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Senior Year and My Spanish Teacher

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The fondest memory of my school days.


I've always been kind of the hopeless romantic type. I always adored girls, and always went out of my way to hold doors for them (mostly a product of being raised in central Texas). This never got me a girlfriend, but it made me feel better to know I was helping someone, and I could always fantasize about making out with them later. When I had a crush on a girl, I'd do my absolute best to give them space and just try to establish a basic friendship with them. I wound up getting burned on this a couple of times, especially when my first girlfriend broke up with me for my best friend, but I would always reassure myself that 'it's better this way, they'll find a guy who's better for them than me.'

By the time I turned 18 around the beginning of my Senior year, I had tons of female friends in addition to my handful of close buddies, but no prospects for a girlfriend. My friends were always trying to get me to ask random girls out on dates, but I really had no interest in just getting myself hurt again. Besides, I thought, the only girls that I liked were taken, and I didn't want to hook up with a slut just to have sex.

In those days, I was usually under some form of depression and never felt like burdening anyone with my woes. There were only a few people I could confide in, a couple of my close friends, a few guys on a forum called Gametalk, and my Spanish Teacher.

Renee Guerra was in her mid-forties, with exceedingly long dirty-blonde hair and a somewhat weathered face that was always quick to crack a sly smile. Spanish class was the hardest class I had to take next to anything Math related, but she always made it bearable with her sense of humor and all the interesting anecdotes she'd tell during class. I failed Spanish twice anyway, once in Freshman year and again as a Sophomore, but she pulled some strings to allow me to pass regardless. She'd found out about the state of my family affairs when I was about 16, and I think she pitied me for having to live with abusive parents.

Naturally, Mrs. Guerra was the first person I would go to when I needed to discuss my problems. And she would always listen, taking me seriously and addressing me as an equal, not a wayward child. Even when I finally managed to move on to Spanish Two with a different teacher, I spent at least a few minutes every day in Mrs. Guerra's room. Looking back on it, she was a better friend than most of the guys I hung out with. And I won't lie, I had a few fantasies about her, and sometimes when I masturbated at night I would think of her in a particularly lewd fashion. But I never really considered the possibility that she reciprocated the feelings, thinking instead that she just considered herself my friend, like all the girls that had burned me.

It was Mrs. Guerra that finally talked me into asking a girl out on a date to the Fall Ball at the end of the first semester. The girl and I ended up having sex a few weeks later, but by the time Christmas Break rolled around she'd broken up with me. I was really beginning to think I was just a terrible person, and fell into a deep depression that lasted well into the second semester. When I got back to school after Christmas I had entered the stage where I had stopped taking care of myself, I only shaved when teachers brought it to my attention, and I lost all interest in masturbation.

It was nearing the mid-point in the semester when I started going to Mrs. Guerra's room every day for seventh period. I didn't actually have a class seventh period, as I'd chosen to replace it with a Work Period that would allow me to either leave early or sit quietly in the room of my choosing. Since she didn't have a class to teach that period, she let me stay and talk until one or the other of us felt like leaving. I would help her with her grade papers while she got busy with work done on her computer, and during all of this we would talk.

We talked about all sorts of things. How I was doing, how she was doing, how my life at home was going (poorly). It was around this time that I started calling her Renee instead of 'Mrs. Guerra', which cemented her as a close friend for me. I learned a lot about her own life during this time, how her older brothers had bullied her incessently as a child, how her own father had seen fit to browbeat her psychologically for years. She'd chosen to become a teacher early on, and pursued English initially before moving down to Mexico to learn Spanish. Down in Mexico she'd met her husband, a man named Rafael Guerra. She had two kids by him, boys named Marco and Alex, who I knew fairly well from all the times they'd visited her class during school hours. Both boys were much younger than me, still only in Middle School.

But Rafael had turned out to be a deadbeat, leaving Renee before Alex was even born. He'd gone back to Mexico and left her a single mother on a pitiful teacher's salary in a backwater Texas town. But she'd stuck with it, and by her attitude you'd never know she'd been down. I was initially uncomfortable knowing all of this, as women never opened up to me unless they were about to tell me to fuck off, and Renee didn't seem like she wanted to get rid of me. But as time went on, I found that I felt good being her shoulder to cry on as much as she'd been mine. It was the most I could do for a woman as amazing as her, and even though she was a good twenty-seven years older than me I began to feel romantic feelings toward her. All of a sudden, it began to feel wrong to think dirty thoughts about her, but it was suddenly okay for me to be in close physical contact. We hugged a lot, that probably should have clued me in that Renee shared my feelings, but I was still a clueless kid.

Unfortunately, life wasn't getting any easier for me. I couldn't find a job, my father was working me to the bone on the few acres he had left on the farm, and I barely had enough gas to make it to and from school in my truck. Things were bleak and getting bleaker, especially since I had no scholarship prospects and it didn't seem like I'd be able to get into college. Even with all the time spent in Renee's classroom, I still felt depressed every single day.

It was only as my Senior year began to draw to a close that things changed between us.

I believe it was mid-February when it happened. The High School campus went into lockdown over a perceived security threat while I was in Renee's classroom for seventh period. As we'd had a few practice lockdowns over the years, I knew immediately what to do and jumped to the door, locking it and turning off all the lights in the room. It became pitch black, with only the light from the hallway outside illuminating a swath of the room. A minute later, that too had gone dark. It was just me and Renee, all alone in an empty, dark classroom.

Safety protocol for lockdowns insisted that students and teachers move out of the line of sight of anyone looking through the window on the door. Since the only spot in the room that couldn't be seen from the window was in the corner behind Renee's two desks, that was where we sat. Neither of us were all that worried about the prospect of a gun-wielding lunatic being loose in the school, as we couldn't hear anything going on outside, but we stayed fairly quiet regardless. We picked up our conversation where we'd left off, albeit in hushed, whispered tones.

Less than ten minutes passed before Renee asked if it was alright if she told me something. Naturally I said yes, and before I knew what was happening she leaned in close and kissed me. I had kissed a couple of girls before, but I was still an inexperienced kid and my breath was kind of bad at the time, and I hadn't shaved in three days. I remember that after a few seconds she pulled away, I could make out her smile in the darkness, but it wasn't the sly grin I was used to. She seemed as embarrassed as I was at that moment, sticking her hands between her knees and twiddling her thumbs.

'You should brush your teeth more,' I remember her saying. She didn't seem upset at all, though, just teasing.

'And shave,' I replied as I nervously touched the coarse hair that had undoubtedly pricked her face, realizing I could taste her lipstick on my own lips. I hadn't even known she wore lipstick.

'No, it's okay,' she said almost immediately. 'I like facial hair on men.'

I perked up at her use of the word 'men', as it meant she considered me a man. I was 18, I knew, and had been for months, but I still felt like a kid. I was barely half a head taller than Renee, and she was only a little more than five feet tall. Her age showed on her, her breasts were somewhat large, and had begun sagging. She had wrinkles, and she wasn't exactly petite. I, meanwhile, had grown out of my lanky phase and settled into being a bit stocky, with hair just about everywhere, my own stomach wasn't exactly well-toned, and I had what girls liked to refer to as a 'bubble butt' and big thighs.

We were sharing our feelings almost before we even realized it. She was very, very fond of me, in her own words, and I thought she was the best woman in the history of the world. She laughed softly and said, 'Hugh, I love you.' I was already on cloud nine at this point, feeling happier than I had in a long time, but this just put me over the edge. I leaned in and put my arms around her shoulders before planting an enormous kiss. The back of my head felt like it was on fire. Heat ran down my spine. Every hair on me stood up straight. My brow prickled. My shoulders felt the same way, absolutely buzzing, and it was a long time before I realized that I could feel her breasts squished up against my own chest.

When we broke apart again for air, Renee had the biggest smile I'd ever seen. I probably had the biggest, stupidest grin imaginable, but there wasn't an ounce of embarassment left in me. I still had my arms around her, and she had her arms around me. I scooted my chair closer with one leg and sat beside her, trying not to make too much noise in case someone was passing by outside the door.

We kept going. My dick was struggling to break free of my jeans by the time Renee's tongue slipped past my lips and probed the lining of my cheeks. I was actually kind of uncomfortable in my pants, but I didn't care, a bent dick was worth it if I could keep making out with Renee. And about a minute in, she pressed her hand against my stomach, rubbing gently while she massaged my shoulders and neck with her other hand. Before long she'd moved the hand up underneath my shirt and was playing with the hair on my belly.

'Found your happy trail,' she giggled breathlessly when we seperated briefly for breath. Words escaped me, so I dove back into her lips a few seconds later and put my own hand on her thigh. I didn't even bother rubbing her leg for long before running my hand up her sweater and finding her soft, fleshy belly. She wasn't exactly fat, but age had caught up to her and she'd packed on a few jelly rolls over the years. My probing fingers quickly found light, wispy hair just above her waistband, leading up to her navel.

I wanted to say 'found yours', but didn't feel like breaking off the extended kiss. She giggled regardless, and that was when I knew that I absolutely loved this woman more than any other in the world.

The next half an hour or so was a whirlwind. Renee broke off the face sucking so she could hastily pull her sweater off, revealing a large white over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder that held her equally large breasts close to her chest. The amount of cleavage present was overwhelming; I'm pretty sure my dick was spasming at this point. She implored me to take my shirt off too, but I hesitated when I realized what exactly we were doing. What if someone came by? But, I decided, the lights were off and the doors were locked. So I pulled the shirt off and put it on the floor, setting her sweater on top of it so it wouldn't get all dirty on the linoleum.

We talked quietly in breathless voices, our hands all over each other. I can't remember what was said, so I'm sure I was mostly zoned out, but I do remember her complimenting my muscles as she massaged my chest. I had good muscle definition on my arms, as could be expected from a farm boy, and I was rather proud of my pecs, even if my stomach was pretty flabby. So I returned the favor by running my hands up from her love handles to cup her breasts, telling her how amazing they were. I had my hands inside her bra before my brain could catch up, and the breath immediately hitched in my tightening chest when I found her hard nipples. I've always preferred small, perkier breasts, but Renee had some serious boobs and it took a lot of bra to hold them back.

I was so hard by this point that it was actually hurting, though that might have been a product of my dick being cramped inside of my jeans. I hardly realized I was doing it, but while I fondled one of Renee's boobs in one hand I had moved the other hand down to massage my dick through my jeans. It felt amazingly good, like drinking cold water for the first time after a week in the desert. Renee was nibbling softly at my bottom lip and didn't see, but I guess she knew what I was doing when one of my hands left her body for the first time in half an hour. Her hands moved from my chest and shoulders back to my happy trail, where she quickly found my pants and unbuttoned them. I was so lost in the moment that I wasn't really thinking, so I just unzipped my jeans one-handed and let my penis get some air. It was filling up my black compression shorts and I could tell that I'd leaked plenty of pre-cum into them.

While Renee's hands fondled my dick through my compression shorts and reached into my pants to find my balls, I worked to remove her bra and managed to unclasp it after only a few fumbles. At this point I just wanted to let her boobs free so I could get a real look at them and give them the same free air as I was giving my cock. I'd barely got her bra off when she grabbed hold of me through the underwear and started fondling. I came dangerously close to cumming into the waistband right then and there.

It was a simple matter to lift my ass off the seat a few inches and work my pants down to my knees, letting them drop to my ankles. My dick stood proudly, leaning a little to the left and with a slight curve, and Renee's hand was wrapped around it so fast my head was left spinning. My size has never been all that impressive, chubby enough to be a tight fit inside a toilet paper roll, which is pretty sizeable, but only five inches long at most.

By now the lights in the hallway outside had come back on, and we could hear a significant number of voices. About a minute later the bell rang, and the entire school was let out out of class to go home. I worried that they'd see my truck in the parking lot, but I figured they'd just decide I'd broke down again and walked home. I'd had to do that a few times, considering my truck was made of shit and held together by duct tape, so it wasn't a big deal.

Renee's hand pumped up and down my dick furiously for a while, taking my whole length. My legs were perfectly stiff, and the sensation I'd felt when I first kissed her returned tenfold. I locked out at the knees and sank back into my chair, pushing my hips toward her. Her face was as much a mask of concentration as a wonderfully beautiful sight to behold. Her eyes were positively gleaming, and she kept licking her lips like she was about to go down on me. Every now and then she'd change up her pace, and occasionally she'd rub her thumb over the top of my dick to spread my pre-cum all around. I had to force myself to breathe lest I were to pass out.

Unfortunately, I didn't last long, before she made the mistake of cupping my balls and pulling down on them. I came hard, harder even than when my last girlfriend and I had had sex. Renee barely had time to prepare, because I couldn't find the words to warn her I was losing it, all I could do was grunt and let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding before my entire body melted around her hands.

About halfway through the orgasm, Renee got down on her knees and started jerking my dick against her breasts, the texture of which redoubled my jizzing. When I finally finished trembling and spasming, and my thoughts had returned from the land of feverish colors, I opened my eyes expecting to find Renee cleaning herself up. Instead, much to my surprise, she just put her lips around her nipples licking up the cum, and ran her thumb and forefinger up the length of my shaft, as if squeezing the last bit of yogurt out of a tube. Her eyes were twinkling mischeviously, and my heart glowed with warmth at the thought of making her happy. Immediately my thoughts went to returning the favor.

Renee didn't clean herself off, except to wipe off her chest with the back of her hand. We just resumed our conversation while my dick receeded in her hand until it was just two inches long and incredibly soft. She kept rolling it around between her thumb and forefinger, and she still had one hand underneath my balls, but I was utterly spent. I wasn't getting back up again any time soon.

We made out again, with her tongue pressed against the inside of my cheek again. I might have creamed my pants if I'd been wearing any, and if I had been able to get my cock to stand back up.

However, I was determined to return the favor for Renee. It's a hard emotion to describe, but at that moment I felt intense loyalty and love for her, and I wanted her to feel an amazing orgasm. I knew she probably masturbated, considering she had no husband and probably hadn't been laid in years, but this one was going to be from me to her. So without asking her permission, I put my arms around her and lifted her bodily back into her soft computer chair, bending down to suck on her turgid nipples. I'm pretty certain she whispered something about how much she loved me again, and all of a sudden the sensation I'd felt when kissing her returned for a third go. I even made sure to blow on her nipples when I was finished kissing them, just light breaths that I knew would be cold on the suddenly warm flesh. She gasped in delight at that, which actually made me want to do a little dance.

We pulled her pants off without another word. I actually had to peel her extra-large panties off of her soaked crotch, but at this point we were just breathless animals going at it. I don't think we spoke again for another ten or twenty minutes while I rubbed her incredibly warm, unbelievably wet and slippery vagina. When she finally broke the silence again, it was just to say 'finger me', which I did all too readily. Two fingers at first, middle and ring finger, planted firmly inside her while I pumped in and out. She had a lot of soft pubic hair, dirty blond like the hair on her head, and that in itself was a massive turn on. I was finally beginning to grow hard again, little by little.

I fingered Renee for maybe half an hour, eventually sticking three fingers deep into her sopping wet folds while I thumbed her clit. She sat perfectly still for most of it, pulling hard at my hair the closer she came to an orgasm, her pussy squelching as I fucked her with my hand. I'd completely kicked off my pants by this point and put them under my knees as cushioning against the linoleum. Slippery fluid was running down Renee's legs and ass crack, it was actually pooling in the chair underneath her. At one point I stuck my free hand in between her cheeks and put my fingers in the slippery mess, bringing it back out again to lick my fingers clean. I'd always been curious as to what the stuff tasted like, as my girlfriend had never allowed me to eat her out. Needless to say, the smell of it alone about knocked me out, it was good. REALLY good. And the taste was even better. I don't even know if there's anything in the world that I can compare it to, it was simultaneously sweet and viscerally DIFFERENT, a little bit viscous on my fingers and tongue, didn't quite mix with my saliva the way I was expecting.

When Renee came, she bucked against my hand and grabbed hold of me hard enough for me to worry I'd somehow hurt her. When I looked up she had a firm hold on one of her breasts and she was pulling on it violently. Her eyes were shut tight and her lips were moving like she was forming words, but the only sound she made was a breath-like whimper that turned into a low groan. I remembered to put the heel of my palm down on her lower stomach and push hard, which I'd read could increase the power of a woman's orgasm. I don't know if it helped, but a few seconds later she started clamping down on my hand with a surprising amount of pressure. I kept running my fingers along the insides of her vagina, faster and harder than before, which was difficult because of how tight she suddenly became, keeping my thumb pressed firmly against her clit.

When she finally stopped bucking and doubling over, or stretching out full length (I almost had to pull her back into the chair), Renee let out a long, shuddering breath and practically fell on top of me. We were both completely covered in sticky fluids, from my semen to her pussy juice, which had run clear down my arm and started dripping off of my elbow. I extricated my hand from her vagina and licked it clean for her benefit, which resulted in a lot of giggling. It was even better tasting than before, which I guess I can attribute to the fact that it had come from her orgasm.

By this point I was significantly hard again, and I was tempted to ask her for another session, but even though I'd just fingered a forty-five year old woman to orgasm I couldn't work up the courage to ask for more. My penis throbbed pleasantly, and my whole right leg was trembling so that if I'd tried to stand up I might have fallen back down.

After a few minutes of what amounted to pillow talk and sticky wet hugs, Renee rose to her feet and started cleaning herself off with some wet wipes she kept in a box beneath her desk. I was still on my knees, with my face about level with her crotch, so I playfully lapped at her inner thighs with my tongue as if to clean her myself. She wouldn't have it, unfortunately, even if she did find it funny, but I got to stick my nose into her pubic hair regardless and I was desperate to lick her pussy.

'I've got to go pick up the boys from football practice,' she said while we he helped each other get dressed again. 'Do I have any cum in my hair?'

She did, in fact, have cum in her hair. I helped her clean it out with one of the wet wipes while she put on her bra, and retrieved her shirt off the floor. I was still wobbly in the knees from the whole experience, and my dick was still pulsating in the cold air feeling neglected. It was, I admit, a strange experience to be standing next to a teacher with my pants around my ankles and a raging boner poking her occasionally in the thigh. I was really hoping to get laid out of all of this, as you can probably guess.

We walked out of the school together, thankful for the fact that all the lights were off again and none of the cameras in the school could see well in the dark. It turned out my truck actually was broke down, but Renee offerred me a ride home and I couldn't refuse.

When we picked up Marco and Alex, I was the one driving while Renee put her hair up in a bun to hide the fact that it was still stringy from all the cum I'd hosed her with. My boner had calmed down too, and the hornyness had been replaced with a swelling sense of pride. I felt like a dog that had just found one of its master's lost shoes and brought it to him for a warm pat on the head. That pride only grew when I picked up Marco and Alex from the football field a mile away, knowing I'd just had a big piece of their mother. She and I even exchanged knowing smiles a couple of times on the way to Renee's house, where we left the boys. I'd never felt better or more manly in my entire life, not even when I'd lost my virginity the previous semester.

It's been a long time since that day. Seven whole years, in fact. I've kept in contact with Renee over Facebook and jacked off to her a number of times (by this point, probably more than any other woman I've known). We had a number of 'sessions' before I graduated and moved up north, each one better than the last, and I remember every one of them with fondness.

I figured I'd tell this story because just yesterday I finally saw Renee again, face to face for the first time in years. I'm back in Texas for the time being, mostly to visit old friends and see the family again. My little brother Jimmy is a Junior in High School this year, and I was bringing him and his friends a few boxes of Little Caeser's pizza for lunch. Most of the teachers I knew back in the day are teaching different classes or have retired (or just moved to a different school) since I graduated, but Renee was still there, still teaching Spanish. I made sure to stop by and see her for old time's sake, and let her play with my immaculate beard for a while.

Since I've been between girlfriends for a while, we had another session at the end of the school day. This time it was at her house, however, and it ended with her finally getting laid for the first time in twenty years. That's a story for another site, but the old gal's been needing that kind of tender love and care for quite a while.

I'll tell you one thing, there's no woman on earth who can give a better handjob than Renee Guerra. If you want your cock jacked right, she's the one to do it. I don't think I'll be able to contain my urge to masturbate for weeks if I so much as think of her. I'm really going to miss her when I leave... and you know what? Rafael Guerra doesn't know what he's been missing.

Thanks for reading. This site has given me a number of nut-busting orgasms over the past couple of years, so I figured it was about time to give back. I only wish I had more stories to share.



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