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Seduced or Seducer

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The story 'On the Other Side of the Door', certainly brought back memories.

When I discovered masturbation by accident at the age of 14, I had never even kissed a girl. At that age, I was always trying to get a look at the 15-year-old sister naked. In this, I had a few rare successes but always it was just a quick glance. My sister, Becky, was really cute but never dated; our parents would not allow it. Same thing applied for me.

My sister would catch me naked more often than I would catch her, but I would quickly cover up. So she only got glances too. It occured to me after one of these events that maybe she wasn't catching me by accident. I began to wonder if she was as interested in seeing me naked as I was in seeing her. The thought excited me greatly. I also thought that, if I let her see me maybe she would return the favor. But I did want to suggest a 'show me yours and I show you mine encounter'. We had tried that repeatedly about three years before this at her suggestion, but couldn't agree on who would go first.

I began by several times leaving the bathroom door unlocked when I took my bath. This got no reaction, but I did not know if she knew it was unlocked. When my parents were not home, I went to her room to ask her a question. I was wearing socks, jockey shorts and an undershirt. I made sure I had a hard-on that caused my jockey's to tent up. Still being shy, I stood behind the door with just my head peeking into her room. She seemed interested in the conversation, but I got the idea that she knew I was up to something. Building up my nerve, I opened the door fully.

Her eyes went right to my crotch and then back to my face. She gave out half a giggle, and then smiled. We continued the conversation, but I was very nervous. She took several more fast looks at my crotch, her smile getting bigger each time. The conversation started to die, but I did not want the encounter to end. I wandered around her room, looking at her schoolbooks. I could see that she was taking this opportunity to check out my bulging underpants. When I would look her way she quickly looked back up to my face. Finally, I left. I went to my room, no lock on the door and jerked off to the idea that she would come in and see me. I had a great come.

For two days nothing happened. I thought my plan was a failure, however I was going to give it another shot by parading around in just my jockey shorts with a boner. Before I could get a good chance to do it, she came out of her room wearing a full skirt and bra. I was in the hallway; both my parents were in the backyard. She stood there talking to me. This may not seem like much. But it was not her habit to let me catch her like that. If I did, she would quickly run to her room not stand talking to me. She was again checking out my crotch with quick little looks. I soon got a full hard-on that I knew she noticed. But nothing more happened that day.

I still was not sure my plan was working. I was getting more excited about letting her seeing me naked than about me seeing her. I was jerking off daily to the idea that she was watching me jerk-off or spying on me while I was naked. Still, I did not want to show her everything. Because even if the plan was working, it may end after that without me seeing much at all. However, I knew that it was my turn.

The next day, I again was in the hall when she came out in just bikini panties and bra. My mouth fell open. No conversation today, she just crossed the hall to the bathroom. My eyes followed her, so I could check out her butt. When she got to the bathroom door, she looked over her shoulder and said 'What?' I just replied 'Nothing' and ran to my room.

It was definitely my turn. The first chance I got, I was going to parade around in front of her in just underpants with a good boner. When I did, it happened in the hallway again with me catching her by surprise. We stood talking while she openly looked at my tented crotch. No glances this time, she talked and stared. I was so nervous and horny I could barely stand. My Mom came into the house just then. I got right into my room. What interested me greatly was that Becky hurried away too. I knew then she understood what I was up to.

Several days went by, I thought it had ended, since there was no return action from her. But believe me, I was jerking off every day to the thoughts that it would continue. Then, she left her bedroom door opened when she changed into her nightclothes. I was in my room with the lights off. I could see her strip to her panties and bra. It seemed like she was taking a little extra time. She then turned her back to me. The bra came off and she just stood there for about thirty seconds. I waited, staring at the back of my mostly naked sister, hoping she would turn round. I thought she was trying to work up the nerve to turn round. Instead, she picked up her nightgown and slipped into it head first. I thought the show was over, but it wasn't. She turned around facing me. Of course, my lights were off and her lights were on, so she couldn't see me. Then she pulled her nightgown up to her waist, exposing her panties. She hooked her thumbs in the panties at each hip, and stopped! After ten seconds or so, she picked up her head and looked right at me and pulled them down and off. Now her nightgown fell at the same rate as her panty and kept everything covered. But Wow!, what a show. My hard-on was bursting.

She put her lights out. I was under the covers slowing jerking off. I knew that I was about to have a great come and wanted it to last. Then I heard Becky say 'Are you awake?' I wasn't sure what to do. But decided to answer, 'Yea' Quickly, she entered my room. I could feel the bed move as she sat by my feet. 'Mom and dad are gone grocery shopping.' 'Oh' was the best I could come up with. 'They will be gone for hours. What do you want to do?'

What did I want to do? What a question. I wanted to put on the light. I wanted to pull off the covers, pull down my underpants and jerk off in front of my sister. Of course, I came up with 'I dunno.' There was a long silence. Then Becky said, 'Remember, when you wanted to see me naked?' I remember it was more like she wanted to see me. But I liked where this may have been headed. 'And neither one of us would go first.' 'Yea, sure' was the best I could muster. I am positive my voice was quaking.

Again, there was some silence. I was playing a little with my cock the whole time. It really excited me that I was doing this with Becky only inches away. Of course, in the dark room with me under the covers, she couldn't see what I was doing. 'I was just thinking about that the other day. I know how we could have done it.' 'How?' was my weak scared reply. 'Why do you still want to?'

'Yea, why not?' hoping to sound like it was no big deal and brave at the same time. A silence followed that broke my heart. Had I somehow ruined the chance of getting more than a quick look at a naked girl? 'Well, if you really want to, we have to go to my room.' 'OK.'

She immediately left for her room, with me following. In her room, she put the lights on. She looked at my tented jockeys for a couple of seconds, no smile this time. 'We have to both get under the covers.' She said still looking at my cock area. She seemed a little scared. Somehow, I liked that because I was and I knew I shouldn't be. I was also beginning to see her idea, her bed was a double, and mine was a single. I climbed under quickly with Becky following. There was no touching at all.

'OK, if you still want to do it, take off your underpants.' That was all I had on. I did and waited a few seconds. 'Now what', I asked. I could see her wiggle around. Then her nightgown came over her head and off. She threw it to the floor. All this time, she carefully kept the covers at her shoulder. I was so excited; I was actually shaking.

'OK, we are both naked, but before we pull off the covers we have to make sure. Me first' I could tell that she was scared from the way she talked; also excited, I hoped. Her hand touched my chest and moved around some. 'Your top is naked. Now I have to make sure your bottom is too.' She moved her hand lower to my belly button. It started to move around some, getting to my pubic hairs almost by accident a couple of times. I was going nuts. I never even hoped for touching let alone naked touching. It was a dream comes true.

I tried to move up in the bed so Becky's hand would finally touch my cock. The darn thing felt like it was going to explode. But when I did move, her hand just moved up a little too. I felt like I could come without her even touching it. 'Go ahead, make sure my bottom is naked.' With this, I moved up in the bed again and her little finger just touched the tip of my cock before she pulled it higher. 'Please, touch it. I've got to come bad.'

'I don't know what to do.' she sounded almost desperate. Then she pulled her hand away from me. 'I want to touch your dick. All girls want to know what they feel like.' 'Just touch me and I'll come. That's all it will take.' I whispered but I wanted to scream.

'What if I hurt you?' 'You can't' was my now desperate reply. I knew my sister. If I kept pushing, it may end here. 'What about your balls? What if I touch them the wrong way and hurt you bad?' I had to be careful. If I started even the smallest argument, Becky might get upset and end the whole scene. 'Just touch my prick to make sure I'm naked. You don't even have to go near my balls.'

'You're sure I won't hurt you.' 'You won't, honest.' I couldn't believe how little she knew about boy's balls. But I was going nuts with desire. I was in bed naked with a naked girl, who wanted to touch my hard dick. The situation could end in a second without me even seeing her naked body or she may jerk me off and then show me her body and even let me feel her up too. My mind was racing and my cock was beginning to drip a lot. I felt like I could come for an hour.

I was flat on my back. Becky was on her side facing me. The covers still covered her to the shoulder but my chest was exposed. Her hand, two fingers maybe, moved to the tip of my hardest ever boner. She held it there a second then squeezed the head lightly with her fingers and thumb. 'What's that sticky stuff? Did you come already?'

'No. It just drips like that when I am really excited.' Her fingers squeezed my cock head again and I gasped. 'Does that hurt?' She asked. But her hand did not move this time. I knew she was going to go on.

'No, it feels great.' Her hand moved about an inch lower. Then she squeezed my cock again with her fingers. I gasped again. She moved them lower and squeezed again. 'Please, jerk me off, I've got to come real bad.' She pulled her hand up so that three figures were pressing against my dick right underneath the head. Then she pushed down her fingers halfway to my balls, stretching my cock skin as she did. The head of my cock was right in her palm. She slowly pulled them up to the head again without losing contact. 'Like this?' she asked.

'I'm going to come.' She threw the covers off me exposing me but not her and leaned up on her left elbow. Her hand had left my cock. 'Go ahead, come.' She was looking right at my cock. 'You got to keep on jerking me off, or it won't happen.'

Her hand returned. Three fingers under the head, pressing on my ready to explode prick, I knew it was about to happen. She moved her fingers down. She didn't get far when I shot off. Everything now happened at once. Becky pulled her hand back. The jism hit my face and another load was on its way. My hips shot up. I grabbed the covers and pulled them down from Becky's tits. I was afraid she might not show me them now.

More happened that night and several months to follow. I am not trying to be a tease but I have never submitted a story to any site before. I will finish the story of that first night. By the way, Becky and me still get around great. About six months ago my wife died and Becky has been giving me a weekly hand job for the last six weeks. Occasionally, she refers to that first night as when I tricked her. I don't think so, I think she seduced me more than I did her. What do you think?



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