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Self Suck

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Hi, this is my first post ever on the internet. I just found the site and it's very hot! And after seeing a recent post about 'autofellatio', as I've learned the real name is. I find self suck a cooler name though.
I live in sweden and have masturbated for like 20 years, in all kinds of ways. But here I'd like to share how I learned to suck my own dick.
I've realized that I'm quite unique in this talent, as only a few guys out there are able to do this, and it kinda makes me feel special.
First of all I need to point out that I am NOT well equipped, my dick is just average(?), 16 cm when erect (6 and a half inches?). However, I guess I've always bent my back differently, bending my spine a little higher than most people I guess, making it possible to bend sharper. Mom would always tell me to sit straight when sitting at the food table, or playing the piano. Little did she know that my 'slacker look' one day would give me the ability to give myself incredible pleasure!
It all actually began with a dream I had. I think I was around 13 years old. In the dream, I all of a sudden felt like bending down to suck my erect dick, and did so. Needless to say, it ended up being a wet dream.
Waking up, I couldn't let go of the dream I had had. I simply had to try. The problem was, me and my parents were visiting my grandma's at the time, so I didn't feel free to get started just anywhere. I went into the bathroom, and as I sat on the toilet and relaxed my back a little, I tried bending down towards the head of my cock.
I wasn't nearly as close as I had been in my dream, where I had practically deep throated myself. However, I found that I wasn't too far away from reaching the tip with my lips. I could definitely touch it with my tongue, and after a while (think I sat there for quite some time. Wonder what my parents were thinking?) after giving my back some time to get used to being bent a lot, I managed to lick the sensitive spot under the head. Well, that sent me from being concentrated on technique, over the top and I blew my load on my chin and neck.
I was fascinated! This could mean I could blow myself eventually!
Well, you wish I will now say that from that day on I'd daily give myself a blow job. But I didn't. It IS hard on your back, I tell ya. and I get sore for several days after a self sucking session.
However, I did eventually manage to reach further down and really pleasure myself with a blow job from time to time.
But I can't just do it anytime. My back needs to be warmed up. Right after I've been sporting is an excellent time to do it. Or while sweating in a sauna, where your whole body really gets warm.
Nowadays, I maybe do it a few times a year, mainly because I find a good ol' handjob still works wonders to me.
I usually do it sitting in a chair, most likely in front of my computer looking at hot ladies with juicy pussies on the net.
Sometimes, in a self suck session, in the heat of the moment, I manage to get pretty much half my dick in my mouth. It's sweet! But as I've never had a lady giving me head as of yet, I can't compare the feeling.
I've swallowed my cum a few times, but I'm not much into that. I don't find it tastes all that great anyway. Once I've cum my horniness drops to zero, and I just wanna clean up. But my precum tastes salty and sweet and makes me very horny, so I usually try to stay in the state of horniness as long as possible.
And frankly I can go on for hours looking at ladies and hot pussies on the net. Not jerking of or sucking all the time, but just keep myself on the threshold all the time. I love it. Cause once I cross over, it's over, and all my lusty feelings leave with it.
A big fantasy of mine is seeing a lady who also can perform cunnilingus on herself. I guess it will remain a fantasy though, because I just can't see how any lady would physically be able to. You'd have to have a rubber spine to manage it!
The pics I've seen around the net are all fakes, with the face of another lady, and edited in photoshop or something.
Am I right or wrong? Is it possible for a lady to lick herself? I mean, I would NOT mind being wrong in this case, as I could almost blow a load from just dreaming about a lady doing it.
So, any of you ladies out there, feel free to correct me ;)
Thank you for a great site!



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