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Semen Sample Backfire

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Doctor needed a semen sample.


Happened around 10 years ago. My wife and I had been married for a year and she never got pregnant and believe me we tried. In this first year she must have recieved 400 'semen deposits' deep inside her from me.

She went to her doctor about it and was examined and tested and was told all was normal. He then told her he needed to have me checked out and gave her an early morning appointment and a sample jar to get a semen sample from me that same morning.

On the morning of the appointment we showered and I told her to put some fun into getting this sample that I wanted her to get it out of me. She said OK and that we hadn't done anything like this since we were dating each other referring to giving me a hand job. There was one big difference. Back then it was in the front seat of my car and into a bunch of tissues so as not to make a big mess. This time it was to be in that little jar.

I laid down in the bed naked and my dick was already hard as a rock in anticipation of getting this hand job and having an orgasm. My wife sat down with the jar and some lotion. I told her to lay opposite me with our hip areas in front of faces and that this would certainly arouse and excite me to giving a good big sample. She lubed her hand with the lotion and got into place with the jar in hand. I almost immediately had my head buried between her soft thighs.

She then wrapped her soft hand around my dick and started the movements of a hand job. Sure enough, in the position we were in with my face down between her legs and my arms wrapped around her thighs I didn't last but a minute or two and started to tighten up thrusting my hips a little and tightly squeezing her thighs as I went off. My wife was ready holding the jar opening just an inch or so from the head of my dick. Out jetted the first stream of semen followed by the second and third hitting the bottom of the inside of the jar and literally backfiring back out again spattering cum all over her hand, me and the bed. When it first happened my wife yelled out 'Oh my gosh!' seeing most of what she was trying to catch shoot right back out again. After the first three or four squirts things slowed down to much more gentle releases and the finally to oozing of the stuff so she was able to get the sample.

When I finally came down from the orgasm I laughed at what had happened. This was the first time my wife had ever seen a man ejaculate up close like this and she didn't realize just how much force there was behind it. She sure learned about this that morning.

They ended up calculating when she'd be her most fertile telling me to not ejaculate for three days before this date and then to have sex twice on that particular day. Well, it worked. Within a week of this my wife said she could tell and when finally tested it was positive. It all came down to that three day lay off to allow my sperm count a chance to increase. During our first year I had been coming off so much that the count was too low. Lots of semen but not enough sperm. Even when my wife was on her period we'd lay a plastic bag on the bed and go about our business or she'd give me a hand job catching my cum in a towel or in tissue paper. Back then I just couldn't ever get enough. I've slowed down now just a little bit compared to back then but I bet my sperm count is still a bit below normal due to all the ejaculating I do.



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