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Senior Girlfriend

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I sort of fell in love with her short and often exposed body and then one day, I got it!


I was 15 years old at the time and a freshman in high school. As I made my way around campus, I'd often run across this girl that was a senior. She was quite short standing around 5'1' or so and was slighty pudgy.

Everyday, this girl either wore these tight fitting pants that showed off her fantastic looking ass or she'd wear these very short skirts that showed off her short but very mouth watering legs. Between every class I'd be looking for her hoping I could get to walk behind her. And when it happened, I'd always end up with a hard on I'd have to do my best to hide. I also noticed that she was quite popular with the senior boys and I later found out why.

It ended up that I hadn't gone unnoticed. She eventually started looking at me and she'd give me a smile. I'd shyly drop my head being that she was older than I was.

Then one day it happened. She walked up to me and introduced herself. We talked for a minute and she said 'looks to me like you must like what you see and I think I know just what you need'. I didn't know exactly what she meant so didn't answer her. Then she asked 'want to do more than just look'? I again wasn't sure what she was getting at. She then said 'let's meet after school and I'll let you know what I mean'.

The rest of the school day I was half filled with excitement of this meaning what it might be and hoping it was. Just maybe she was talking about her body and how I was always looking at it. My dick stayed half hard all the rest of the day just thinking about this.

I waited at the front of the school when classes were over and then I saw her coming. On this day, she was dressed in one of her short skirts and I was eyeing her full, short thighs as she walked. I could see the muscles move in them and the little giggles go through them as her heels hit the sidewalk and the sight went straight to my dick and I quickly went stiff. I had my books in front of my pants to hide the bulge that I knew was there.

She got to me and asked 'how do you get home'? I told her the school bus. She then ask where I lived and I told her. She then said 'come on. I'll drive you home today'. She had her own car. We got to her car and got in. It was a small car with a bench seat and as she drove off she told me to scoot over next to her. My head was spinning as I moved closer to her and her sweet little body. My dick was at full attention in my pants in anticipation. I was by now fully expecting that I was finally going to get to actually touch a girl in a sexual way for the first time. Something I'd always thought about during many a jerk off sessions as I was growing up.

She drove to a little used park around two miles from our school and started to just slowly drive around talking. She said 'I date a lot and I know what boys want'. She then raised her skirt even higher showing her tiny little panties that barely covered her pussy. She then said 'I know what you're dying to do' and she took my hand and put it on her soft thigh. The feel was out of this world and my dick was about to explode from the excitement of what I was doing and feeling and she knew it.

She then reached over rubbing her hand on my dick. As she did, she said 'take it out so I can make it feel good'. I quickly dropped my pants enough to free my throbbing dick and went back to feeling her leg again. She reached over and wrapped her hand around my dick. I was already about to go off and her touch did it. Cum started shooting out of it covering her hand, arm and my lap. I'd never cum so hard in my life. She said 'my, that sure didn't take long. Poor boy'.

She got out a box of tissues and cleaned up the best we could. I got my pants back up and she drove me home all the while sitting next to her with my hand rubbing her soft thigh. I was still hard. She dropped me off and I thanked her, ran inside straight for my room where I jerked off again and again shot off in just seconds. If anything, she felt even better than she looked. When I went to bed that night, I jerked off again.

Well, she went back to her senior crowd again and I never received a repeat performance from her. But, what a perfect first time, thanks to her. I went back to just seeing her at school but this time knowing just how good she felt. When I became a senior, I had numerous girlfriends but none were quite as good as was this girl was and I'd often jerk off thinking about her and our get together that afternoon.



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