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Seeing Mom

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I used to spend a lot of time in the bathroom of my parents' bedroom, peering through a crack in the door as my mother undressed. She'd call to me not to come out until she said so, unaware that I could see her quite clearly. I'd watch as she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her large breasts, always in a basic white bra. The mere fact that I was spying on her was enough to arouse me, but the sight of her bra made me even harder.
I'd continue watching as my mother took off her slacks, revealing a full, round ass in white panties. Then she'd reach behind & unhook her bra. Her large tits were a little saggy but very sexy, with big, dark brown nipples. She'd cup them in her hands, obviously feeling for lumps. God, she had great tits! Then she'd usually turn to get her bathrobe, letting me see her tits sway as she moved.
Finally, she'd pull down her panties, giving me a glimpse of her hairy pussy and her naked ass before putting on her bathrobe.
The whole time, of course, I'd be jerking off, prolonging it as long as possible while watching her. A couple of times I was lucky enough to see her bend over, giving me a great look at her nice big ass. The funny thing is, she never wondered why I used her bathroom so much instead of the one upstairs by my own room. And the more this went on, the longer she'd take getting undressed, spending more time looking at herself in her mirror, practically putting on a show. Occasionally she'd even call out, 'Now don't come out yet!' Almost as if she wanted to make sure I was looking? I've always wondered about that!
In fact, I wonder if a lot of mothers pretend not to be aware of what was going on with their sons. In my own case, I can't believe my mother wasn't aware I was spying on her, especially as time went on. Maybe pretending that nothing was going on was the only way she could indulge both herself and me? There's no doubt in my mind that as time went on, she took longer & longer to get undressed, even sitting on the edge of the bed that faced the bathroom door. She gave me some great views of her pussy and tits!
I can remember times when she'd basically announce that she'd be changing clothes in a few minutes, always giving me enough time to get to her bathroom first. She must have enjoyed it, as an expression of her own sexuality, and perhaps in providing me with my first sexual experiences by allowing me to see her body.
Now that I think about it, she never had any qualms about asking me to get her clean underwear from the laundry downstairs. So she didn't mind my seeing and handling her panties or bras. It makes me wonder if she also knew, on some level, that I was going through her laundry hamper and sniffing the crotch of her panties, my first smell of pussy?
I used to fantasize about more, of course. I even tried to 'accidentally' come out of my own bathroom after taking a shower when she was walking by, hoping she'd see me naked. But I was too nervous and scared to actually press any further. Now I wonder what might have happened if I did? Perhaps nothing. She might have been comfortable with pretending that nothing was happening, but not ready for anything out in the open.
And now that I think about it, there would be times when my father would want to get into the bedroom or the bathroom, but my mother would tell him to wait until she was done, allowing me to get a full show. It's almost as if she didn't want him spoiling the unspoken secret the two of us shared!
My Mom was my real introduction to sexuality. Of course at first I simply jerked off as quickly as I could, wanting to make the most of what I feared would be a short-lived experience. But as time went on and my Mom's 'shows' became longer and more languorous, I learned to take my time and prolong coming -- something that my later sexual partners were grateful for, since I took my time with them! So all of this worked out very well for me.



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