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Senior Masturbation

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My addition to senior masturbation


Senior Masturbation

At age 63 I find the anticipation of masturbation to an orgasm and intermittent erections extremely pleasurable. I plan on a day by myself that I can devote entirely to masturbation and usually this is at least a week since my last orgasm. I have gone for weeks in a varied state of arousal, which is great. When I can arrange it I will go without clothes for one or two days in a row. My wife travels quite a bit so in anticipation of her leaving I will start on the weekend going with no underwear or wearing nylon panties, making it easy to achieve many erections. Often in the evening setting in a recliner I will rub and stroke to become and stay hard for hours. In the mornings, when I am home alone, I do not get fully dressed or at least stay bottomless as I have breakfast. On work days I usually start out each day checking out stories on Solo Touch or other sites that make me hard, often taking at least three hours to get ready for work and finally putting on some clothes. On these sexual weeks I go without underwear or wear nylon panties, so during the day (at work) I can easily, through casual rubbing achieve many erections.

Wearing no underwear, panties, or panty hose even while driving or riding with someone else I can have my hands in my lap discretely rubbing my penis getting and maintaining an erection. A favorite place to enjoy an erection with no underwear or panties is under the cape while getting a haircut from a lovely female hair dresser. Needless to say I enjoy tasting my pre-cum which I often produce several times a day. When alone, after work I spend the entire evening with no pants and underwear or in panties in a state of arousal often tasting pre-cum. As for sleeping I make sure I can enjoy those night time erections by wearing no pajama bottoms or with the fly open so I can enjoy a few lovely strokes. I swim for exercise and use a pull buoy (a leg float) placed between my legs-more towards the knees than the crotch. Thereby, with loose fitting and unlined pair of swim trunks, I can pull my hand with each stroke through my crotch. If the water is warm enough I can swim semi-hard. Such swimming is very erotic and good exercise.

I spend several days anticipating my play day home alone. I like to get up rather early to start enjoying a sexy day. No clothes on what so ever as I can play with my nipples, enjoy a drop of pre-cum, and stroke my testicles and penis at will. I start out after breakfast often playing with some butt plugs (two of them vibrate), I got from the Solo Touch store. The feeling after using a plug is a warm and relaxed feeling and stimulates the prostate and helps the production of pre-cum. Usually, I can keep an erection, but a cock ring (not too snug) helps. I read stories on Solo Touch, have a good collection of pictures that I play as a slide show, and visit several web sites. I like to play with my foreskin on a hard penis slowly working it over the swollen head and then retracting the skin repeatedly. I make sure that when I get close I do not come. I repeat this process many times often intermixed playing with butt plugs. As I said, I have a collection of panties which I often put on and rub my penis with the foreskin retracted against the soft nylon. I find that taking digital pictures and movies of my play are also a turn-on and have quite a collection for my own enjoyment.

When I am ready to explode I reach for my Fleshlight. I have warmed it in water and until I am ready to use it I place it under a desk lamp to keep it warm. I normally use a water based lube with the Fleshlight but also tingling water based jelly adds to the pleasure. I retract the foreskin when I insert my penis making sure the Fleshlight and the head of my penis are well lubricated. I find that removing the end cap offers the greatest tease as the lubricated ribs just lightly caress the penis with each stroke. Also by placing a hand over the end, suction can be created pulling on my penis, which feels great. I have been able to last nearly an hour before having a supreme orgasm. Often with days to weeks of anticipation my abdominal muscles will even spasm, what a great feeling. By placing the end cap on and standing the Fleshlight, cum can be collected for later enjoyment. Needless to say these masturbatory times are some of the best of my life. If I had a chance would likely join a partner. I hope to have many more years of a great sex life, even if it is solitary.



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