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Seduction by Tractor

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I like the vibrations of our Farm tractors and other good strong motors. I want to get myself off everytime I drive our new tractor down our dirt road. I know how to put my 'FURBY' on the arm rest so it is in constant motion and then touch my clit just at the right time to soak the seat and both thighs as I kick the machine into low so I don't run over anyone/thing while crusing through 'Max orbit'.

This memorable night I was headed home with a plow after 27 hours of wheat harvest. Tilling was done and I felt four orgasms in the last 26 hours coming to a head. So I dropped my cutoffs, jumped the armrest, cranked the tunes on my Ipod and twisted my clitty long and hard to wring out every last drop and acutally physically fell, saited into the seat, knocking off my ear piece. Heard a tapping on the dark tinted plexiglas cab door. Dad was standing on the top step, now with the door open, the well lighted glass cab reflected everyting back to me I couldn't have seen out to know if anyone was around or not. 'Now I know why the seat is always wet' he smirked, 'Can you get it on to the house by yourself honey. When ever you are ready. Six trucks and two combines are waiting patiently behind you as they have been for about 15 minutes.' I wish I could have crawled out of sight under the seat. But I just drove home crying. Dad met me at the tractor shed and walked arm on shoulder beside me towards the house. The hired men giggled goodbye greetings while we went into the house. Mom had fixed iced tea and sandwiches served on the mud porch. Dad's voice happy was the last thing I wanted or needed to hear. I was still sobbing, my guts hurt from the tension inside. What was my punishment going to be, I was an adult by law, but not to them. He just had to go into it though.

'The lead combine truck had come up to see what was wrong, he called me on CB radio, Mom overheard it all, as did every man in this crew, but me and my music. I could not belive it was still going on 10 minutes later. Then to see you finishing in such a grand style was a bit much for your Father to see and realized he liked it more than he should' There was a long pregnant pause full of 'We ain't mad at you's' then he continued in that aggravating happy voice of his. Your mother does it too, she was nodding a smile from deep within her housecoat, 'but she does it sitting down and rubs through her shorts leg, I do it, but only in the night, and with them damn bright cab lights turned out. I know you are mortified at this moment, but the good news is you will live and that crew will probably never be back again. They leave for Nebraska and South Dakota tonight. They had all walked up around the tractor and were running back to their trucks when I got to you. I guess it was because of the noisy tractor, or you were into your music and personal business, you just didn't hear the cat calls and wolf whistles comming at you. Hardest thing I've done for you in my life was open that cab door.

'Now go to bed and enjoy yourself cause it's raining, we don't have to go to work all day or Sunday.

Then he leaned across the table and kissed my forehead. Mom had come up behind me and ruffled my sweat soaked hair kissed my crown and hugged me. With a 'way to go girl, ain't it just great being a girl?you WILL laugh at this someday' I stepped into the shower on the mudporch and walked towel wrapped to my bed, and my hand just would not leave me in peace it had to touch my chilly nipples as I untied the terrytowel and stood naked in front of my mirror 'so this is what they saw, damn I am kinda cute in a plus plus size kinda way don't stop the passion from shining in the night' I sang it like the lyrics to an old disco tune about shining in the night. I could hear my folks bed creaking rythymically halting squeeks and a grin spread over my whole body. 'mom owes me one' she often mentioned to him, within my ear shot, how inattenitive he was during harvest. I heard him 'unhugging' and that I had never noticed before. Then pleasant laughter and conversation. I felt warm all gooywarm inside. Turned and flopped on my bed knowing I was in a loving home. My clitoris rocked me to sleep face down all by itself. My dreams and fantasies were incestious as hell that night.

Could I handle a coed dorm in September?? Shit it is all I can do not to act like a slut in my own house. What was 700 miles going to do to my resolve to keep my v card unpunched. I had come so close a thousand times my panties were often stuck to the roof of my vagina. I had orgasms with every guy I ever dated and some of my BFF girls. I would not have Daddy there to threaten the boy's with if things got rough, nor the thought of having to explain why I was not alone in my bed by 1;00. Just the knowing smirk of my father when I came home GLOWING was enough to make me believe he would know the moment my virginity was 'CBAR' compromised beyond all recovery. It didn't help that I was a juicy fruit either. I leaked a lot everytime some guy or girl caused me to think a nasty lingering emotion. Even my nipples were not my friends at those times either. They stood up and waved to the crowd like pagent winners. I had inherited that perk from my grandmother and mother, both were slaves to the 'erectile disfunction' they called it. Mom called them her weather gauges. Grandma they were hat racks. Only used to give her male guests a place to hang their hats on chilly days. We went bar hopping crack ho's but we had girly fun whenever we were on a mission. I knew my grandmother was devirginized at a very young age, and she had my Mother while still too young to drive. I knew my Mother was not strong willed enough to keep my Father at bay and they were dating when she was in seventh grade. Though my older Brother was not born out of wedlock it was really a quick honey-moon, and Mom still couldn't vote. No female in our history had ever graduated unmarried or un pregnant since 1920's and they might have been fudging on the dates back then, records were not well kept.

None were beauty queens, most were, at the least 'Rubenesque' double chined and bubble butts. But something passion envoking prevaded them. My own father had a super stacked 'Pam Anderson' like lady, that persued him without shame even after I was in grade school but Mom never worried about it, I didn't think. So one day I took it on myself to say to the lady 'Fuck off bitch an leave my Daddy alone he aint't got nothing for you' I was 11 at the time in her service station Cafe. She didn't talk to him when I was with him ever again even this last weekend.

I found out later she had caused tension between them since high school.

Last spring while cleaning Grandmas old shed to git the maverick out that she gave me, I found an autograph book, 'Things friends wrote final day of sophmore year' it said on the flysheet. In it were several questionable entries. One was from a girl that said ' Everytime you squat to pee, wipe side to side and think of me, remember the fun fishing in the cow tank at kelly's a night that will live in infamey for us'. Then tthree pages later it was from another 'I will never forget you at swings at old school house. Nude and crude but very fxxxing effective' the nicest was a note written in freehanded perfect mirror reverse cursive. 'till the heat of the meats blends our flavors into one another again, remember HomEc.' I just didn't know if it was jokes, like a lot of them were, old stupid things or if it was really what it implied. This one appeared more than once different boy's 'you've kissed your Mother, You have kissed your Dad, you've kissed my XXXX now ain't that sad' My grandad was JEFF then, his was so sweet.' Met you under a black-locust tree you never have stopped needeling me' That type of tree has big long eight inch spiky thorns.

These things lead me belive that sexy and warm were family traits too. I masturbate thinking of how it must have been in 1950's and 70s or 90's. They wrote a lot of it in kid codes, hearts, numbers for words, sounds alike words, X's for letters everyone knows, funny insults about Mom, Dad, or national origins. When they were the same as you. There's hated and loved fantasized about. 'Hope we don't w.a.r.e. a hole in our history panties before we graduate or pass with a D for 'Discharge' at least' now that left nothing to be guessed about. Her reputation was not squeeky clean. but neither were the others. A lady that is now our town mayor/baptist preacher. Wrote 'next time we meet it better not include bikini's and rum or you get a spanking, or is it my turn' And our most wealthy man in town now was a plumbers helper at that time. 'I fixed your leaky hole in your bed now can I have my bubblegum back if your done chewing it' Mother's wasn't much better than Grandma's it was five pages crammed with Senior scrawls. She was a married lady with a child on the way.' up a tree or up a pole you'll slide down on your jelly roll' funny not serious. But 'cross your eyes cross your knuckles cross your leg's they got big buckles, Go Aggies!'not too bad. Then the one she had scratched out with a pen over pencil it was more readable now than then. From the back of the page.'if you ever tell we smelled a rose together I will tell who stole the CFA's cookie money. My personal best word is on the tip of your tongue. Tank's for da mammery's here's your fooooking beads'. I have watched some murry povich shows too. I know the score. A heart in the very corner of the seam and small cursive really hidden 'keep your fong king finger out of my nose when I am trying to lick your problems'

A play on words from some gangster movie of the 70's, but why so secretive. Same page a typical girl joke' Never play with loaded weapons they go off accidently and cause serious urban population explosions' or a pantyhose joke 'Will that kid really have a 'taupe' skintone and control top wrist band??'. or 'Do footprints on the head liner make birth certificates hard to identify'. And a classic 'Best way to avoid pregnancy is to keep a condom in your billfold. Or so my daddy said. How's that workin for your dickhead boyfriend'

My Dads year book is three signatures of teacher's and the janitor. He had a Job and a Farm.

Mom was also known by a girlfriend's nick name when they teased her 'Pearl'. She came in running, out of breath, late from lunch one day, slammed noisily into her designated place, with several clumps of cum on her black tee shirt, they called it a 'pearl necklace' At that time my father and her were in different schools for a year. Dads parents didn't approve of them as a couple so they put him in Catholic but that lasted eight months. They started to like Mom a lot better when she started to work on the farm without being ask, carried her load like a man.

I don't have any dirty/funny stuff on them. They gave the farm to dad at age 29 and went to Florida to return twice a year and ask nothing from us, give a lot to us. I love them of course, but it is different with Gramdma and Mom we are buddies now more then ever. We talk 'onery' girl stuff 'how does that checkout boy hold his pecker in them lowriders, mmmhm, I could see his belly whiskers' or 'Care to join me in a lay in the sun so I can pretend they are staring at mine instead of your knockers' or grandmas greatest ever was at her low income community apartment she asked me to wash her OLD Suv in my bikini so she could 'check out' the dudes with H-O's peeking on me. I did and she video taped it all including zooms on bulging mooseknuckles. The three of us love to put it on for half time when the guy's are watching 'games' and cheerbutt.

Think I will take them shopping for my vibrator before school supplies eat up all my wages for the winter. I can just imagine them in a sex shop with 20 old creepy gezzers and Grandma in SHOWtime mode. Loud and rude, teasing me, about showing ID to the clerk, 0R would I rather send Dad to get it and watch him fluster and stammer with an explanation to get out of it. This was not a bad night at all it was just a turning point marked with a huge wet exclamation point.



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