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Seniors Love To Masturbate

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I read Solo Touch every day and to the woman who said she only liked to masturbate, I say go for it. I believe in doing whatever turns you on. I am 69 and I still love sex whether its by intercourse, oral sex, masturbation or whatever.

There is nothing I enjoy doing more than spreading my legs and having an orgasm, regardless of how it happens. I wish I could say the same about my husband. He has just about lost all interest in sex.

I don't consider myself old. Let me say that I am five-six, salt and pepper hair (for you young squirts that is gray mixed with black). I wear a 38D bra and yes my tits sag a little. Nothing that large can stand up forever. My skin is wrinkle free and tan. I will say I have been blessed by having pretty skin. I have a large and nice ass, or at least men tell me so. I have an attractive face and I consider myself to have a great personality. I weigh about 30 pounds more now than I did when I graduated from high school and back then I was slim and trim. So, all in all I am in pretty good shape for a woman my age. And best of all I love sex.

And therein lies the problem. My husband of almost 50 years has never been able to completely satisfy my sexual needs. What have I done? Well, I admit that I have had some affairs with other men. Usually men younger than me. And I will tell you up front that these men were usually not interested in masturbating. They were in search of more and they got what they wanted.

Other times I masturbate. I love to get totally naked and have lots of time to pleasure myself. If I have the time I will usually take a good hot bath, dry off and rub lotion all over my body. I then hit the bed. I like to run my hands over my body from as far down my legs as I can reach all the way up to my face. I will spend a lot of time massaging my tits and my nipples. Once I am aroused I devote my total attendion to my pussy, which by the way is covered with a thick mass of black hair. I run my fingers through my pubic hair and up and down the outside of my puffy lips. I will then spread my pussy lips and run my fingers up and down the inside of my outer lips.

As women my age know, we don't lubricate like we once did so I will take some oil or personal lubricant and oil up my pussy good. I then like to stick one, two and then three fingers inside my vagina. Sometimes if I am really horny I will go for four fingers. I like to really stretch my vagina good. I will also squirt some of the lubricant up inside my vagina. I play with my clit until it is sticking out and hard. To finish, I have a rather large dildo that is shaped like a man's dick and it has rubber balls on the end of it. I like to put it all the way inside me until the rubber balls are touching my ass. Once I have it all the way inside me I like to rub my clit. I make little circles around it and over it. I have to hold the dildo inside me to keep it from squirting out. I will also ease the dildo in and out of my pussy as I play with my clit. I also like to stick a finger in my asshole as I masturbate. I love getting close and then stopping, getting close then stopping, getting close and then stopping. The tension builds. I finally get to the point that I want it and need it so bad I can hardly stand it. Then I go for the big 'O'. When my orgasm starts I can feel my pussy opening and closing around the dildo squeezing it as if I am milking it with my vagina.

And then I cum. OMG what a feeling. It feels almost like my pussy explodes. I may have one orgasm or I may have five or six, depending on my mood and how horny I am. When I pull the big dildo out of my pussy some juice runs out of me. Not as much as it did when I was younger but I do still get a little wet.

I lay on the bed and just enjoy the moment. Sometimes I will take the dildo out and suck on it. Yes, I love the smell and taste of my pussy. I have never had sex or even felt of another woman's pussy and I don't care to, but I love the taste of my juice.

Finally, I get up and clean myself off and get dressed.

I have always enjoyed wearing revealing clothes. I still wear bikini or thong panties. If I wear a skirt I wear it a little short and I have the legs to do so. I like to unbutton a couple of buttons on my blouse and let the upper part of my tits show. And men like to look, even at women my age.

Women, regardless of your age. Show what you have and use what you've got. I hope, if I live to be 100 years old, I am still fucking and playing with my pussy. You never get too old to enjoy life's pleasures.

I have found that having sex with someone other than my husband causes me to be extremely horny for the next two or three days afterwards. If this happens I will usually masturbate every day for a few days. Otherwise, I usually masturbate about every other day. Hey, I'm retired. I have lots of time on my hands. Why not use it to make myself feel wonderful.



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