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Continued from 'Selfloving'


So to continue-After seeing my daughter July masturbating to Solo Touch I ran next door to my friend Beth's house, she too has a young daughter and we talk about everything. After I told her what I had seen we went to look Solo Touch up on the internet, to our surprise the computer recognized the address, which meant that her daughter Sarah had also been looking at the site. We figured the girls shared everything with each other too. Just then we got a real shock, we heard giggling in the doorway behind us, we quickly turned around to see both our daughters in their bikinis. They quickly turned and left saying they were going for a swim in Beth's pool. We were caught looking at the hot stories on this sight by our daughters, the shoe was on the other foot now! We decided maybe a swim would do us good too and it might be a good place to have a girl to girl talk.

Now I have borrowed one of Beth's bikinis before (we are about the same size I'm just a little taller)and I have changed in front of Beth many times, but this time I just couldn't stop staring at her perfectly tanned naked body and I found myself getting really turned on. Everything that was happening was making me horny. Seeing my daughter masturbating, the hot stories on the site, seeing Beth naked and the thought of talking to the girls about sex, I was tingling all over. I told this to Beth and she agreed she too was getting quite horny. We finished dressing and headed out to the pool, when we got there the girls were in the pool already, but their suits were in a pile pool side, they were swimming naked. As if she could read my mind Sarah said, 'Take off your suits and come on in, the water feels great...it's just us girls!' Beth looked at me and said with a little smile 'Well?' and I said 'O.K.' I'm not an exhibitionist but but being naked then felt so natural. I couldn't get out of my suit fast enough and I heard Sarah say to my daughter 'Wow, your mom has a great body !' Beth and I slipped into the warm water and swam towards the girls we formed a circle in the water joining arms, our breasts all bobbing up and down, I was so horny I couldn't believe how wet I was getting and in the pool no less, we told the girls we needed to talk and they giggled some more.

As we got out of the pool I felt like I was in a Fellini film, with all these wet bodies around me all glistening in the late day sun, all of our nipples were as pert as could be, was it wrong for me to be so turned on around and by my own daughter?

We quickly towelled off, helping each other with backs, legs, then asses and breasts. We were all giggling by then. We sat around the table all naked facing each other. Beth and I looked at each other and began to speak. 'Girls, we need to talk to you about sex...' more giggling ensued '...are you having sex?' The two girls looked at each other, Sarah said 'No, not really!' Beth asked, 'What does that mean?' Sarah said that 'She had kissed a few boys but had only fooled around with July!' July a bit more embarrassed said, 'Yea, me too, only with Sarah!' Beth spoke up 'fooled around huh, what have you girls been up to?'

Sarah was quite open and candid, July was being quiet but looking at Sarah and smiling the whole time, she was sitting in the computer chair pose, legs pulled up tight to her. I could see her pussy was very wet as she listened to Sarah. Sarah had an athletes body more breast than July and her tan was all over. I don't know why I never noticed it before. She continued, 'Well it first started out with talking, we heard about Solo Touch, then after reading some of the stories we tried some of the things, like watching each other masturbate, then we began to masturbate each other, some kissing, some licking, but that's it!' Looking right at me July said, 'Yea, that's it mom!'

It was my turn, I said,'That's o.k. baby, it's very natural for you to be curious and to experiment with a close friend, does it feel good?' I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. Both girls turned bright red and giggled some more, together they said 'Yes, very good!' Sarah then said the words I had been thinking for the last hour, 'Have you and mom ever fooled around together?' I almost came thinking about it and was just able to collect myself enough to say, 'No, but I have thought about it today!' A huge smile grew on Beth's face and then she said that we should continue the conversation inside, we stood up, grabbed our suits and towels and hurried into the house. WOW !!!!!

This is getting a bit long and I need to finish myself off before bed so, that is where I will have to pick up the story next time.

Maybe I can get the other girls to write too! Bye for now! MarthaP



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