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Seeing Each Other

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Please, I am curious to know if anybody else had a similar experience during his or her teen years


My sister and I had to share our rooms. Our home was very small. The room was divided only by a library but there was not a door between the two sections of the room. She was 13 and I was four years older.

Well of course privacy was a problem, but we tried our best. One night, I had difficulties sleeping and even if I had my lamp switched off, I was fully awake. It was late when and my sisters lamp on the other side of the library was switched off.

As usual I could hear my sister turning in the bed, to find the right position to sleep. Yet something strange happened that night. After a while I started to hear a rhythmic movement of the sheets and an increase of my sister's breath. Sometimes I could hear her legs moving, the movements became faster and my sister started to moan softly until a suffocated long moan and rapid movements of her legs reached my ears. After that, silence; then the sound of some tissues being pulled from the box.

I did not need more evidence: my sister had just finished masturbating. I was very hard and so moved the covers and masturbated until I ejaculated lots of cum on my chest. This ritual went on for weeks. My sister, now I knew, masturbated at least three to four times per week in the bed at night. I do not know if my sister knew, but I started masturbating with her and waited for her orgasm to cum with her at the same time.

One night however, although I started to hear some sounds, the light on her side was on (though using the very low power option of the lamp). I went to the library and peeped through the books that divided our bedrooms. I could not believe what I was seeing.

My sister had removed the covers and I could clearly see her legs open wide, her nearly bald pussy, her hand moving and her fingers between the lips of her pussy moving in circles. Her eyes were closed. I saw her mouth opening in a small O and the moans starting. At that point I was there with my erect cock in my hand, moving slowly up and down. She went on with her rhythm and as usual started to increase in pace. Her legs shook and closed around her hands while the familiar final moan arrived and this time I could see her face changing during the spasms of her orgasm. I couldn't take any more.. I moaned too while my cock strongly ejaculated on the floor.

I was still there trying to recover, when my sister appeared in the gap in-between our rooms. I was still there, cock still erect and the sperm on the floor. I could not move or say anything. I was frozen by fear.

She looked at me and then said 'so you have done it too'. I said 'yes'. She asked 'how does it feel for a boy?', I tried to explain while cleaning myself and the floor.

I tried to ask the same questions of her and she told me how she felt hotter and hotter and then the incredible spasm of pleasure and how she was trying to be silent but she ended up moaning in any case, although she thought that I was sleeping and could not hear.

The night after this, when I turned my light off, my sister came near my bed and asked if I could show her the ejaculation. I asked her if she could masturbate too. She agreed. We went to her side of the room, which was more distant from the door of the room, and we remove the trousers of our pyjamas, she left the top on however. I could see her nearly hairless pussy perfectly and all the movements and after a while her wetness too.... we got the same rhythm. I was watching her pussy while she watched my cock intensely.

After a while I started to recognize the sign of her orgasm, she started saying softly 'now, do it now' and then I saw her mouth opening and the familiar moan, this time stronger than ever, reached my ears. She reopened her legs to let me see her pussy, I saw that her clit was now visible and swollen; I gave my cock it's last stroke and with her looking intensely at me, my white cum spurted, one, two, three times... I felt such strong contractions that it was nearly painful.

My sister was there, open mouthed seeing my sperm ending on the floor at a certain distance.

We ended doing it together for years... we never touched each other, but enjoyed seeing each others pleasure.



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