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Seeing a Boy's Cum

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I used to have two best friends, Carol who was my age, and a boy named Clifford who was a year younger than us.

Clifford lived just a couple of houses from me and we had pretty much grown up together. As it turned out he was gay, but none of us knew it then; all we knew was that he was kind of effeminate and liked to hang out with us girls.

After school every day the three of us would come over to my house and hang out on the deck of our boat house. We lived on a lake and had this nice dock and a boat house that had a deck facing the lake. It was covered and had a swinging chair and even a bar on it that my dad had built. We'd sit out on that swinging chair and talk for hours about everything, including sex.

We'd tell Clifford which boys we thought were hot at school, and, looking back, he was as interested as we were!

On one of those hot summer afternoons, we went swimming and then sat on the boat dock and talked as we usually did, But this time we were on the subject of sex and talking about all the wonderful things we were learning. Carol and I got on the subject of male ejaculation and took the opportunity to ask our young friend all about it.

Clifford seemed to enjoy openly answering our questions; it was as if he was proud of his manhood. He told us that he masturbated, and yes, that he had started ejaculating a couple of months ago. He said it was very 'intense', and that it was too bad that girls probably didn't feel the same way when they had an orgasm.

We told him it felt plenty good but his admissions just made us all the more curious about a guys ejaculation. Carol wanted to know all about it; did it really squirt out, how it felt to a guy to have an orgasm and how it looked.

Clifford seemed proud to inform us that he had a big dick for his size (he was a small, wirey kid, with olive skin that turned golden brown in the summer) and that his cum in fact shot out. He also described in detail how it came out in spurts and how it looked. He said it reminded him of shampoo; that it was thick and milky.

Carol was now squirming with excitment and asked him if he'd show us! I enthusiastically agreed that we wanted to see what it looked like. Clifford however, got 'bitchy' and said no way, that it was his private pleasure and not to be shared!

However, after much begging and pleading, Clifford agreed, but not so we could actually see him doing it. He said he would cover himself with a towel, masturbate into a glass and then let us see it!

We got him a towel and a small tumbler from the bar.

Clifford was sitting on the swinging chair between us; he put the towel over his lap, pushed his swimming trunks to his knees and then pulled his legs up onto the seat so that it made a tent over his crotch. He took the glass in his left hand and then both his hands disppeared under the blanket.

He appeared to be loving being the one getting all the attention from his two slightly older female friends.

Carol and I sat speechless as we watched his tanned arm moving slightly before it went under the towel, knowing that he was ('almost') masturbating right in front of us! Clifford told us to keep talking, that it was no 'big deal' and that we would make it take longer if we just stared at him.

So Carol and I did our best to laugh and talk, but we were both secretly but totally entranced in what he was doing; we couldn't see it, but we could hear the soft beating sounds coming from under that towel! Clifford however was silent, biting his lip with his eyes closed and without saying a word. In just a couple of minutes his movements were obviously becoming more 'invigorated' and his breathing now audible.

Looking back, it was the most sensual experience I think I ever had; just sitting there next him as he masturbated away under that towel! The anticipation of seeing what would be in that glass brought on an excitement I had never experienced!

It was exciting because it was something we knew we shouldn't be seeing; we had talked Clifford into 'being naughty' and were now sitting next to him as he not only was being just that, but were about to see for the first time that most private secretion; we were about to see a boys cum! Ever since that day, I've been in awe of that magic moment when a man's erect and titilated penis ejaculates that most miraculous fluid!

Carol and I knew something was about to happen and our nervous small talk ceased; Clifford's breathing was now shaking. His slim tanned body, bare from the towel up shivered as if it were cold. He couldn't contain a grunt of pleasure as his abdomen muscles visibly twitched, followed by a softer an extended 'Mmmm' as his movements slowed and his breathing began to relax. We knew he'd done it! Clifford rolled his head back onto the seat, his eyes still closed.

He slowly pulled the tumbler from under the blanket and handed it to me, sarcastically saying, 'Are you happy now?'

I stared at the yogurt-like coating on the inside of the glass and the half inch deep deposit of cream that warmed it's bottom. Carol jumped from her seat to come over and join me in closely inspecting it; swirling it in the glass and even sniffing it!

Clifford was slightly annoyed, 'Oh, come on, it's just cum!'

I then realized that I didn't know what to do with it! I couldn't just throw it away! So I sat it on the railing in front of us. Clifford pulled his shorts back up as we discussed what had happened; Carol and I were still in awe. We talked about how good it must have felt and how soon he would be able to do it again. He told us that he usually didn't do it again until at least the next day.

I suddenly realized that my mom or dad could come down there, and here we were with a glass of cum sitting on the railing! That might be hard to explain, 'Oh, that?'

So I got up and washed it out in the bar sink.

We never did anything like that again, and Clifford didn't really like girls except for friends, but it was my first sexual experience, even if under a blanket!



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