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Self Happy Ending Massage

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My self happy ending massage

I live on an island where all massage therapists are legit. There is some prostitution here, but I still prefer the one hour gentle touch of a woman's hands all over my body. When I called for an appointment, I asked if I could be uncovered. The lady said 'no problem..' I hadn't jerked off for about two weeks and I was really looking forward to a nice naked massage on Friday. Friday morning I got a call from the therapist apologizing asking if I would mind rescheduling Monday. I agreed but that meant two more days until I cum. I should add that this was my second visit. The first time I didn't ask to be uncovered, but when the massage was finished I asked the therapist if I could masturbate. She said 'ok but don't take too long.'

This time however was different. When I arrived, I was greeted by an attractive Jamaican girl. She told me to undress and lie face down on the table and cover with the towel. I explained that I was told on the phone that I could be uncovered. She said 'oh. Ok.' When she returned she seemed a little nervous. She said this was her first nude massage in five years experience. She started on my legs and, I got semi hard as soon as she touched me. She did spend some time on my inner thighs and my butt, but never touched me inappropriately. She then started on my back. After a few minutes she returned to my legs. This time she seemed to really concentrate on my inner thighs and butt. This time there were some slight brushes to my balls. She also ran her fingers down that sensitive area next to my balls. It was quite obvious that I was hard and grinding my hips into the table.

She told me to roll over. My cock flopped towards my right side. Again she started on my legs. She ran her hands up to my hip and down again. My cock kept twitching it's way to my belly. She said 'It's following me. This is the first erect penis I have seen in a long time except for my husbands.' She continued around my pubic area even running her fingers down that sensitive area on the uppermost inside of my thigh and through my pubic hair. By now I was rock hard and throbbing. She did brush my cock a little when she ran her fingers through my pubic hair.

She stood above me and ran her hands down my chest, belly, and again down to my pubic hair either side of my cock. Each time she reached my pubic area, my hips would uncontrollably lift and my cock would stand up. She commented how strong I am, I asked what she meant. She said 'the way it stands up like that.' Now I was really horny knowing she was watching my cock and talking about it.

I couldn't take it any more and asked if 'I could massage myself.' She asked what I meant. I asked if I could masturbate. She said 'go ahead and do what you gotta do.' I immediately grabbed my cock and started stroking slowly. I raised my head and looked down. I had a smeared puddle of precum on my belly and pouring out of my cock. I reached down and started massaging my balls with my left hand. She then said I was 'brave.' I asked what she meant. She said 'you don't mind doing that in front of a stranger.' I said every one masturbates and I kinda like being watched. She said 'I could never do that in front of someone.' Then she moved to my right side and again was massaging my inner thigh. As I was playing with my balls, I managed to brush one against her fingers. I really started stroking hard and fast. I looked at her eyes and they were big and staring at my cock. As I was about to cum I really tensed up and raised my hips. She had a birds eye view of my butt hole puckering, the root start pumping, my balls tighten, and my cum spurt. I don't shoot as far any more, but the quantity was exceptional. She said 'I can see you really needed that. I've never seen so much sperm and I've never seen balls tighten up so high: as I was still feeling my balls, I noticed they were almost inside me.

I still had about 15 minutes left after I cleaned up. So I remained on my back. She started talking and asking me some questions. She asked why I liked to be watched. I told her that an old girlfriend asked if she could watch me jerk off. I thought about and figured it might be a turn on. It was. so we did it on a regular basis. I said that since then, I don't care who watches or sees me. Then I mentioned Solo Touch, and explained that I was not alone. I told her about the categories of the many stories..

Now I have to start another two or even three week abstinence program.



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