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Seeing Dean

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It was the end of the day during my eighth grade year. We were in Band where Dean (a friend, 14 as well) and I were both percussionists. There were quite a few people who played percussion in our school so we'd rotate who played in each song. On this day neither Dean or myself were playing in any of the songs being practiced so we were in one of the practice rooms (a small room in the back of the band room that are generally used for practicing and are sound proofed) doing some homework.

Dean had left to go to the bathroom, which seemed to be taking him quite some time, and when he came back I asked him what he was up to and made a comment that it is impossible to jerk off without having a penis. Dean is hearing impaired and is used to being picked on about things but his reaction to my comment caught me off guard. He got defensive and kept saying that he did have one so I told him to prove it.

In the practice rooms there is a window at the back of the room with a blind (it was closed), a piano on the right, and a window (just a strip) on the door. To block the view from anybody looking through the window on the door, Dean sat next to the piano on the floor and started to undo his pants.

Our lockers, in gym, are right next to each other so I've seen him in his underwear every other day for the last two years. He is by no means fat but a normal build, about 5' 10' at the time. He wears Bikini Briefs which always had a nice outline in them. He always got picked on by the other guys for wearing them but he didn't care because he felt that they were comfortable and I personally thought he looked great in them.

So as he's undoing his pants I can see his dark green bikini briefs that I had seen him in earlier that day and the nice outline of his penis. Just after undoing his pants he got nervous and told me to show him mine first. So I got down on the floor next to him and started undoing my pants as well, but like him I chickened out for fear of getting caught. We agreed, since this as our last class, that when the bell rang we would both go into the bathroom just down the hall and show eachother at the same time.

When the bell rang Dean left the band room and headed for the bathroom. I think he got scared on the way there because he said something to the effect of 'don't follow me'. I knew that he would still follow through with it or he wouldn't have gone into the bathroom so I continued to follow him.

When you enter this particular bathroom you walk in and to the right and then left and past the sinks and then left again so we would be well warned of someone coming in.

We went to the urinals and I chose the one to the left of the one that he was at. I pulled my penis out through the fly in my pants. He was already going to the bathroom. (guess he actually had to go) I stepped back from the urinal a bit and said his name. He looked down at mine (6' cut) and then stepped back to allow me to see his (6' cut). We stood there just looking for a few seconds and the he said that mine looked strange. Not sure why and I never asked him. Mine is perfectly straight and from what I could tell was an exact clone of his.

After looking we both started jerking off. I came within a matter of a few seconds and he was close behind. Just as we finished we heard the door open. We quickly did up our pants and got out of there. I don't think either of us thought about the fact that we had to catch the bus. My bus is the first to leave and I barely made it. His was well behind mine so we were both good to go.

I was hard the whole way home and still think about that day all the time.

We never did anything else after that but I still got to see him in gym. I would sometimes change slowly, as did he, and then follow him into the locker room bathroom to see if he wanted to recreate that day but he never made a move and I didn't want to pressure him. The last time I got to see him in any closeness was one day while changing for gym class. Him, I, and a few other people were still in the locker room. He tried taking his jeans off with his shoes still on and got one of his feet stuck in the leg. Nobody else would help him get it out so he asked me to. Of course I was willing. I got down on my knees and started working his foot out of his pants. It was then that I realized that he was wearing the same dark green bikini briefs that he was from our last encounter and was sporting a pretty nice bulge underneath.

Nothing more ever happened between us. After ninth grade we both moved to different schools, totally unrelated, and haven't seen eachother since. We have talked a few times since then online but mostly about girls and neither of us have brought up anything about that day after band. We're both totally straight but probably a little curious considering our age and bodily changes at the time.



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