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Seminar Sex - After We're Home

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Thanks for the comments. Hope there have been some AWESOME orgasms from reading the stories!!!


This is a follow up to Seminar Sex.

After some really hot car sex, Steve and I exchanged phone numbers. I thought, honestly, it would be like a 'let's have lunch' kind of thing. About three weeks after I got home, the phone rang, and when I picked it up it was Steve. I was in heaven, and started to bone up just at the sound of his voice.

Steve said that he had made arrangements to be in my town on Friday and Saturday nights the next week, if that was OK with me. I said I was delighted, and that maybe we could catch up on what we had enjoyed during the seminar. Steve agreed. Steve said that he had thought many times of our 'contact' and I agreed that I had too. I asked him if he wanted to take advantage of some all-male porn I had collected, and he said that would be great. Steve told me when he would be arriving, and I arranged to meet him when he got into town. I asked him about his reservations, and after some discussion, I told him to cancel them and he could stay with me. He said he hoped I could arrange that. (I knew I could get away with a 'friends' weekend from my girlfriend.')

Friday night arrived and I met Steve. (I had jerked off at least three times that week in anticipation.) We both got out of our cars and hugged like old friends. Steve followed me to my home, and once there brought up his luggage to the bedroom. I said I took the liberty of figuring he would sleep with me in my king-sized bed, and he readily agreed. We made arrangements and went to a local seafood house. (We made plans to meet my girlfriend there and had diner with her. Following dinner, Beth said we probably had some catching up to do, and met one of her girlfriends later on.) The company was great, and we were all three smiling the entire time.

We separated around 11:00 pm, and Steve and I went back to my house. Steve and I openly spoke about our experiences at the seminar, which I think made us both feel a lot more comfortable with one another. Steve said that he had gone back and had some of the best sex he had ever had with his girlfriend. He said he felt rather than limiting his life, it actually ENERGIZED it. I told him I had done the same, and for the first time Danielle and I even had anal sex. We hugged again, kissed each other on the neck, and both agreed that the seminar sex might be the best thing that ever happened to us.

Steve then feigned that he was 'tired from the trip' and that bedtime would be good. We adjourned to my bedroom, and started to strip down for bed. To my surprise, Steve immediately got naked. The sight of his hard, bubble ass coming out of his bikini briefs was enough to give me jerk off fantasies for years! His cock was semi-hard. He had since shaved his balls, I guess since he saw mine were also shaved. I then followed and stripped down along with him. We both climbed into bed, on opposite sides, and pulled the covers up. I could tell he was feeling his cock under the covers.

Steve asked me, 'What about those movies you told me so much about?' I said that they were really hot, and if he was willing, I could put a couple on. On Steve's urging, I put on one I thought was one of my best. (HOT, hard, willing young guys who really enjoyed what they were doing.)

About two minutes into the flick, Steve began to massage my chest and sides, and to my delight he kissed my ear. His tongue was so wet and hot when he put it in. I was hard before, but I was never more hard than I had been in my life. I reached down and began to massage Steve's six pack stomach. Steve began to moan and placed my hand on his INCREDIBALY hard dick. We wet tongue kissed on the lips.

What happened next was, and still is still mostly a blur. I remember kissing my way down from Steve's lips, to his neck, to his hard tits, to his cock and balls. I stroked him the entire time and he moaned like I have never heard. I played with his beautiful pubes. He leaked loads of pre-cum, as did I. Great lube for jerking a cock off. I remember tasting it off my right hand which was jerking him off. It was so sweet and tasty. And I remember Steve changing his position to go into a mutual hand job position with me. Steve was the first to slip a spit-lubed finger in my ass, and I was more than pleased to do the same for him. We changed positions again, and face to face rolled together in ecstasy on the bed. Cocks touching, rubbing, pre-cum mixing, orgasms just seconds away from both of us.

The next few minutes were simply awesome. I rolled on my back and Steve took some lube from my bed stand, put it on my hard cock, and balls, and stroked me until I came in ropes all over my chest, tummy, cock, balls, and his hand and leg. Steve massaged the hot, white, cum into my body. After recovering, I grabbed the lube and worked Steve from hard to harder. I massaged the lube into both his cock and his smooth tight balls. I put my head on his chest and felt his hard breathing as he arched his back and told me he was going to cum. I slowed down and in about three strokes; he SHOT his hot load all over the both of us. I caught one rope of his cum on my cheek. Steve gently kissed me on the mouth, and said that was one of the best orgasms he had ever had.

Relaxation, Sleep, Love.



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