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Self Suck

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Memory triggered by 'Would Like Advice' (Comments, Sexuality, May 10)

Comments, Sexuality, May 10


The posting 'Would Like Advice (Comments-Sexuality-5/10) reminded me of something I hadn't thought about for a long time. A friend ('Stanley') and I were very open together about sexual things. We used to jerk off in front of each other from the time we were 13. When I was 16 I walked into his room one day and he was completely naked and lying on a large bath towel on his bed. He told me he had been trying to get his mouth to his cock--he said it was a kind of yoga position, and I knew he used to sit with his legs crossed trying to meditate, so I accepted that. He said he could get close but had not succeeded, and he asked if I'd help. Keeping his head and shoulders on the bed, he bent his legs and put his feet against the headboard so that his cock was pointing toward his face. It was still about four inches from his mouth. He asked me to force his legs back further to see if that would help. We tried for a while and got pretty close, but, 'no cigar' (sorry, couldn't resist that one.) Then he sat on the floor and we tried again, this time by my pushing his head downward toward his cock. By doing this he was just able to put the tip of his tongue to the tip of his cock, but only if he stretched and pulled at his fully hard cock. We finally gave up. On another day when I was alone, I got to thinking about it and just to see if I could, I tried it myself. I had no difficulty at all in getting my mouth over the head of my cock. I did not find it that exciting to do, but continued to try it over the following month or so. As I got more limbered up with practice I was able to get down more than half the length of my cock. It felt pleasant but was not anywhere near as much fun as just jerking off the usual way--partly I suppose because of the contorted position. I did come a few times this way but I always had to be stroking with one hand while I was sucking. The nicest thing about it was the feeling of the strong warm jet of cum shooting into my mouth. I had powerful ejaculations back then. One day I confessed to 'Stanley' that I had been practicing it since our escapade. He begged me to show him. I stripped, and I made him strip too, just so we would be kind of even, and not make me feel like I was a monkey putting on a show for him. He was mightily impressed at my performance. When he saw that I had shot into my mouth and he saw the cum was dripping out and down my lips he was trembling and moaning and started working his bone off like mad. I could see he had a terrific orgasm, much better and bigger than any I had seen him having before. He didn't go and clean up either, but just lay there out of breath panting and sighing for a long time. Now this is a bit of a digression but he treated me differently after that, in a way I would call affectionate; things like sitting too close, or hugging me when we met, or putting his arm around my neck, or rubbing my hair. I think that after watching me that day he developed a crush on me for some reason. I was not interested in that. It embarrassed me, and I think he got angry that I was shoving him away all the time. We both drifted apart over the following year. Anyway, I did it again only a few times after that episode, and never again with an audience. Then just stopped. After reading the posting a little while ago (right before writing this) I tried it again--it's been about 10 years - and I could not even get close (I grew and gained some weight--I was 5'7' and 102 lbs. at 16, and am 5'8' and 134 now). But while I was in that position just now, I tried jerking off and letting the cum shoot into my face. That in itself felt kind of good and I am sure I will do that again. Glad to have been reminded about 'Stanley'. Going to clean up now.



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