the pearl thong panty while you walk, sit, cross your legs, etc. Take a bath in the evening, doing the evening hour of the 'pinch and strum' and gentle vulva stroking with the brushes (keep it light and loving). Finally finish yourself off with a GIGANTIC climax, hopefully!

I enjoy this immensely, and try to do it once a week, when I can fit it into my schedule, and pamper myself. The same thing of course doesn't work for everybody, but I hope it does for you! Thanks again for the sharing site. May



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