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Seeing Jen

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A couple weeks before the story takes place Jen and I were at our friend's birthday party at the lake where everyone was boating and when Jen and I were just chilling in the boat(she was sitting across from me) she put her foot up and her bikini bottom moved to one side revealing her pubic hair. I fought with all my might to stop from getting a hard on.


Fast forward two weeks. I was invited to a little get together at Jen's house along with some other friends. Of course I never told Jen about that day out at the lake, but I did tell one of my other friends, Lily (whom I tell everything) to and she was going to be there too.

The day went by at Jens house as we all just sat around joking, conversing, and watching t.v. Jens parents left her older sister in charge of us, but she took off to a party of her own around 10pm. So there we were bored in Jens decently sized living room with nothing to do.

Suddenly that judas Lily says 'Hey Jeff why don't you tell Jen what you saw at the lake?' I was taken back and gettin red, I managed a coy 'I-I don't know what your talking about'. Again the traitor speaks 'really? You don't remember seeing Jen's bush?!'. Jen(along with others) gasped. I came clean and she didn't even seem to care that much.

Another two hours pass by and some people went home and only a couple stayed. Me and Jen were awkwardly sitting in her room flipping through yearbooks when she calmly closes the door and says 'so...I think its only fair I see your 'private' area.' I gathered unknown courage and like a game of chess planed two moves ahead 'well I didn't see your vagina only your pubic hair. It wouldn't be right if you saw more than me.' She saw where this was going and nodded and took off her jeans and panties revealing her pussy. It was now shaven and looked so good. She motioned toward my pants and said 'well?' I had no choice but to comply and off came my pants and boxers and out came my seven inch boner stiff as all hell. I was so horny I thought I could cum right there.

She said 'well that's better. We're even. But while you're here, wanna help me out a bit?' I thought I was going crazy. I couldn't believe it I was actually going to touch my first vagina, I had read several tips and tricks on how to pleasure a girl on this website and laid her on the bed and starting playing with her clit. She jerked and moaned softly as I starting slowly inserting a finger, then two. She started grinding into my hand and I used my left hand to tease her clit while my other hand fingered her.

She started grinding and thrusting faster and I felt her tighten around my fingers, she moaned sort of loud and fell limp. I climbed up next to her and we were both panting. 'You know now were not even' I said. She slid down and grasped my cock with her right hand and started pumping up and down. I came in a minute and she cleaned up the mess with a box of tissues she had. Wd got dressed and walked out after catching a breather. Everyone was oblivious to the things that happened in that room minutes before.



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