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Self Discovery

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This story describes my first experiences of masturbation, and my first orgasm, which I think about often and still consider to be my most intense and pleasurable ever.

It all started when I bought a book called 'Man's Body' when I was about 13 3/4 years old. It was my introduction to sex, and having read the book cover to cover, I really thought I was quite the expert on the topic. However, being the loner I was, I would never share this with anyone at school or my family, it was my little secret.

Anyway, I knew I was developing normally, having a few wisps of pubic hair and starting to get erections. But what I was interested in was having an orgasm like described in the book. I remember it saying the orgasm was 'three contractions of 0.8 seconds apart' and how intensely pleasurable it was, and how the semen would shoot out about a foot but sometimes over three. I was amazed, and could not fathom this out, I had to try for myself.

Over the next few weeks, I would rub my penis between the palms of my hands, but would eventually give up each time after a minute or two. I did not get any pleasurable sensations and nothing seemed to happen as described in the book. However, I did persevere, and on one day, I remember again rubbing my penis and this time I felt three small contractions. Wow, was that an orgasm?, I thought to myself. It certainly was not intensely pleasurable and there was no ejaculation. I was disappointed, was that really an orgasm? Why did I not ejaculate? In hindsight, it was just the small contractions you get when you start to get aroused but at the time, I was a bit confused. Over the next few days and weeks, I remember rubbing my penis until I got those small contractions and remembering how sex was such a non-event, or so I thought. Maybe I was too young to ejaculate, I thought, but the orgasm was such a let down, I couldn't understand why the book 'Man's Body' was building it up to be such a major thing.

Well, one night when I was in bed, I started rubbing my penis again between my palms, and eventually got the mini contractions. This time though, I was frustrated that this was the supposed climax of sex, and I kept rubbing, partly out of annoyance. Before I knew it, I was heading towards my first 'point of no return'. It crept up so suddenly, I had no time to even think. This massive tingling feeling, deep inside me, and then my first ejaculation, pulse after pulse of semen shot out of my penis, pumping so hard and the sensation so unbelievably ecstatic. Wow, I was amazed, I knew exactly what was happening, and I felt elated, that I was now a man. The contractions were so intense, and so much more than the three that I was expecting, maybe at least eight big ones from what I can remember, and countless smaller ones. My underwear was drenched, and I remember my penis was tingling and so sensitive afterwards, I was little bit worried that there was something wrong. The book did not prepare me for how intense the orgasm would be, or the feeling afterwards. I promptly fell asleep, and when I woke up the next morning I could not wait for school to finish so I could try this again, but this time in daylight so I could see the spectacle for myself.

As soon as I got home, I locked myself in the bathroom, and started masturbating. I rubbed my dick between the palm of my hands, but this time ignored the mini-contractions and kept going. Standing up over the sink, I could feel my legs tingling, then again this massive build up of tingling inside my body. Then I saw for myself what an ejaculation looked like, three massive ropes of cum which shot out about six feet into the bath, and my dick, oh so sensitive. I was so happy and content, and thought I was the only person who knew about it. Surely no-one else at school had discovered this? Unfortunately, I was never to find out, as I never discussed this with anybody.

This is the first time I've shared my story, and I'd love to hear if it coincides with other people's experiences.



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